Monday, August 17, 2009


This is "PRISSY" she's listed on ebay right now. Lots & Lots of handstitchin' on this dolly!!!!!!

Well August 4th was my birthday. Contrary to what you may have seen or heard on the news that day,it was NOT his B-Day,It was MINE!!!!! Yup me and the Queen Mum's,the dead one. That's part of the reason that I've been called THE QUEEN since the early 90's when she died. I had to take over!!! And then it was a BIG co-inky-dink that people on my ebay groups started callin' me The Queen. I had never told them that I had been called The Queen for a long time before that. It started cause I was good at Bingo on the groups. And it has stuck. Sometimes I even get mail addressed to:The Queen from some of my internet buddies. Then there's some friends,I won't mention a name (lori brechlin)that sometimes calls me Her Hiney-ness!!!!

One week to the day after my B-day,August 11th was my son's B-day. Well,back when he turned 40 I told him to stop calling me mom and to think of me as his sister and call me by my name. Did he listen????? Do they listen when they're young????? Well I'm here to tell ya that they still don't listen as they get older either.

Having a birthday every year ain't all it's cracked up to be when ya get as old as me. I hear ya sayin', well it beats the alternative!!! But WAIT,it's been said that these are supposed to be "The Golden Years". Well I'm here to tell ya that it's BS at least in my case. And I've heard others say the same thing. So whoever "They" is that said that,LIED!!!!!

The Eternal Optimist that I've always been has worn VERY thin and I've been wondering when "Happy Feet" for Sherry aka: The Queen is gonna come. And yet that optimism somehow stays there that MY day is gonna come!!!!

So I guess in the meantime I'll keep laughin' & workin' & prayin' and SOMEDAY that day WILL come!!!!!

I wanted to tell ya about my cake. Never did get a pic of it like I planned to. But anyhoo,John had asked me the week before what I wanted for my B-day. Well I seldom get a B-day cake,so I said that I wanted a DQ Ice Cream cake. Well, he got one and yes it said Happy Birthday Queen on it. Apparently you're supposed to keep those cakes in the freezer. We don't have a seperate freezer,just the one that's at the bottom of the fridge and there was no room for it there. The cake was BIG!!! I put it in the fridge and ate my cake by spooning it into a bowl. It was still good!!!!!

Now ya see what happens when I don't post for awhile???? I end up goin' on & on!!!!
I wonder how many of you left half way through all this yada yada!!!!

Well,stuff to do so......

Sherry aka:The Queen.....OUT


  1. Sherry - Hope you had a wonderful celebration of the day you were born - Hey cake works no matter how you slop it up! Keep laughing!

  2. Thank You Joanne!!!
    Really no celebration except for sloppin' up my cake LOL!!!!!


  3. Queen Sherry ~
    Happy belated birthday!
    Pug hugs to you :)

  4. Well Happy Belated Birthday! I too had a birthday last Sat. Turned 50!


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