Sunday, August 2, 2009


I punched this little mini rug/cupboard hanger from a complimentary pattern from Debbie of Woolensails. Thanks Debbie!!! I really like the look of the browns I used and then a wash in walnut dye to give it an even darker olden look. I listed it on eBay last nite if you'd like to take a closer look!!!

That's the theme song of these sweet little hollyhocks!!!!!!!
Ya see,John's not able to take care of mowing the lawn anymore,so we had to find a guy to mow it. Well one day he decided to weed wack the weeds next to the garage. Granted it was a mess and there were lots of weeds EXCEPT for my mint and hollyhocks that were quite tall and growing great!!! BUT put a weed wacker in a man's hands and NOTHING'S safe from the noisy whirling wire!!!!! The hollyhocks were no more. I was sad. BUT I thought maybe they'll start to grow again. THEY DID!!!!!! They fought to survive and now, though there's less of them the survivors are in FULL BLOOM!!!!!!
AND there so neat too cause I bet they aren't even 3 feet tall about a third of the size that they were before. But being shorties they're standing tall which is really nice.
Aren't they PRETTY!!!!!!

Well I better get to work!!!! Maybe a shower should be 1st though!!!



  1. Great job on the pn piece. Love the colors you chose. Wishing you big bids!! Glad your hollyhocks lived too. Men and their toys, there is no stopping them lol.

  2. Sherry ~
    Very sweet punch needle piece!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Sherry! How absolutely THRILLING! I'm so delighted your hollyhocks survived and thrived. Hope springs eternal!


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