Sunday, May 26, 2013


So I tried having an auction here on my blog for this rug.
For this Wonderful ONE of a KIND Hooked by Moi (that's french for me) (I think) Hit or Miss Rug
Now Hit or Miss style rugs are my favorite to hook, BUT they're not so easy. They actually take longer to hook,at least for me,because I don't just take a worm at random to hook. The color has to be right,so there's often reverse hooking being done.

For this rug I was inspired by a design in the book, COMFORT ZONE
By Maggie Bonanomi.

The rug measures approx. 21" X 26"
A great size for the floor or hanging on a wall!!!

Winner Pays Shipping
There is a reserve (I'm not a totally crazy old broad)
I'd like to thank the ladies who did bid on this rug!!!!
However the reserve was not met.
SO I'm offering this rug for a fantastic price of:
$225.00 + Shipping
Thank You To All Bidders

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


When life gives you a cast, choose the HOT PINK and polish your toe nails!!!!

So as I showed you in my last post,I was wearing a boot again,like I wore for 2 months when I broke my left foot,not long after John died. The Dr. said that it would never heel and it hasn't because of my MS. So as I told you when I posted the boot on my right foot,it's not broken,it's worse than broken, everything's torn up in the foot and it's the foot that I've had lymphedema in for years. So the foot's not healing (I'm realistic I don't expect it to) and the Dr.'s been bringing up putting a cast on. Well 1 week ago yesterday I agreed. I admitted to the Dr. that I was nt being a good girl keeping the boot on.  So why the 3 fat rubber bands holding the shoe on?? When I got home last Monday after getting the cast on,that shoe thingy kept flappin' in the front like a duck's foot!! SoI got the idea to take it off and stretch one of those hospital slipper socks over the cast. I don't go anyplace or even really go outside,so it worked,till it wore out. So Saturday I decided to put the "shoe" on. Well I didn't even get the velcro strap through the plastic buckle & it broke!!! I thought geeze this thing prolly costs a fortune and it's a piece of crap. Yup here's the tag,Made In China. So I asked Marcia to go to the orthopedic place to get me a new one yesterday. Well when she came here to bring my meds,she didn't have the shoe. They told her that they could give her a new one,but that they'd have to charge me again for it, UNLESS she brought the old one back. So she'll be bringing me the new one today. Since Marcia was here yesterday,I aked her if she could please run the sweeper for me since Meshe keeps finding things to tear up all ove the place and I try to pick up all the little pieces of "stuff"but there's too much and I'm afraid that she'll choke on something. With my colon the way that it is I haven't been able to push the sweeper since I got out of the hospital over 3 1/2 years ago. John used to do it. Plus I'm not real steady on my feet even without the cast,hence the cast lol!!! Also since Marcia was here,I thought it would be a good time to take a shower!! I've just been gettin' neked & soapin' up at the sink. Can't get the cast wet,so attached a big garbage bag on it. I won't go into details about this shower other than to say that I WON'T be taking any more showers whilst the cast is on!!! I see the Dr. Thursday. Maybe he'll take the cast off,but he's told me since the 1st time I saw him,that when we can get it healed I'll need to wear a brace.

Wish I had some Hot Pink nail polish!!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013


My OOAK Hit or Miss Crow & Stars Pillow

All stuffed with wool snippets

Shades of Blue Candle Mat/Rug 

I hope you'll all take a few minutes,click the Primitive Handmades Mercantile banner over there on your right,and enjoy all the wonderful Made In America handmades by the PHM artists!!!!
It's a wonder that I got these things finished with Meshe's ahem "help"!!
She loves to jump up in my chair weather I'm in it or not!! Since the 2nd day that she came to live with her new mommy,she decided that MY chair is now HER chair. The other nite she was sitting on the rolled arm of my chair watching YouTube videos of other yorkies!!! I told her, I bet those yorkies KNOW where they're SUPPOSED to pee & poop!!!
Sherry & Meshe.....OUT

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I've been busy,as usual lol!!!

Since you know that I love doing Hit or Miss rugs the bestest,here's a new style that I've come up with. It's approx. 12" X 17".
I used an antiquey looking blue plaid wool to crochet the edge of this rug.

$125.00 + Shipping

This rug REALLY looks olde!!!
Looks great on this rickety olde bench of mine!!
The pattern is by Lori Brechlin, Notforgotten Farm.
It's designed to fit the hookers footstool from Lori & Peter's wonderful "Old As Dirt Wood Primitives"
Lori paints them in your choice of primitive colors!!
If your interested in the hookers footstool Lori has them in her Etsy Shop

My rendition of Lori's pattern is approx. 7" X 15"
$85.00 + Shipping  SOLD THANK YOU!!!

This rug gets Meshe's paw of approval!!!

This rug has been waiting 6 years for me to hook it!!!
It's a design by Megan Holloway (Womack) from her wonderful book of doodle drawings, Mothers & Flowers 2007

This one is called "Gentle Morning"
It's approx. 9" X 14"

$110.00 + Shipping

Yes that is my foot and I'm wearing a boot on it AH GAIN!!!
It's the right foot this time. Some of you may remember seeing this same kind of boot on my left foot,when I broke it about 3 weeks after John died. Well this time it's my right foot. UNFORTUNATELY it is NOT broken,it's worse. The ligaments,muscles & nerves are torn and it hurts SO much worse than when I broke the left foot. Dr. says it would have been better if it was broke. Last week we talked about the boot. It's so heavy & really hurts my foot. If they put a cast on it it would be heavier & then I'd have to put plastic on it to take a shower. Well THAT would be another accident waiting to happen since I'm alone ('cept fo my Meshe). How'd I do this one?? Well trying to stand up,lost balance, tried to grab the arm of my chair to keep from falling, but my arm hit my lap top & it fell on my foot. I was more concerned about my puter cause my other one broke & my friend kindly put the new one on her credit card and I had just paid in full 4 days before this happened. I get my check up on my foot tomorrow. The Dr. had told me that we need to get it healed with the boot and then they will probably use a brace on it. It's not healing though and probably won't since they told me the broken left foot wouldn't heal due to my MS and it hasn't
I'm dangerous huh lol!!!

Meshe loves to try to pull the velcro straps off the boot!!!
Sherry & Meshe.....OUT