Sunday, November 15, 2009


There's a saying,if it weren't for bad luck you'd have no luck at all!!!!
Kinda fits John and I but it's too negative a statement for me. I try to keep smiling and making jokes to laugh and make others laugh,maybe mostly so I don't cry.

Last Monday a.m. I had an appointment to have a special CAT scan. I guess it's supposed to check the arteries to my colon. A cardiologist was supposed to read it last Thursday.

In the meantime last Sunday nite when John took a shower,he came out & told me that he coughed up a clot of blood. I said we'll have to call the Dr. in the a.m. Then in the morning he coughed up more blood as I was starting to get ready for my test. I said call the Dr.,They said go to the ER. John said I'm goin' to take you 1st & then go to the ER. HA, I don't think so!!! So our son, Mike left work to take his Dad to the ER. Our daughter Mary Jo was supposed to be at work by noon,she came to take me to my test.
The Dr.'s office had told me to take a xanax before I left and another when I got there,cause you have to be still & my MS doesn't usually allow that,especially when I'm stressed. I was definately stressed about John & the tremors were in full force so I popped 2 right away.
The ladies taking care of me for the test were so nice to me,they knew I wanted to hurry & get out of there so I could get to the hospital where John was.

They told me one thing you HAVE to do is drink 64 oz. of water today. Can I drink my Snapple White Tea???? NOPE it's gotta be water,you've had too much of this dye put in you since they did it in the hospital too & if you don't wash it all out,your kidneys are gonna shut down. Oh JOY!!!! Did the best I could on the water!!!

Well John got admitted. Pneumonia AGAIN. The Dr. said the clots he was coughing up was the pneumonia and that he was lucky that he was coughing it up.
I felt so guilty that I gave it to him,since I've had the creeping crud that I got in my Dr's office after I got out of the hospital.

Since I'm still not well,we decided that I wouldn't be coming to see him,so we just talked on the phone.

He came home Thursday nite. Truthfully I really wanted him to stay longer. They were really taking good care of him and I knew that I couldn't do anything for him,since I'm havin' a hard enough time taking care of myself & this Alien that I have in my stomach.

Funny thing,when we'd talk in the mornings,he'd say he just got a bath and a backrub,
WHAT???????? When I was in there,I didn't even get to have my sheets changed!!!!!!
Maybe if ya have a va jay jay ya don't get those extras!!!!!! All I know is that I would have killed for a backrub!!!!! AND in the mornings they'd bring me a couple of wet wash cloths and say do you feel like washing up???? NO!!! OK then they'd just leave them there!!!
Sure not the way I was taught to do things in nursing school!!!!
John thinks I'm going to be put back in the hospital,I'm ignoring him.

BUT I am still working,slowly but I'm doin' it!!!!! I finished a really folk arty turkey rug last yesterday that I hope I can get listed today. I'm sure it won't be everybody's cup of tea,but I like it so much, that I'd like to hurry and do another one!!!!!


Friday, November 6, 2009


Even though there was a sidetrack stay in the hospital,I worked on it little by little as my strenght would allow. I'm NOT gonna sit here and do nuttin'!!!! I GOTTA be workin' on stuff!!!!

I won't bore you to tears with all my health problems,cause there's just too much to say and I don't have the energy to one finger type it all. Sometimes when my dear friends call,I even have to tell them that I have to hang up.

Imagine that, Sherry too pooped to talk!!!! That's a first LOL!!!!!!

PS: "JACK" is for SALE He's OOAK, 13" X 16" $126.00 plus shipping to your zip code
Just click on Contact Me in the upper right corner

I've been sick since the beginning of Sept. with a bladder infection. Pretty common for people with MS. But I am forever thankful that I didn't let the pain keep me from going to Malabar!!!!!

So since then things have gone down hill all the way. Seems my colon isn't happy.
Bleeding and I describe the pain as the last stages of labor.

I BEGGED the Drs. to let me out on a Thursday nite. John needed me at home and besides the woman in the bed next to me was driving me nuts. Had to see my Dr. on Tuesday after discharge. Sat in his waiting room for an hour & a half amongst a whole herd of sickies. So me,who never gets sick with colds or flu proceeds to get the worst cough you ever want to hear. No stuffy nose,no sneezeing,nope took the direct route to the lungs. So this gets added to the severe stomach & back pain.

After being given a Zpac & cough med to take with the other 2 antibiotics I was on,not to mention all the other drugs I was on,John counted 17,I was talked into going to the Drs. office a week ago Thursday nite.

When the Dr. saw me,there were 2 votes for putting me back in the hospital and 1 vote for NO. Guess who's vote the no was LOL!!!!! Well I won!!!! Made sense to me!!!
It was already after 8 at nite,they wouldn't be doing anything except get an IV goin' & respitory therapy and then I'd end up sittin' there the whole week-end before they could address the colon problem.
Then the Dr. remembered that John uses a nebulizer & had the right med for it,so he said to give me treatments. So home I went with ANOTHER bag of drugs.

Actually,I know this is very long but I am skippin' a lot of it.
I've got a bad case of thrush from all the antibiotics I've been on since Sept. Never had that in my life. But now I've got meds for that too.
Then last Sunday I started severe nausea from all these drugs. But now I've got meds for that too!!!!

Did I mention that I can't really eat real food???? NOPE,just things like pudding,yogurt,cream of wheat and heaping handfuls of pills.

I'm having a scan of my vascular system Monday. The colon problem may be coming from the lymphedema in my right leg. The official diagnosis is Ischemic Colitis.
It's been said that what they may have to do is put a shunt through the artery to my colon or remove part of my colon. I dunno about that!!!

