Friday, August 16, 2013


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Sunday, August 11, 2013


The other day my magazine, A PRIMITIVE PLACE came in the mail. When I got a chance to look at it,I was turning the pages,enjoying all the pictures and then I came to page 60. OMG!!!! Is that MY rug??? Gotta be my rug cause it's an OOAK!! Let me check!! So I looked back at my pictures and yup there it was,my rug!!! I had adapted a doodle drawing for needle punch,by my friend Robin,BIRD IN THE HAND PRIMITIVES. SO COOL!!! AND it really stands out in the picture!!! It's seen on page 61 too. Even though it doesn't say that it was made by me,I know it and now all of you do too!!!!

So last Sunday,Audust 4th was my Birthday.
When I got up, I didn't think much of it. It would just be another day,like all the rest. I did tell Meshe though that it was my birthday. She didn't seem to care either.
I got my coffee,turned on my puter as usual and THEN all the Happy Birthday wishes started coming through on Facebook!!!! It continued ALL day!!! There were even some on Saturday & Monday!!! In the end I guess there were over 70 comments,pictures & even an E-card!!!! I was SO overwhelmed!!! I HAD to thank all these people!!! All these people took their time to write Happy Birthday to me!!! So I took this picture of Meshe & me to post and tell them that they had put the "Happy" in Birthday for me!!!

My friend took this picture when we got home from the orthodontist after getting my braces off. This is the 2nd pic she took. In the 1st one Meshe was kissing my cheek,but it was too blurry to see.
Haven't said anything before,but yes I had to have braces put on my teeth. I was supposed to have them on for 2 years. I tried really hard,but I only made it 7 months. I was in constant misery for everyday of those 7 months due to my MS. I thought that God gave me a miracle cause they had moved back into place!!! The Dr. agreed and I thanked him and gave him a hug!!!
BUT and this s a BIG BUT!!!
Because of my MS I developed a vitamin D deficency. I had always had good teeth before. Having no vitamin D attacks the teeth & gums. I have periodontal disease at the worst level. So at this time last year I had to have 2 surgeries on 3 teeth. BAD surgery!! Would NEVER wish it on anyone!!! With the 1st surgery we discovered that I had all of the sudden developed an allergy to penicillion!!
As things stand now,my dentist had called me and told me that she REALLY doesn't like my x-rays that they took after removing my braces. The plan was that she would be making a bridge to fill in an area on the bottom where a tooth is missing. But she says she can't because one of the teeth that she was going to connect it to is one that they operated on and I have no bone left. She says I need an implant. Well this implant would cost $3000!!! Isn't that TOTALLY ridiculous???? If I don't get the implant my teeth are going to keep moving. Through this past year,I'm always aware of my teeth. They don't really hurt,but I feel kind of a pressure all the time.
I'm feeling very sad about all this,because when I saw the orthodonist 2 weeks ago, he said that sadly he feels that I may lose more teeth due to my disease and that I can't afford the implant. Guess he can say that because I still owe him money & for the surgeries that I had,which costs $2600. I don't have dental insurance so I'm in debt above my eyeballs for my teeth. I keep paying as much as I possibly can and working as hard as I can making things to sell,but that hasn't been working out so well. Just don't know what I'm going to do. The disease attacks your heart & stomach.I've even wondered how much that has to do with my colon (that they'd like to remove,NOT happening) and my intestines being so messed up.
Oh well,one day at a time!!! Right now I'm still trying to figure out where I should live,since these land contract payments are taking most of my money every month. I've got so much money invested here and I've been trying to get to talk to the owner (when he finds the time) about getting a mortgage or what I could get back to leave. Don't know where I'd go though.
Well I better get to work!!! This one finger typing I do takes too much time lol!!!!
Oh and today is my son's 47th birthday. Now that's just WRONG!!! I'm too young to have a kid that age!!! When he turned 40 I told him to stop calling me Mom in public!! BUT now my youngest is 40!!! WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!
Sherry & Meshe....OUT