Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well John is cooking our turkey dinner today,while I work on things for eBay & my Poppy Shoppe. Up till the last 2 years,I've done all the cooking for everybody. There won't be my homemade stuffing,but at least he knows from me how to doctor up the turkey Stove Top stuffing,so it'll be ok.
Boy there's something about the smell of that turkey cooking,that just makes you feel like you're STARVING!!!!!!

I'd like to ask you to please go to my friend Ginger's blog & sign up for her Pay It Forward give away. You can get there by scrolling down on the right side here & click on Primitives By The Light of The Moon.
Ginger is over the top generous with this giveaway. I sure hope to win,cause my favorite part of all the items she's giving is a $20 gift card to spend on someone else in need. THAT'S why I want to win it so much!!!! I'm not able to do that now & it sue will make me happy if I can. Maybe I'd use it to buy some things for an older child,who really doesn't want toys,but would love some special personal items. Then those things could be given to The Salvation Army Collection.
Anyhoo,I hope you'll take a minute to go & sign up for this special giveaway!!!!!
Thank You & Many Blessing To You & Yours on this Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!

Sherry aka:The Queen

Saturday, November 1, 2008

So it's November 1st. Tonite we turn the clocks back. Well what that means to me is that I'll prolly get up at 3 a.m. instead of 4 a.m.!!!!! I've got so many things on my mind that it's like turning on a lawnmower,somebody pulls the cord and rrrrrrrrrr my brain starts runnin'!!!!!! I don't really accomplish anything that early,just get my cup of coffee & turn on the puter & start cruisin'.
Also the husband,remember that would be John,is in charge of changeing the clocks. BUT he doesn't change them all!!!! SO I REALLY get confused cause I don't know which ones he changed & which he didn't. Then I'm sayin' to myself,"Fall Back" ok so is it 3 o'clock???? Did he change that one or is it really 2 o'clock????? I know most people think of it as getting an extra hour of sleep,but nope not me!!!!

The 1st of the month also means my Poppy Shoppe is updated!!!! I actually was on time this month,well kinda. By the time I took all the pictures & argued with the puter off & on & FINALLY got everything in the Shoppe,it was after 10 p.m. I had worked on it for 5 HOURS!!!! No wonder I was hungry!!!! I didn't eat supper. Once I start,I don't quit till it's done.

Well anyhoo here's a peak at something in my Shoppe. I sure hope you'll click on the Lemon Poppy Shoppe banner & go take a look. I sure would appreciate it & Thank You!!!

Sherry Out!!!!!