Oh and BTW I've developed another bladder infection in the meantime and when I was taken to the ER they found I had no potassium,so I got IV's for that too. Only for it to drop again when the Dr. saw me a few days later,so I'm on potassium pills too,THE worst.

Funny, the MS causes a lot of problems and I deal with them,never thought it would kill me though. I've always figured it would be the brain tumor,now I'm not so sure.
Oh well,one day at a time.

BUT I WILL still keep working!!!! It's slow goin' but I have a rug on ebay now & just sold one yesterday. I've got a pillow all hooked that I hope to get sewn,stuffed and listed today!!!!!

I'm so sorry if I've got you bored to tears by now,but hey I'm sorry, nuttin' exciting ever happens in my life!!! It's not like Rob Lowe's gonna come visit, THEN I'd have something to talk about!!!!

OK I'm pooped till next time


PS: "JACK" is $126.00 plus shipping to your zip code. He's OOAK & 13" X 16"

Thursday, October 1, 2009


But I had to put something on my blog!!!!

This rug is awful awful awful!!!!! I got this pattern that was drawn on monks cloth a long long time ago,from Barb Carroll. It's been sitting in the pile since the late 80's or early 90's,I dunno,I'm old I forget. Anyhoo I decided that it was time to hook it. Just doin' a little here & there between punchin' and other stuff.

So I NEVER have a total plan in mind when I start hookin' and it's always worked for me. Till now!!!!
First of all I hate the nose. I think it makes him look like a clown. This Jack pattern is one of the 3 in Barb's Jack Jack & Jack pattern. Barb had drawn the nose in a squigelly out of round circle. She hooked her's in red & since I've used red before on noses for my original Jacks,I did this one in red. Don't like it at all!!!!

Over the years I've often added poison colors in my rugs and it's always worked. Don't think it's working this time!!!!
So what do you think of the blue moon,other than making you feel like breaking out into song?????? You DO remember that old song,don't you????
There's a row of deep purple around it,which brings me to the stars. What do you think of the purple stars?????

Also I haven't been able to decide how to do the different size rectangles that's the border. I don't think I'm going to hook them individually different. I have cut up a really neat textured wool that I might just hook the border in & forget the individual blocks.

Well whatever I do,one thing I know for sure is there's a lot of reverse hooking that'll will be happening. Starting with that nose!!!!!

Please,I beg for your kindness. Don't laugh too hard when you look at this rug. You just might pee your pants ya know. And truly I am a pretty good hooker,so please don't judge me on this rug. Like I said I can't even believe I'm showing it!!!!

Well gotta get back to the piece I'm punching to list,which isn't going so well either. Think my needle's dull. Wouldn't be surprised considering how many times I've punched my thighs with it. How long do those needles last anyhow?????

Just realized it's Thursday. Guess you could say that I haven't had a real productive week so far.

REMEMBER be kind to an old lady and don't laugh as you look at my rug!!!! Oh go ahead and laugh,it's good for ya!!!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Most Memorable Day!!!!!!

A week ago yesterday,September 19th,I had THE best day that I've had in a long long time!!!! I got to go to the Spirit of Friends show at Mallabar Farm!!!

John drove me to Ashland where my buddy Julie,Plumrun Creek picked me up and we were on our way.

First Julie took me to Katie's house. She was havin' a wool sale!!! Oh my and what a sale it was!!!!! When I saw all the wool she had,I stopped for a second and asked Julie,"am I dead and in wool heaven?" It was FANTASTIC and Katie is just the sweetest!! I REALLY enjoyed talking to her. After being there for over an hour,we were off to the craft show!!!!!
First stop,my friend Bobbie's booth,Union Star Primitives. GREAT stuff in Bobbie's booth!!!! Bobbie didn't know I was coming,so she was very surprised to see me.

Bobbie's booth was also the set meeting place for other friends from our ebay group PRHG.
The 1st one I recognized was Zoe,my buddy Lori Rippey's 4 legged little girl!!!! Then I saw Lori and one by one all the others!!!!! Lori and I talk all the time on the phone and we both never ever thought we get the chance to be together in person!!

My head was whirling!!!!! I wanted to talk to all the friends AND look at everything!!! The day went way to fast!!!! I kept thanking Julie for making it possible for me to be there and John too!!!!

I was STILL on a high all day Sunday!!!!! This was what my life used to be!!!!!
Then it was Monday and I came down from my Happy High with a THUD.

Also that day my buddy,Lori Brechlin was having her show at her place,Notforgotten Farm. I really wanted to go and do her show. At 1st in July when I asked John about going,he said yeah,we could do that. Then it was,well duh we can't go there. Since he's on oxygen 24/7 there was no way that we could have enough tanks to get him through for a few days. I was sad about that,but so happy that Lori's show was very successful too!!!! I know how hard she worked for it.

If you were at the Spirit of Friends show,I was the one toolin' around on the blue Zoom Zoom with Nervous Nellies, Julie & Lori R. constantly saying,"Look Out" LOL!!!!!

When I was washing some of the wool from Katie,one of the colors screamed pumpkin to me. Not your usual pumpkin color, but the rug looks so olde and early that I'd keep it out all year round. All the wool I used for this rug was from the stash I got at Katie's sale. I listed it on ebay last nite,if you'd like to take a look.

