Saturday, April 24, 2010


John's coming home. He's been gone 5 weeks. Earlier in the week I managed to line up a hospital bed for him. It's from the same place that provides his oxygen tanks. They were bringing it yesterday between 1:30 - 1:45. This would work out great cause Mary Jo was getting food & stuff for him at WalMart and then she'd be here to make up the bed. Well he showed up on time,and got the bed set up. Then he said I'll show you how it works. Well,guess what,it wouldn't work. While he was calling the company Mary Jo showed up with the food & special sheets for the bed. So then the guy ends up telling me that it's broke and they have to bring out a new part between 8 & 9 last nite (Friday)Oh GREAT!!!!! Mary Jo had to get home for the kids,I layed down after 4 and the guy showed up at 5 to fix the bed. I layed down again,tired & hurtin' and in between phone calls from son Mike & John,I didn't get up till after 8.

These heave been 4 percocet days instead of 3 and they haven't been doing too great a job on the pain.

Also last saturday a guy called and said that he wanted to help us do a short sale on our house. I said,how do you know about our house situation, and he said,the court records are open to the public. I said,wait a minute we haven't heard or received a thing from our mortgage co.!!!!!! Well apparently they filed foreclosure on us March 20th and we NEVER heard or received a thing about it. From what I understand you're at least supposed to receive papers BEFORE they file to tell you and also have a paper to fill out the reasons for not making the house payment. Nothing We got Nothing!!!! Then this past Tuesday I had to sign for 2 (one for each of us) very thick envelopes that came certified. They're foreclosure papers. The very next day late in the afternoon,an officer of the court came to the door. He had a badge hanging around his neck. I had to sign the very same papers that I got the day before.

Guess besides trying to take care of John I'm going to have to try to find a place to live.
I'm STILL going to be doing my work though. I have NP's ready for finishing & rugs I'd like to draw up. I guess I'm going to have to cook though. I can't stand very long so I haven't been eating too well. Sandwich for lunch and maybe a bowl of cereal for supper or a pudding cup. Real nutricious huh LOL??????

A nurse will come tomorrow to check John's Coumadin level. Twice a week a physical therapist will come.

Let the fun begin!!!!!! I swear we could be on a Reality TV Show LOL!!!!!!

Sherry.....Pooped,Hurtin' & Out

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This was Sunday when John 1st got home. I told Sissy that Mike was bring Dad home. I told her a few minutes to early cause she went to the front door to sit & wait. Every so often she'd hear a car and go to the window by the side of the door & stand up & look out. I'd have to tell not yet,LOL. When he did come in,I thought that little tale would wag off her butt!!!!

Basically the visit made me very sad. He ate a sub that he sent Mike out for. He went to his puter to check the bank statement. I went in there & checked on him,he was shaking & looked bad. He took a nap and when he got up he asked me to call Mike & tell him that he wanted to be back there about 3:30. He was way to tired and just wanted to go back there to bed.
When he left I called Mary Jo and cried. I've spent my life being an overly optimistic person, BUT I have a lot of common sense. I think he's about as good as he's going to get. He can barely get around with the walker. Mike & Joyce had to really help him get up & down the 2 steps to the front door. Yesterday the Dr. in charge of the rehab place pretty much told him the same thing about how much more progress he can make. John told me that he'd at least like to get to the point that he could drive the van at least to go to a drive thru place. There's NO WAY he could drive now. So great,that makes 2 of us!!!!!! Wonder if Sissy has any driving skills???? Naw I don't think those short little legs will reach the pedals!!!!!!

To leave all this on good note. I got to leave the house yesterday!!!!!! Mary Jo took me to get my hair cut. First time since October!!!! I loved it!!!! I didn't want it so short as she did it the last time. I thought I looked GOOOOD LOL!!!!!! Then we went Michael's to get floss. I promised her that she wouldn't have to get my Zoom Zoom out. We were gonna go to Joann's but I know that they don't have any handicap carts. Michael's at least has a wheelchair that she could push me in. I was hurtin' and tired but it was very nice. And boy did I get a ton of floss!!!! AND I saw this magnifier thingy that hangs from your neck. Thought maybe if I used that I'd actually be able to SEE my X stitch!!!! But I didn't get it. UNTIL I found out at the check out that they take Joann's coupons and I had a 50% off one,so Mary jo went back & got the magnifier!!!!

