Sunday, April 4, 2010


I truly do wish that for all of you!!!!

There was a time that I cooked a huge meal for everybody for every holiday.

Today I will become a caretaker. In their infinate wisdom the Dr.'s have decided to send John home.

A catch up of the week:
Last Sunday they were talking about moving him out of ICU to a regular floor.
Then in the wee hours of Tuesday morning,everybody came running into his room. He was asleep,but at the nurses station,monitors showed that his heart was going wacky. It would hit 140 then drop to 50. The meds they were pushing didn't work. A heart Dr. was called in. He decided to do a very dangerous procedure. It's called
a Transesophageal Echo Cardiogram. They put him in a twilight sleep,numb the throat and go down his throat to look at the heart for blood clots,which the Dr. felt wouldn't be the problem cause he's been on Coumadin for the past year. Once he could see the heart,there were no clots so he knew he had to do a Cardivert. You've all seen people have there hearts zapped with paddles on TV,I'm sure. Well in this procedure they do it from the inside,right on the heart. To do this they had to put John under General anethesia,which ya don't do to a person with Johns lungs. The heart Dr. came out for a minute to tell me what they had to do.He wanted to get right back to John,cause he & the lung Dr. were watching him very closely for him to wake up otherwise they'd have to put him on the respirator again to breath for him.

Well luckily John did wake up and zapping his heart had converted it to normal rythm.
This can happen again. John has NEVER had heart problems,his heart was very strong. But they told me with his lungs this sometimes happens.

So Thursday nite they moved him out of ICU to the lung floor. Now they say he can come home today.

A few things that have been going on:
To get him up to walk,it takes 2 people & a wheelchair. I know how this is done. John holds on to the back of the wheelchair,the oxygen tank goes on the seat of the wheelchair and the 2 people hold John up.
Also they still have to bathe him cause he's so weak.
He's lost over 40 lbs. since he's been there.
Also,I was not aware and I don't know why not,that he's been on Insulin since he's been there for medical diabetes. That happened last year too. Don't know if he'll still have that at home or not.
But despite all that they're sending him home today,for me and me alone to take care of him.

Did I say we need help???? Yes I did. Asked our family Dr. about us getting help from hospice for both of us.He said did you talk to the lung Dr.???? I said no,I'm talking to you. Next I talked to his ICU nurse about the situation here. She said I'm going to get a Social worker for you. The Social Worker did call me,but it was too early to make any plans. John's lung Dr. did tell him that if he has a problem at home that he's gotten approval from the insurance co. and that he's approved to go to this rehab place. All he has to do is call & they'll come pick him up.

Don't understand why the Drs. couldn't talk to me. They know I'm sick,take Percocet all day to tolerate the pain. I don't even cook for myself,I just maybe eat a sandwich for lunch & some cereal or ice cream and a banana at nite.

I'm sorry if I sound like a beeotch of a wife,but I don't even do that great of a job taking care of myself. I fell the other nite,on the way to a bathroom trip. Hit my back & my jaw & ear on the corner of the wood table. Luckily there was a couple big decorative pillows that go on the floor at nite that I used to help me get up.

Sorry,I guess this isn't a very nice Easter post. I am still working though!!!! Gotta keep stuff on eBay!!!! I have a rug that I've been working on since John went to the hospital. I was hoping to finish it today & list it,but I got a lot to do around here,like clean up some messes in the kitchen, FOOEY!!!!!
Rather hook,stitch,punch, ANYTHING but that LOL!!!!!!

I'll post a picture of the rug when I get it done. There's samplers too!!!!!

I apologize if I bummed anybody out with this post.

Have a wonderful Easter Day!!!!



  1. I'm praying for you and John and hoping you can somehow manage. Happy Easter my friend.

  2. I second what Lori said - Wish I lived closer to help out some - You take and hope you get the help you need.

  3. Sherry ~
    Good luck getting the help you need! God knows you deserve it.


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