Well gotta get to work. I have more things to finish and get listed on ebay today.
Till Next time

Friday, September 4, 2009


Well I FINALLY finished this hooked prairie stump doll yesterday and got her listed on ebay. Her body's been hooked for a loooong time. The thing is sometimes when I design something,I guess I over think how I want to finish it. So then after all this time of her just layin' around I decided she needed to come to life. Got her all handstitched up & even handstitched a bonnet for her. I guess I'm happy with how she came out. She's kinda sweet. John REALLY likes her. He said he wanted to buy her,but he couldn't meet my price LOL.

I've got a rug on the frame started and a needle punch on the frame started and more dolls and stuff waitin' their turn to be finished.

Wish I could get my toes to work too. For pete sake there are 10 of them and they're just layin' there doin' nuttin'!!!!!!

Well I need to move along and see if anything can get finished today.One never knows!!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


How can I hook and punch at the same time????? There's SO many things that I want to hook!!!!! There's SO many things I want to punch!!!!!! And then there's stitchin' & sewing I want to do!!!! SO many ideas jumbled up in my head!!! This is my favorite time of year. The Fall & Halloween ideas flow well into the time that I SHOULD be thinkin' Santas and Christmas things. It's always been this way!!! When I did shows it worked just fine. People still were buying my Fall & Halloween items at the Christmas shows. I think what helped was that they'd actually see the items in person and have to have them. Way different than seeing them on line!!!! Seems you always have to be way ahead of the seasons when you sell on line. It's way easier to resist a cool JOL in a picture,than in person when you're thinkin' Christmas!!!!!

Oh I miss doing shows!!!!!

Did I spell DILEMMA right???? Doesn't look right. Oh well I think ya get the idea,right????

My newest NP that I finished last nite and listed on ebay. Wonder what I'll do today!!


Friday, August 28, 2009


Today is our anniversary.
I have been married ALL my life,45 years.

One nite last week John came to the living room as I sat in my chair working on my needle punch and said, Happy Anniversary. I said it's not our anniversary. He said I knew that (not) but it'll be soon!!!!

Then yesterday morning,I said to him, Happy Anniversary!!!! He said,I knew that (NOT)I was gonna tell you later.

About 1:15 in the afternoon,I said John you're gonna be late for your Dr.'s appointment at 1:30!!!!!! He said yeah it's at 1:30 tomorrow!!!! I said well then why is it on the calender for today???? He looked and said no it's tomorrow,the 28th.

TOMORROW'S the 28th????? OH!!!!!!
So it wasn't our anniversary yesterday!!!!! And NO he still didn't realize it!!!!!

So this a.m. I said Happy Anniversary AGAIN!!!!! But this time it really is!!!!!

Oh yeah we're dangerous!!!!! Neither one of us can remember diddly!!!!!
Nope no celebration plans for today,just another day in the life.

45 years!!!! Geeze I've been married longer than some of my dear friends have been on earth!!!!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well I came in here this a.m. and my heart sank cause my blog was still messed up. There was this new box that kept coming up yesterday. Said it was new and click here to update your blog,but warning everything may be lost. I sure wasn't gonna click on it yesterday!!!!! But today I thought, what do I have to lose,everything is gone anyhoo. So I CLICKED!!!!! All these small pics of blogs came up,so I picked one to preview and lo & behold THERE was MY blog with everything there!!!!!!!
So I got rid of the template that started all this yesterday. GOOD that worked!!!!

But then I tried to change my background color,cause I don't like that green and yes I clicked on every box to change the colors & hit save. Everything changed to the right color I picked EXCEPT that green background. It's supposed to be a darker orange.

Well, I dunno what's goin' on except I'm tickled pink that my blog is BACK ugly green and all!!!!!!


Saturday, August 22, 2009


I Tried to change my background and now I've lost EVERYTHING and I don't know what to do. SAD SAD SAD


YUP I am!!!! For someone who seldom leaves the house,I'm always busy,except for naptime of course!!!! Working Working,talking to my dear friends on the phone,while working. Housework,oops no there's no time for that!!!!!
Wish I could work FASTER cause while I'm working on one thing,in my mind I'm working on 10 other things!!!!!

I've been working on these JOL baskets. There so cute I just love 'em!!!!! They're inspired by my Buddy Lori Brechlin with as usual my own way of doin' them. I've done 3 of them. The orange one that I did sold on ebay last week. The 2 pictured here are listed on ebay right now.

Well I'm not gettin' anything done while doin' my one finger typin' here,but I am good at multi tasking,cause while I'm doin' this I'm talkin' to my Buddy Marte,who just called!!!!!


Monday, August 17, 2009


This is "PRISSY" she's listed on ebay right now. Lots & Lots of handstitchin' on this dolly!!!!!!

Well August 4th was my birthday. Contrary to what you may have seen or heard on the news that day,it was NOT his B-Day,It was MINE!!!!! Yup me and the Queen Mum's,the dead one. That's part of the reason that I've been called THE QUEEN since the early 90's when she died. I had to take over!!! And then it was a BIG co-inky-dink that people on my ebay groups started callin' me The Queen. I had never told them that I had been called The Queen for a long time before that. It started cause I was good at Bingo on the groups. And it has stuck. Sometimes I even get mail addressed to:The Queen from some of my internet buddies. Then there's some friends,I won't mention a name (lori brechlin)that sometimes calls me Her Hiney-ness!!!!

One week to the day after my B-day,August 11th was my son's B-day. Well,back when he turned 40 I told him to stop calling me mom and to think of me as his sister and call me by my name. Did he listen????? Do they listen when they're young????? Well I'm here to tell ya that they still don't listen as they get older either.

Having a birthday every year ain't all it's cracked up to be when ya get as old as me. I hear ya sayin', well it beats the alternative!!! But WAIT,it's been said that these are supposed to be "The Golden Years". Well I'm here to tell ya that it's BS at least in my case. And I've heard others say the same thing. So whoever "They" is that said that,LIED!!!!!

