Thursday, January 29, 2009


My friend Jackie is having a GREAT giveaway on her blog!!!!! Jackie is T.F.C FOLK ART with all those great patterns!!!

Hurry over to her blog & sign up!!!!!

Just click on Derek & Jackie Schmidt over there on your right under my blog list & you'll get there.

Sherry Out!!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

COOL CAT on eBAY!!!!!

I just listed this needle punch cat on eBay. It's a pattern by Ginger,Primitives By The Light of The Moon. Added my own touches on him. Really neat to hang or to tuck in a cupboard.
Yesterday I listed a hooked make-do. It's a star covered in antique buttons. Whether your decor is primitive,cottage or whatever this hand hooked make-do will fit right in!!!!! I sure hope you'll take a look at these items & some others I have listed right now. Just click on that little eBay thingy on your right.

Well,it's time for me to get dressed,eat lunch & take my nap!!!!!

Sherry Out

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 NEW Sweeties ON Ebay!!!!!

Aren't these so primitively cool??????
These patterns are from my friend Lottie (thanks Lottie!!)

I REALLY love the doll!!!!!! So guess what I named her???? "LOVEY" Real original huh????
If you'd like to go see them you can click on the eBay button there on your right.

No I haven't counted up all the stuff around me that needs finishing,BUT I can tell you that right in front of me,on my footstool there's 8 items waiting their turn. Since I need to keep my legs up,there's always just enough room to put my feet. Good thing it's a good size,cause it's ALWAYS full of "STUFF"!!!!!!!
Maybe next time I'll count up all the other things in my immediate vicinity waiting their turn to be finished. I just can't help it that I think up more things to make faster than I can finish them.
If something pops into my head to make,I just HAVE to make it!!!!! That's how I've always worked & in this case ya can't teach this old dog a new trick!!!!!

Sherry Out!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is FANCEY. She's a hooked bunny that I designed years ago & only did one other in white wool,way back when.
She's a must have sweetie!!!!! Too bad I can't take a decent picture to save my life!! Maybe someday I should read the directions that came with the camera LOL no time for that!!!!!

FANCEY's on eBay right now,along with some of my other original designs. If you'd like to take a look,you can click on the eBay button over there on the right & it will take you to my auctions. THANKS in advance if ya take the trip over to look.

New Year's Day was also the upload for my Lemon Poppy Shoppe. I had put a really cool hit or miss hooked heart make-do on an antique bobbin up. Waiting for the money order for it. There's a couple other things too.

I was gonna yada yada about all the stuff I have waiting for the finishing work to be done,but then something else won't get finished. So MAYBE I'll write about that tomorrow or not.

Weather in Ohio: Snow & cold Well it is Ohio!!!!!

Sherry aka:The Queen OUT!!!!!!