Well, I guess I've filled ya all in on all the stuff,just hope I haven't bored you all silly!!!!!


Sunday, April 11, 2010


I listed one of my "Little Rugs" on ebay last nite. The flowers are quilled. Each of them with 2 different textured wools. Geeze, I seem to be getting slower and slower with my work. Comes with age???????

John's coming home today for a visit. Mike's gonna pick him up about 10. I guess I'm a little nervous about it. I don't really know how much he's able to do now. I know he's anxious to come home.I just hope that it doesn't make it harder for him to go back. It's been almost 3 weeks now that he's been in the hospital & rehab.
I bet Sissy's really gonna be confused,when he comes home and then leaves again!!!!

I'm sure everything will be fine,just different.
I might try needle punch again today. Haven't been doing it,because my hand has been betraying me by jumping all over. It has a mind of it's own!!! Gonna have to show it who's boss!!!!

Have a nice sunny Sunday!!!!


Friday, April 9, 2010


I sure hope I got this stuff in the right order with the pictures!!!!!
So this is the rug that I said I had been working on. It's listed on ebay right now along with a couple other things.
I hope to finish one of my little rugs today and get it listed!!!


Well John's all settled in at the rehab place after our son & his wife & a nurse talked him into it. When he was asked who was going to take care of him at home,he said ,his wife. That's pretty funny!!!! John says he had a brain fart,that's why he said that. Mike told them that it would be impossible for me to take care of him. I said that I'd do whatever I had to,but I told the charge nurse that she'd probably end up with 2 people back in the hospital!!!!!! Notice the yellow band on his wrist that says fall risk????? I need one of those myself after 2 near misses and one complete fall last week LOL!!!!! Imagine me trying to lift him up,FUNNY
An ambulance took him to Life Care on monday. Tuesday Mary Jo took me cause he need clothes and stuff. And that's Sissy, our tiny yorshireterrorist with John. She didn't know what to make of the whole thing,she was upset. Yorkies do not like change and this bed was not the one she's usually in with him. I was sitting on my Zoom Zoom next to the bed and she jumped off the bed on to my lap!!! Isn't it neat that you're allowed to bring dogs there???? John said that evening there was a bunch of them walking around.
John gets to come home on Sunday for a visit. They don't do PT or anything on Sundays so family can come and take the patient out. BUT ya gotta come back that day or it screws up the insurance!!!! I guess he's gonna be there for 3 weeks. Some of the Firemen have said,WOW how does he make it to keep coming back all these times when you think he won't. He's a stubborn Pollack?????

Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday when my son Mike and his wife Joyce were on their way to my house to pick up an oxygen tank for John to come home with,Mike called me and said Dad can't come home,you can't take care of him. I told him that I had done everything I could and he's discharged. When they got to my house,Mike started again. He said what are you going to do,you just can't take care of him,you're not even cooking meals for yourself. I burst into tears and said I know I can't take care of him,but nobody seems to care,I've done everything I can, just go get him and I'll do what I have to do.
Well when they got to the hospital Mike called me and he was pissed to say the least. He said now I'm gonna put my foot down and tell them and Dad that he's not well enough to come home. When they got there and saw that there was 2 nurses putting him on the potty next to his bed,that was it. He's not even strong enough to go to the bathroom on his own,how was I gonna manage it.
They asked John who was gonna take care of him at home and he said his wife. He didn't tell them, that I take 3 percocet a day,just to function,without the pain being as bad and that I'm not able to drive anymore. Mike talked to the charge nurse. She showed him on the chart that he had refused going to rehab. And this thing he told me about the lung Dr. saying that if he couldn't make it at home all he had to do was call and the rehab place would come pick him up. Well,it's not like that. He would have to be readmitted to the hospital for 3 days evaluation and then they could send him to rehab.
The charge nurse and I had a good talk. I told her what was wrong with me and she said no way could I manage to take care of him. I said, well ya know how us women are we'll do what we have to,but ya could end up with 2 people back to the hospital. She kindly said to me,I'm just wondering,whose taking care of you??? I told her me. She said well I'm going to talk to the Drs. and social workers.
When John called a little bit ago,our family Dr. had come to see him and told him that he made the right choice to go to rehab. He also said that there would be some people to help us with things,like changing beds,etc. but you'll have to pay them.
The charge nurse said she was going to tell our Dr. to call me this a.m.but so far he hasn't.
This all boils down to that John will be taken to rehab today. It's a very nice place. Some elderly people choose to live there in small apartments,but it's VERY expensive.
John knows now what he did was wrong,says he musta had a brain fart!!!! He knows that he has to be in rehab cause he's still too weak to do anything for himself.