The Eternal Optimist that I've always been has worn VERY thin and I've been wondering when "Happy Feet" for Sherry aka: The Queen is gonna come. And yet that optimism somehow stays there that MY day is gonna come!!!!

So I guess in the meantime I'll keep laughin' & workin' & prayin' and SOMEDAY that day WILL come!!!!!

I wanted to tell ya about my cake. Never did get a pic of it like I planned to. But anyhoo,John had asked me the week before what I wanted for my B-day. Well I seldom get a B-day cake,so I said that I wanted a DQ Ice Cream cake. Well, he got one and yes it said Happy Birthday Queen on it. Apparently you're supposed to keep those cakes in the freezer. We don't have a seperate freezer,just the one that's at the bottom of the fridge and there was no room for it there. The cake was BIG!!! I put it in the fridge and ate my cake by spooning it into a bowl. It was still good!!!!!

Now ya see what happens when I don't post for awhile???? I end up goin' on & on!!!!
I wonder how many of you left half way through all this yada yada!!!!

Well,stuff to do so......

Sherry aka:The Queen.....OUT

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I punched this little mini rug/cupboard hanger from a complimentary pattern from Debbie of Woolensails. Thanks Debbie!!! I really like the look of the browns I used and then a wash in walnut dye to give it an even darker olden look. I listed it on eBay last nite if you'd like to take a closer look!!!

That's the theme song of these sweet little hollyhocks!!!!!!!
Ya see,John's not able to take care of mowing the lawn anymore,so we had to find a guy to mow it. Well one day he decided to weed wack the weeds next to the garage. Granted it was a mess and there were lots of weeds EXCEPT for my mint and hollyhocks that were quite tall and growing great!!! BUT put a weed wacker in a man's hands and NOTHING'S safe from the noisy whirling wire!!!!! The hollyhocks were no more. I was sad. BUT I thought maybe they'll start to grow again. THEY DID!!!!!! They fought to survive and now, though there's less of them the survivors are in FULL BLOOM!!!!!!
AND there so neat too cause I bet they aren't even 3 feet tall about a third of the size that they were before. But being shorties they're standing tall which is really nice.
Aren't they PRETTY!!!!!!

Well I better get to work!!!! Maybe a shower should be 1st though!!!


Sunday, July 26, 2009


By this rug for the last several days,but I was released yesterday,FINALLY!!!!!

Ya see it all started this way. I finished a really cool needle punch doll ( NO she's not sewn together yet)and I thought,well now what. Ya see I ALWAYS have to have something on the hooking or punching frames,cause the majority of my time is best spent sitting in my chair with my legs on the ottoman,so my body says.

So anyhoo I looked over at a pile of wool worms (one of several) and thought, that's it, I'll do some sort of Hit or Miss rug,my favorite way to hook.

So I put the linen on the frame,surrounded myself with 4 boxes of worms and started hooking!!!!!! Well the worms wouldn't let me stop for several days!!!! I hooked and I hooked and every morning it would seem like there were MORE worms in the boxes instead of less.
They multiply while you're sleeping ya know!!!!!
So yesterday I FINALLY finished it and gave it a little bath of walnut dye to antiquey it up more. Sure I was about an hour behind my lunch & naptime schedule,but it was worth it beacuse it was done and the wild worms released me from hostage!!!!

I even got it listed on eBay last nite!!!!!

Well there's tons of stuff to do finish work on,but I'm hearing whispers of hooked pumpkins right now. Hope I can get some finishing work done before the whispers turn to yellings and hooked pumpkins take me hostage!!!!!


Saturday, July 18, 2009


What to do with this!!!!! AND there's 2 smaller ones too!!!!!

Keep in mind that I don't really cook anymore,but I do like zucchini!!!! NOPE,not gonna make bread!!!! I'd grate my fingers off for sure and I don't have any loaf pans either!!!!
I do remember a long time ago I did make stuffed zucchini. Also made zucchini soup before too. But I don't have a clue where those receipes walked off to!!!!

See there's this friend of our's also a retired fireman and he makes pickles for John every summer. John loves them,I hate them,which is great for John cause then they're his,all his and he can have 'em.
So yesterday was pickle day!!!! Apparently they're fermenting in the jar on the kitchen counter. Use much garlic Bob!!!!! Whew!!!! Bob also gave John a couple more smaller zucchini,that obviously were NOT on steroids like this one,BUT the head of cabbage he also gave us was!!!!!
I now have 2 large heads of cabbage too!!!! Now the Hungarian part of me is thinking pig in the blankets,eating them,NOT making them!!!!! I DO make REALLY good stuffed cabbage, but they're a pain in the dupa to make.
So I've gotta do SOMETHING with this stuff!!!! Uh Oh my alter ego Scarlett is comin' out!!!!! I'll worry about it tomorrow!!!!

Maybe I'll hook or draw up another needle punch since I finished punchin' Binx the cat last nite. Scarlett,maybe you should finish up all these other things that are all hooked and punched waiting to be finished. OK Sherry,maybe tomorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've Been PUNCHIN'!!!!!!!

