Monday, January 27, 2014


It's just so cool how you can take one piece of wool and get different looks !!!
Now take a look at these heart bowl fillers.

Would you believe that I hooked all 3 from the same piece of wool!!!! Well I did!!!
I think it's just so cool that you can get this look by cutting the wool vertically and horizontaly and carefully choosing each worm that you hook with.
Do these hearts look to you like I used 3 different wools to hook them???

These year round bowl fillers have vintage wool sewn on the back and are stuffed with wool snippets.
They measure approx. 5 1/2"wide X 4 1/4" long.
$38.00 + Shipping SOLD THANK YOU!!!
And here's another rug that I've only used ONE wool to hook the back ground!!!!
Looks like several different wools,doesn't it??? But it's not!!

I think it really has an antiquey look!!!

I designed this rug a few years ago and I seem to hook at least one every year. So here's 2014's!!!

It measures approx. 8 1/2" X 12"
Well I just drew a new design,the wool is cut so it's hooking time!!!
Meshe is all cuddled up in her blankie,taking a break from terrorizing Mommy!!!
Oh Gayle, I really wasn't trying to tease,I was just sharing what you can do with a textured wool.
Here it is. It's called Prairie Dog. The background of the cat rug is Magdalena Stripe.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Free Hand X Stitch

Since my Buddy Lori,Notforgotten Farm, posted a her "crash course" yesterday on her blog about how to do free hand X stitching,I thought I would share mine with you. One nite well before Christmas I was enjoying one of our phone visits,when we talk about everything under the sun!!! I was kinda feeling lost,as I often do. So many things that I was working on,none of them finished,wondering what I could make that people would want to buy. One of the things that we were talking about was the free hand stitching that she had shown pictures of on her blog,that I of course LOVED. She told me just DO IT!!! I started getting excited about it and ideas started flying into my head of designs to draw!!!! Soon as we hung up, I got my stuff out and drew a Christmas tree!!! It was already late when I started so I had to make myself put it down to go to bed. Next day I finished it. Lori wanted to see it so I sent her a picture. She said that she loved it!!! I said,are you crazy woman!! LOL!! Then I drew JOY with the holly and stitched it.
I had too many ideas on how I wanted to finish the tree and wondered if anyone would want to buy these very primitively stitched pieces. As a result you can see that these 2 pieces never got finished,because I just took these pictures of them today.

In the early 80's I had a cross stitch & needlepoint store. I called it, The Magic Needle. I chose that name because to me it WAS Magic how you could take a needle,a piece of thread,and some cloth and end up with something beautiful!!!
I'm to this day self taught with everything I do. I have taught classes to oodles of people. Perfect stitching,no knots and if I missed a stitch,out it would all come!!! There was a joke John had that he'd often say to me as I worked,"Isn't it time for you to tear it out yet??"
I've sold my work for over 40 years now and when my sister was still alive,we'd call my work "Perfect Primitive". If people were going to pay good money for my stuff then it needed to be right!!!

So with this type of stitching I need to let myself go which would probably be good for me lol!!!
Something different that I do though is to use a washable marking pen instead of a pencil,because I'm sure that there will always be that part of me that might just have to be able to wash it out if it's not quite right lol!!! Also I like to use 1 long thread that I can fold in half so I have a loop at the end to slip my needle through for a lock stitch. See what I mean,no knots on the back of your work lol!!! I did order Lori's new patterns even though I can draw they are HER wonderful designs and I can't wait for them to get here!!!
Hoping that I can just let myself go and stitch lol!!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Here's the brown and blue heart rug that I showed you in a previous post. I finally got it steamed today. It's approx. 10" X 17"
I would look great on an old bench or table!!!
Asking $125.00 which includes shipping.

This rug below is what I'd like your opinion on. When I started hooking it my original plan was to make it into a pillow.

But now I wonder if I should just bind it as a rug/mat. It's approx. 10" X 13".
So what's your opinion please, rug or pillow???
Ya know how on Meshe's B-day you were commenting on how cute & sweet she is??? Well let me tell you what that cute little Yorkshire terrorist did to me last nite!!! I was getting out some yarn and looking for my patterns to crochet a sweater or poncho. I was also warming up something to eat on the stove. In other words busy and not paying attention to what Meshe was doing. Well I 1st saw that she had taken my Sharpie pen,got that back and that's when I saw the WHOLE skein of yarn TOTALLY unraveled laying all over the floor near my bedroom!!!! OMG I was SO mad at her!!! It was already almost 11 so after I ate I tried to start rolling up the yarn. Had a heck of a time just finding an end!!!! Oh and did she ever know that I was mad at her!!!! We went to bed and I told her NOT to come cuddling up to me I didn't want her by me. She went to the end of the bed and kept inching her way up,but not to my neck and chest where she usually is. Oh I was so mad at her yesterday. Those were her bigger things,but she was bad all day!!! Today,not so bad cause I keep telling her how mad mommy was at her,especially this morning when I got back to spending so much time unraveling the mess of yarn. She's a handful!!!!
Thanks For Stopping Buy and your pillow or rug opinions!!!!
Sherry & The Little Meshe Terror.....OUT

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Mommy's been telling me since yesterday that I'm 1 now and not a puppy anymore,so I need to start behaving myself.
But I say that's no fun!!!! I love to jump up on the ottoman and bite her toes when she's hookin' a rug!!!

These are some of my favorite toys!!

Mommy's been teaching me, "lick your lips"!!!!
But I'm just stickin' my tongue out at her, cause she just washed my face and brushed my hair and I don't like to be brushed!!!

I'm done taking pictures now.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


This is the rug that I'm hooking right now. The blues and browns look so nice together,but my favorite color is still red!! But I know that lots of people love to decorate with blue with brown being a perfect accent. Since the pieces I make are for sale,I try to use colors that people would like to have in their home.  Hope someone will really like this one!!!

I've wanted to get back to writing on my blog for quite awhile now. It's been a long time. Over the years I think I kinda used this blog as a journal, writing about things that were going on in my life. All of that is still here in older posts. Maybe some won't like what I write,that's ok. Often the things I wrote about in my life touched others and I'd get emails instead of public comments here cause something I'd write might be something that they could relate to in their life. As hard as I try and as hard as I work it doesn't change things and all those platitudes that are said, aren't always true. Such as,time heals all wounds. It doesn't. Sometimes they just get deeper.

So anyhoo I hope you like the rug I'm working on!!! It will be available soon.

Thanks for stopping by!!


Friday, January 3, 2014

New rug off the frame!! Yup it's a heart,but not just for Valentine,s Day!! It would look great all year round,especially hanging on an old cupboard door. It's approx.11 1/2" X 21". $168.00 with FREE Shipping.

This hooked Snowman doll is 13 1/2"tall and heavily weighted to stand on his own.
He's wearing a wool scarf and a hand stitched top hat that gives him a real Gentleman look that makes you want to call him, Mr. Snowman!! All the buttons are antique. If you look real close you'll see that a little crow that I made from Sculpey has taken residence in a little nest filled with moss and REAL feathers on Mr. Snowman's stick arm.

Mr. Snowman is $79.00 which INCLUDES Shipping

I used to bring out all the snowmen AFTER the Christmas decorations were all put away to hang out till Spring.
You can contact me at:
Thank You for stopping by!!!