It'll be the best thing for him right now.

PS: Didn't get my rug finished yesterday,pulled a few worms,but just didn't feel up to it. But I'm gonna DO IT today!!!!!

Sherry......OUT and a bit calmer than yesterday!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I truly do wish that for all of you!!!!

There was a time that I cooked a huge meal for everybody for every holiday.

Today I will become a caretaker. In their infinate wisdom the Dr.'s have decided to send John home.

A catch up of the week:
Last Sunday they were talking about moving him out of ICU to a regular floor.
Then in the wee hours of Tuesday morning,everybody came running into his room. He was asleep,but at the nurses station,monitors showed that his heart was going wacky. It would hit 140 then drop to 50. The meds they were pushing didn't work. A heart Dr. was called in. He decided to do a very dangerous procedure. It's called
a Transesophageal Echo Cardiogram. They put him in a twilight sleep,numb the throat and go down his throat to look at the heart for blood clots,which the Dr. felt wouldn't be the problem cause he's been on Coumadin for the past year. Once he could see the heart,there were no clots so he knew he had to do a Cardivert. You've all seen people have there hearts zapped with paddles on TV,I'm sure. Well in this procedure they do it from the inside,right on the heart. To do this they had to put John under General anethesia,which ya don't do to a person with Johns lungs. The heart Dr. came out for a minute to tell me what they had to do.He wanted to get right back to John,cause he & the lung Dr. were watching him very closely for him to wake up otherwise they'd have to put him on the respirator again to breath for him.

Well luckily John did wake up and zapping his heart had converted it to normal rythm.
This can happen again. John has NEVER had heart problems,his heart was very strong. But they told me with his lungs this sometimes happens.

So Thursday nite they moved him out of ICU to the lung floor. Now they say he can come home today.

A few things that have been going on:
To get him up to walk,it takes 2 people & a wheelchair. I know how this is done. John holds on to the back of the wheelchair,the oxygen tank goes on the seat of the wheelchair and the 2 people hold John up.
Also they still have to bathe him cause he's so weak.
He's lost over 40 lbs. since he's been there.
Also,I was not aware and I don't know why not,that he's been on Insulin since he's been there for medical diabetes. That happened last year too. Don't know if he'll still have that at home or not.
But despite all that they're sending him home today,for me and me alone to take care of him.

Did I say we need help???? Yes I did. Asked our family Dr. about us getting help from hospice for both of us.He said did you talk to the lung Dr.???? I said no,I'm talking to you. Next I talked to his ICU nurse about the situation here. She said I'm going to get a Social worker for you. The Social Worker did call me,but it was too early to make any plans. John's lung Dr. did tell him that if he has a problem at home that he's gotten approval from the insurance co. and that he's approved to go to this rehab place. All he has to do is call & they'll come pick him up.

Don't understand why the Drs. couldn't talk to me. They know I'm sick,take Percocet all day to tolerate the pain. I don't even cook for myself,I just maybe eat a sandwich for lunch & some cereal or ice cream and a banana at nite.

I'm sorry if I sound like a beeotch of a wife,but I don't even do that great of a job taking care of myself. I fell the other nite,on the way to a bathroom trip. Hit my back & my jaw & ear on the corner of the wood table. Luckily there was a couple big decorative pillows that go on the floor at nite that I used to help me get up.

Sorry,I guess this isn't a very nice Easter post. I am still working though!!!! Gotta keep stuff on eBay!!!! I have a rug that I've been working on since John went to the hospital. I was hoping to finish it today & list it,but I got a lot to do around here,like clean up some messes in the kitchen, FOOEY!!!!!
Rather hook,stitch,punch, ANYTHING but that LOL!!!!!!

I'll post a picture of the rug when I get it done. There's samplers too!!!!!

I apologize if I bummed anybody out with this post.

Have a wonderful Easter Day!!!!