These are all listed on ebay right now. AND there's more to come!!!!! NOPE don't know when!!!! I have what I call my "Scarlett Syndrome" maybe tomorrow!!!!! Fiddle D Dee!!!!!!
I also have the problem, that when I'm working on something I'm getting ideas for other things!!!!! In fact that may just be the problem today. I've got this REALLY good idea for another needle punch and I want to start workin' on it!!!!! BUT I should be good and work on the things that need to be finished and work on my patterns that I hope to be selling. I REALLY tend to put things off that I think I can't do perfectly right and usin' the puter to make my patterns is one of those things!!!! Even though my Buddy Marte has the cover for one finished,I'm STILL feeling hesitant about doing it. This is a REALLY BIG step for me ya know!!!! For 30 some years of selling my work, people have been telling me to do patterns. I just don't feel confident enough. I'm MUCH BETTER at telling my friends what to do, not myself LOL!!!!!!

AND here's another thing about finishing all this stuff that's almost finished,too much up & down & movin' around!!!!
Hey, I'm old, sick and lazy so I'd much rather sit here in my chair with my legs up on the footstool and hook,punch or stitch AND talk to my friends whilst I do those things!!!!!!
Enough for now,get to work Sherry!!!!!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well in the 30 some odd years that I've been selling my work,I guess that I must have some unwritten motto, that enough is never enough when I'm creating something!!

This make-do crow for instance. I designed him several years ago. Over the years he might have been holding a heart from his beak or the star or the star & JOL. But this time I had already had the flower hooked (i've been hooking these for years too) and I thought he should have that too,besides the star & JOL. THEN as I was assembling these ornies to wires for hanging,I decided they should be pins too I've also done them for years)!!!! So many hours ended up being spent sewing vintage buttons on for attaching the wire to & trying to get it right so that the wire could be removed from the buttons. And then of course sewing the pin backs on!!!!
So there ya go!!! If you'd like to see more pics,I put lots of them in the auction!!!
Just click on that ebay box over there on the right & you'll be there!!!!!
And I Thank You for Lookin'!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I actually punched this Boo Cat last year. But I seem to have a problem!!! When I finish doing the punching on a piece I have trouble figuring out just how I want to finish it. And that's exactlly WHY there's so many pieces that are already punched waiting for THEIR turn to be finished!!!!! Someday their turn will come!!!! Just like Boo cat's turn came!!!!!

Often when I start finishing a piece,I have a general idea in my head,but basically the piece just evolves as I'm working on it.
I really like how this piece turned out FINALLY!!!!! AND it's very versatile!!!! It has a piece of black wool pinned on the back,so it can be used as a cupboard hanger. Or put it in a bowl as a bowl filler or even use it as a pincushion.
Maybe some other pieces will get finished too. That's usually my daily plan,BUT then my hooking frame starts calling my name and I can't stay away from it very long so the next thing ya know,I'm hookin'!!!!!
I finished a fairly large rug last Saturday and listed it on ebay. I listed it with a Buy It Now and YAHOO it sold on Sunday!!!!! But now that means the frames are all empty and I'm starting to hear them whispering my name. BUT it will get louder and I'll have no other choice except to draw up another rug!!!!! Much to the chagrin of all the other items that thought maybe just maybe it would be their turn to be finished. But their used to this problem I have by now LOL!!!!!!

Do any of you share my problem?????



Geeze time flies when your old!!!!!

Well since it is the 1st,my Poppy Shoppe is updated. If you'd like to go see,you can click on the link over there on your right. Unless you're looking at this upside down then I guess it would be on your left!!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is the wacky doodle needle punch I designed for our launch. It's Mr. Wickenbaum's Tombstone!!!! It's listed on ebay right now along with my wonderful new banner!!!!
If you'd like to go see,you can just click on the ebay box over there at the right.

Better get to work on the 50 or so things that I have goin'!!!! Hmmm,maybe one will get finished!!!!!

Sherry OUT


MY Good Buddy Lori Brechlin, Notforgotten Farm made this banner for me and surprised me with it. I LOVE IT!!!!! Didn't she do a GREAT job on it!!!!????!!!!

She grabbed pictures of some of my previous work and put it all together.It will go on all my Fall and Halloween auctions!!!!!!



Sunday, June 14, 2009


I thought I'd try posting this here on my blog and hopefully some of you will stop in and see it!!!!!

I'm the leader of PRHG which is Primitive Rug Hooking Group. Friday I shut the group down to do a little maintenance on the board. Then I reopened it & began the task of re-inviting the members. Well some of you members are apparently not getting your invites. I dunno WHERE they're going!!!! Possibly your junk mail?????????

So what some members have done is clicked on the JOIN GROUP box and then it comes directly to me and I can click you in.
PRHG MEMBERS if you didn't receive your invites (i've sent 2-3 of them) then PLEASE click on the JOIN GROUP box and I'll get you back in.

TO NON PRHG MEMBERS: At this time we are not accepting new members,we're full. It has nothing to do with you or your work,it's just that we're full. I'm sorry,but the reason the JOIN GROUP box is there is because I have to leave the door open till all the members have gotten back in.

Thanks For Your Time!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I Thought I'd show you the difference with the same pattern. I decided to hook my design. If you notice I did the flowers penny rug style because I didn't really like the way the petals looked hooked,not really enough room for for the wool worms to fit with enough defination of the petals. But you can see that Marte was able to punch them and get the definition.
I've already sold mine on ebay.

My Good Buddy Marte did a needle punch of one of my original designs!!!!!
Martie is a super duper expert puncher and she punched my design exactly as I drew it and it turned out FANTASTIC!!!!! She has it listed on ebay right now!!!! Type BLESTB or PRHG in your search bar and you'll find it!!!!



Monday, June 8, 2009


For the whole month of June our BLESTB eBay group has a theme for our auctions on eBay of AMERICANA PINCUSHIONS or PINKEEPS. I think it's a generational thing. I've always called them pincushions. I even have a collection of vintage pincushions. I'm not really sure when they started to be called pinkeeps. When ya think about it though it makes sense. You do KEEP your pins & needles in them!!!

