Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday when my son Mike and his wife Joyce were on their way to my house to pick up an oxygen tank for John to come home with,Mike called me and said Dad can't come home,you can't take care of him. I told him that I had done everything I could and he's discharged. When they got to my house,Mike started again. He said what are you going to do,you just can't take care of him,you're not even cooking meals for yourself. I burst into tears and said I know I can't take care of him,but nobody seems to care,I've done everything I can, just go get him and I'll do what I have to do.
Well when they got to the hospital Mike called me and he was pissed to say the least. He said now I'm gonna put my foot down and tell them and Dad that he's not well enough to come home. When they got there and saw that there was 2 nurses putting him on the potty next to his bed,that was it. He's not even strong enough to go to the bathroom on his own,how was I gonna manage it.
They asked John who was gonna take care of him at home and he said his wife. He didn't tell them, that I take 3 percocet a day,just to function,without the pain being as bad and that I'm not able to drive anymore. Mike talked to the charge nurse. She showed him on the chart that he had refused going to rehab. And this thing he told me about the lung Dr. saying that if he couldn't make it at home all he had to do was call and the rehab place would come pick him up. Well,it's not like that. He would have to be readmitted to the hospital for 3 days evaluation and then they could send him to rehab.
The charge nurse and I had a good talk. I told her what was wrong with me and she said no way could I manage to take care of him. I said, well ya know how us women are we'll do what we have to,but ya could end up with 2 people back to the hospital. She kindly said to me,I'm just wondering,whose taking care of you??? I told her me. She said well I'm going to talk to the Drs. and social workers.
When John called a little bit ago,our family Dr. had come to see him and told him that he made the right choice to go to rehab. He also said that there would be some people to help us with things,like changing beds,etc. but you'll have to pay them.
The charge nurse said she was going to tell our Dr. to call me this a.m.but so far he hasn't.
This all boils down to that John will be taken to rehab today. It's a very nice place. Some elderly people choose to live there in small apartments,but it's VERY expensive.
John knows now what he did was wrong,says he musta had a brain fart!!!! He knows that he has to be in rehab cause he's still too weak to do anything for himself.

It'll be the best thing for him right now.

PS: Didn't get my rug finished yesterday,pulled a few worms,but just didn't feel up to it. But I'm gonna DO IT today!!!!!

Sherry......OUT and a bit calmer than yesterday!!!!

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  1. Hi Sherry, sounds like you have your hands full. You both will be in my thought and prayers...just wished we lived closer! God Bless you both..(millstonemercantile)


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