Sunday, March 15, 2015


I hooked this rug from a needle punch pattern by Goos Nest
It's approx. 16" X 20 1/2". Great on a table,hanging on the wall or an old cupboard. I have an antique Stickley rocker and it looks great on the seat.

Chalkware Rabbit Rug
$149.00 + Shipping

As I've  written here many times before,Hit or Miss is my favorite style to hook
When I designed this rug my thoughts were that on most hooked rugs you wouldn't want to set anything on them because you'd be covering up the design. Not with this rug!!!

See how neat it looks with my pineapple sitting on it!!??
I think it kinda reminds me of a flower. Sure is a ton of hand stitching to do those penny tongues!!! 1st I cut a batch,then I button hole stitch around them then stitch them to the back of the rug. I used a vintage cream wool that has texture to it for the tongues & cream floss. I hand sewed a light plaid vintage wool on the back.
I think I could do the hooking part for 3 of these rugs faster than it takes me to do all the penny tongues lol!!!!
It's approx. 15 1/2" X 17 1/2"
$149.00 + Shipping

For this rug I adapted a little doodle drawing by Robin of Bird In The Hand Primitives
I used many shades of dark wools for the background.

It's approx. 13 1/2" X 15 1/2"
$149.00 + Shipping
I'd be happy to send you more pictures if you like!!!
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