Anyhoo I just listed the one above on eBay last nite. It's my own design that I stitched with just a basic idea of ABC in my head. Then it just evolved in kinda a freehand stitchin' way,much the same way that I design my hooked rugs and actually most everything I make.

Thanks Bunches For Stoppin' in. I appreciate it!!!!!!



This basket is part of my liquidating "My Stuff" sales!!!! I got it from QVC. It has a plastic liner in it so that you could put a real potted plant in it with a saucer. OR put an arrangemant of drieds or silks in it.
HURRY HURRY click on my ebay link at the right & run to see it!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


I've updated my Poppy Shoppe!!! If you'd like to take a look,you can click on the Lemon Poppy Shoppe box over there to your right.



Saturday, May 30, 2009


since I've posted anything here and yet so much has happened.

In March John (that's the husband) had to have some prostrate surgery,which for most men would have been rather minor,but in John's case it was major and came close to dying. First of all he can't go under general anesthetic because he's on oxygen 24/7 and his lungs are too badly destroyed so they would have to do a spinal. Right up to the very last minute we didn't know if they would do the surgery,cause his lung Dr. was so worried. Finally he gave his OK. The alternative was that John would have to wear a catheter & a bag the rest of his life. I believe this problem was caused by one of his lung meds. Hells bells they even say so in the commercial for it on TV!!!
But he has to be on that drug and MANY others. It's one of those,what's the alternative deals!!!
To try to fast forward,he went to ICU,then to a regular room,then he was to be discharged. BTW I must say the nurses DID NOT get him up to walk!!! As a former nurse I'd keep saying to him,you need to get up & walk. Well since he was attached to the wall with the O2 they need to call for a portable tank. They didn't do that.
Then he was to be discharged. Our daughter went to pick him up. Thank God Mary Jo has good common sense!!! She kept telling the nurse somethings wrong with him,he shouldn't be discharged. It fell on deaf ears. So Mary Jo went right next door to the Dr.While the Dr. worked on him,he got him readmitted.Turned out he has a huge blood clot in his lung (it's still there)so back to ICU.The surgeon called me that nite & told me he could die. They had heart surgeons come in on a saturday (which they don't do) to put a screen in his groin to catch any other clots. They did find one in his leg that afternoon.They feel the screen will catch that one.
Shortenin' up the story again,after he was discharged from the hospital,we had to see another Dr. who told us that he has chronic luekemia.
All this began on March 17th.
Before this we had made the hard decision that we would have to file bankruptcy. We've always worked very hard and ALWAYS paid our bills. THAT'S what ya do THAT'S your obligation and that's how we always felt. But with both of us being ill and more & more being taken from his Firefighter's Disabilty we just couldn't do it anymore. So we started paying a lawyer everything we could,finally got him paid last month so I guess he's filing the bankruptcy next week. While John was in ICU we also made the decision that we didn't have enough to pay the house payment anymore. We had been struggling with it for months since they had raised it due to taxes. So I had to call them to tell them not to take the house payment out and that we wouldn't be able to pay it anymore.
I keep thinkin' every month,well we SHOULD have some money this month,but nope hasn't happened LOL!!!! Ya see we have this used van that's HAS to be the BIGGEST lemon in the world!!!!! It's a true money pit. In fact John just came home from pickin' it up,since once again it's been repaired to the tune of $860. Well there went June's check LOL!!!!! Well more stuff up on ebay!!!!!

We're OK though. I don't let myself dwell on the fact that John's Dr. has said that he's in the last stages of his illness and made sure his DNR was on file at the hospital. There IS one thing that DOES make me mad. John was a Firefeighter. Highly respected still by even younger guys who never worked with him but always knew about him and things he did for the department. I remember once a new guy shook his hand and said to John that it was an honor to meet him. WOW!!!! Most of his career John ran rescue and in those early days of his career when the city wouldn't give him money to buy things for the rescue squad he was trying to build,he'd use our money.
And what's the thing that makes me mad????? Well,John has saved people's lives,been commendated for it,was chosen by the American Legion as Fireman of the year,which only happened one year because the Legion had always before and since only honored a Policeman of the year. John ,being rescue was always 1st in,most often without a mask,because there weren't enough to go around. Then there was this one time he was caught in a backdraft (ever see that movie??)and got chemical burns to his lungs.That was the start of the end,a full disability retirement from the job he always gave 110% to. So why do we have to struggle so hard,he deserved more.

This is how it is: You can always look around a corner and find someone worse off than you. Crying makes your eyes red and your nose run!!!!!
I laugh and make jokes ALL the time. You should hear some of the sick jokes we make arguing who's gonna die 1st LOL!!!
For someone who seldom leaves the house,I'm busier than a one armed paper hanger!!!!
I have the gift and priviledge of THE BESTEST internet friends that I talk to on the phone!!!! eBay groups to run & participate in. My work to make a sell on ebay. Takin' care of John. We won't talk about laundry & cleaning though. I find that those things are hazardous to my health or lack there of and should be avoided at all costs!!!!
DON'T feel sorry for me, I DON'T!!!! I've got my health,oh wait no I don't LOL LOL!!!

Well,see what happens when I do decide to blog,I write a freakin' book!!!! Two of my friends, Lori Brechlin and Meg (Nutmeg) Wommack are always telling me that I should write a book. I tell them no I can't do that,I write like I talk.too much!!!

I better get busy workin' on stuff to list & hmmm maybe I should get dressed too!!!!

Sherry OUT!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've listed some huge lots of vintage wool on ebay at extremely reasonable starting bids!!!!! It dyes very well. I've hooked and crafted sooo many things from this wool that have been sold to stores, ebay & other places.
You could add to your stash or start one!!!!
I bought a ton of this wool from an antique dealer,who bought it I believe from a closed factory.

I REALLY have to liquidate this too small house of my "stuff" so I hope you'll keep checking my ebay auctions,cause ya never know what you'll find from my collections!!!
Either do I LOL!!!!!
You can click the ebay sign on the right to get to my auctions.

STILL have LOTS more wool to list!!!!!

Sherry OUT!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm So Confused!!!!!

OK so I wake up this a.m. (which is always a good thing!!),look at the clock and it says 4:oo. So I think,now did the husband change this clock. When the time changes he only changes a few of the clocks before he goes to bed. After all these years I'm totally convinced he does this on purpose just to confuse me,which the older I get,the easier it is to do.

So anyhoo, I'm thinkin' is it really 5:00??? Well that's OK I often get up at 5,so I'll just get up. I go to the kitchen to turn the coffee pot on & it hits me,wait a minute I had a fish sandwich for supper last nite,which would have been Friday,which would make this Saturday not Sunday!!!!! I look at the clock, it's 4:15 A.M.!!!!!!!!

I'm one of those people that when I'm up,I'm up. Guess naptime is gonna be early today!!!!!

Ya know this is not my fault. It's those news people on TV!!!! They kept talking about the time change yesterday evening & saying that when the time changes ahead that on Monday & Tuesday the heart attack rate goes up more than at any other time. They attribute this to people being sleep deprived anyway & by springing ahead people are more stressed by losing another hour of sleep. Well DUH,I just did!!!!!

Can you imagine how confused I'm going to be tomorrow when the time actually does change!!!!????!!!!

Think I'll get more work done today???? Prolly not,I'm tired already!!!!!

I would like to make another sock bottle doll like I did yesterday. I made one yesterday and I was so carried away with creating her that it was almost my soapie & lunch time (2 p.m.)before I got dressed. She's REALLY cool,I love her!!!!! She's listed in my auctions on ebay.

OR maybe I should finish the needle punch I've been working on. OR finish up another set of my hooked Farmhouse eggs.

OR maybe I should just go back to bed!!!!!

Tired Sherry.....OUT

Friday, March 6, 2009


Bobbie just started a new selling blog!!!!! Bobbie is Union Star Primitives.

She has some really neat early olde stuff that she's going to be selling on this blog,so you'll have to go check it out!!!!

I wish you all the luck in the world Dear Friend with this new venture!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


YUP my sewing machine is back!!!!! The ol girl had some thread wound up inside & she needed to be cleaned & oiled. Ya see this Viking doesn't need to be oiled by me like other machines do. But after 20 some years of constant hard use,she really deserved a professional cleaning & oil job. But she's ALWAYS run perfectly till that one sad day last week. It's kinda like,if it aint broke,don't fix it!!!!! Can't tell you how happy I am that she's OK. She CANNOT be replaced!!!!!
I've been working on other things so I haven't used her yet. She came home Monday & I'm just letting her have a little rest from the trauma she's been through!!!!!

Viking sewing machines are the greatest!!!!!


Friday, February 27, 2009


I managed to get my Lemon Poppy Shoppe loaded up. Such a good feeling when that job gets done early!!!!! Hopr you'll take a look by clicking on the link on your left.

Well back to hooking my latest design. Obviously I can't do any machine sewing.

Hope to have this new rug listed on eBay sometime tomorrow.

Boy eBay sure needs a kick in the butt to get some selling goin' on,doesn't it????

Well, I don't give up!!!!!



My WONDERFUL sewing machine is broken. I'm barely able to post about this,I'm so sad.
She's a Viking 980 & I've loved her for I dunno,maybe 20, 25 years or so,can't remember. Seems that she's ALWAYS been a part of my life. She's ALWAYS been so good to me,even through all the use & abuse I've put her through. I even brought her with me everywhere I travelled to do shows,just in case I might sew something,(never did),but I couldn't leave her home.

My Viking 980 was THE BESTEST sewing machine in the whole world!!!!!

In all these years I have NEVER done a thing to it,except change thread,wind bobbins,change the needle,and even THAT wasn't done as often as it should have been. I have an old mascara brush that I'd use to get the lint out once in awhile.

Never changed the tension,it was always perfect. NEVER oiled it,because you weren't supposed to,no need for it. NEVER been serviced at all.

Now, you may be saying,well for pete sake get it fixed Sherry!!!!!
Not that simple. When I called a place yesterday I was told that if it needs a part, they are no longer available for the 900 series. And that it would cost $79.95 to get it serviced. If it needs a part it wouldn't be available & the guy might only charge me $20 to tell me he can't fix it. OF COURSE I have to find out!!!!!

I feel like my left arm is missing,cause I'm right handed. But that's how much a part of me this machine has been for decades.
Also I know that I will never be able to afford a machine like her again.

Well I'm unable to bear typing about her anymore, so.....


Saturday, February 21, 2009

HIT or Miss Hooked Rug

I love hooking hit or miss style!!!! I think it's my favorite way to hook. BUT I am very fussy about the way I do it (as with everything I do LOL) I don't want a worm of the same color to be close to another worm of that color. If it is,well then it's reverse hooking time!!!! These rugs that I do are so cool because no matter what your favorite color is,it's probably there!!!! Great to hang or use as a little table rug. It's listed on ebay right now. I also listed my hooked crow make-do with a mustard star hanging from his beak. I hope you'll take a look at these items and others,by clicking on that little ebay thingy on your right!!!! Iffin' ya do I Thank You ♥

Speaking of favorite colors,I think mine is red. BUT that's always subject to change,cause I love all colors. It kinda depends on what the item is,but red usually draws me in. BUT then there's also yellow!!!!! I can say though that I'm really NOT a blue person. Oh I just love color!!!! Being a Leo (August B-Day) I'm probably most drawn to warm colors AND drab colors. Oh geeze I just love color!!!!!

Well,time to finish my puter rounds and get to work!!!! No rest for the weary ya know!!!!

Sherry OUT

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Isn't she neat???? AND she's reversible!!!! So if you set her on a table as a center piece she'll look the same from either side,just a different look of the antique quilt. I handstitched her. That meant stitching through 6 layers,cause I mostly keep my antique cutter quilts as is when I make something from them. That means the quilt top,the old cotton seed batting & the backing.

Oh I'm so lucky that I that I collected & searched out all these antique quilts,buttons,laces,linens,etc.,etc.,from antique flea markets,shows & stores!!!!!
I just don't get out anymore & definately not to all those places like I used to. So all this "stuff" is here,ready to create with!!!! The problem is,there's just really no room for it all in this little house,so it's all over the place. And I won't even talk about my wool!!!! Every precious piece,no matter how small,I just CANNOT get myself to throw it out. BUT I do use it for stuffing stuff!!!
Moral of the story: DON'T move to a smaller house if ya got lotsa "stuff" like I do!!

If you'd like to take another look at my rabbit you can just click on the link over there on your right.
Ohio weather report: SNOWING!!!!

Sherry OUT

Sunday, February 1, 2009

TIS FEBUARY 1,2009!!!!!

And I have my Poppy Shoppe loaded up!!!!!!
Actually I did it a few days ago & added 2 more items after my nap yesterday.

I am shocked & amazed!!!!! I was EARLY with the upload this time. GOOD FEELING to have gotten it taken care of early!!!! Seldom happens cause I'm always so busy makin' more stuff.

I've been so busy stitchin' a model for my dear friend Lori's (notforgotten farm)newest batch of patterns. I MUST finish it TODAY!!!!! Get it sent tomorrow & THEN you will soon see it!!!!!
A little hint of what the sampler is:A species of animal that is known to hop & no it's not a kangaroo!!!!!!
Speaking of hopping,I better get hopping to get it finished TODAY!!!!!

Oh, iffin' ya got a minute or 2 I'd sure appreciate it if ya clicked on my Lemon Poppy Shoppe banner over there on your right & took a look.

I also have 3 great blue hooked farmhouse eggs in an antique wire basket listed on ebay right now.
Thank You!!!!!

Sherry OUT

Thursday, January 29, 2009


My friend Jackie is having a GREAT giveaway on her blog!!!!! Jackie is T.F.C FOLK ART with all those great patterns!!!

Hurry over to her blog & sign up!!!!!

Just click on Derek & Jackie Schmidt over there on your right under my blog list & you'll get there.

Sherry Out!!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

COOL CAT on eBAY!!!!!

I just listed this needle punch cat on eBay. It's a pattern by Ginger,Primitives By The Light of The Moon. Added my own touches on him. Really neat to hang or to tuck in a cupboard.
Yesterday I listed a hooked make-do. It's a star covered in antique buttons. Whether your decor is primitive,cottage or whatever this hand hooked make-do will fit right in!!!!! I sure hope you'll take a look at these items & some others I have listed right now. Just click on that little eBay thingy on your right.

Well,it's time for me to get dressed,eat lunch & take my nap!!!!!

Sherry Out

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 NEW Sweeties ON Ebay!!!!!

Aren't these so primitively cool??????
These patterns are from my friend Lottie (thanks Lottie!!)

I REALLY love the doll!!!!!! So guess what I named her???? "LOVEY" Real original huh????
If you'd like to go see them you can click on the eBay button there on your right.

No I haven't counted up all the stuff around me that needs finishing,BUT I can tell you that right in front of me,on my footstool there's 8 items waiting their turn. Since I need to keep my legs up,there's always just enough room to put my feet. Good thing it's a good size,cause it's ALWAYS full of "STUFF"!!!!!!!
Maybe next time I'll count up all the other things in my immediate vicinity waiting their turn to be finished. I just can't help it that I think up more things to make faster than I can finish them.
If something pops into my head to make,I just HAVE to make it!!!!! That's how I've always worked & in this case ya can't teach this old dog a new trick!!!!!

Sherry Out!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is FANCEY. She's a hooked bunny that I designed years ago & only did one other in white wool,way back when.
She's a must have sweetie!!!!! Too bad I can't take a decent picture to save my life!! Maybe someday I should read the directions that came with the camera LOL no time for that!!!!!

FANCEY's on eBay right now,along with some of my other original designs. If you'd like to take a look,you can click on the eBay button over there on the right & it will take you to my auctions. THANKS in advance if ya take the trip over to look.

New Year's Day was also the upload for my Lemon Poppy Shoppe. I had put a really cool hit or miss hooked heart make-do on an antique bobbin up. Waiting for the money order for it. There's a couple other things too.

I was gonna yada yada about all the stuff I have waiting for the finishing work to be done,but then something else won't get finished. So MAYBE I'll write about that tomorrow or not.

Weather in Ohio: Snow & cold Well it is Ohio!!!!!

Sherry aka:The Queen OUT!!!!!!