Friday, February 27, 2009


I managed to get my Lemon Poppy Shoppe loaded up. Such a good feeling when that job gets done early!!!!! Hopr you'll take a look by clicking on the link on your left.

Well back to hooking my latest design. Obviously I can't do any machine sewing.

Hope to have this new rug listed on eBay sometime tomorrow.

Boy eBay sure needs a kick in the butt to get some selling goin' on,doesn't it????

Well, I don't give up!!!!!



My WONDERFUL sewing machine is broken. I'm barely able to post about this,I'm so sad.
She's a Viking 980 & I've loved her for I dunno,maybe 20, 25 years or so,can't remember. Seems that she's ALWAYS been a part of my life. She's ALWAYS been so good to me,even through all the use & abuse I've put her through. I even brought her with me everywhere I travelled to do shows,just in case I might sew something,(never did),but I couldn't leave her home.

My Viking 980 was THE BESTEST sewing machine in the whole world!!!!!

In all these years I have NEVER done a thing to it,except change thread,wind bobbins,change the needle,and even THAT wasn't done as often as it should have been. I have an old mascara brush that I'd use to get the lint out once in awhile.

Never changed the tension,it was always perfect. NEVER oiled it,because you weren't supposed to,no need for it. NEVER been serviced at all.

Now, you may be saying,well for pete sake get it fixed Sherry!!!!!
Not that simple. When I called a place yesterday I was told that if it needs a part, they are no longer available for the 900 series. And that it would cost $79.95 to get it serviced. If it needs a part it wouldn't be available & the guy might only charge me $20 to tell me he can't fix it. OF COURSE I have to find out!!!!!

I feel like my left arm is missing,cause I'm right handed. But that's how much a part of me this machine has been for decades.
Also I know that I will never be able to afford a machine like her again.

Well I'm unable to bear typing about her anymore, so.....


Saturday, February 21, 2009

HIT or Miss Hooked Rug

I love hooking hit or miss style!!!! I think it's my favorite way to hook. BUT I am very fussy about the way I do it (as with everything I do LOL) I don't want a worm of the same color to be close to another worm of that color. If it is,well then it's reverse hooking time!!!! These rugs that I do are so cool because no matter what your favorite color is,it's probably there!!!! Great to hang or use as a little table rug. It's listed on ebay right now. I also listed my hooked crow make-do with a mustard star hanging from his beak. I hope you'll take a look at these items and others,by clicking on that little ebay thingy on your right!!!! Iffin' ya do I Thank You ♥

Speaking of favorite colors,I think mine is red. BUT that's always subject to change,cause I love all colors. It kinda depends on what the item is,but red usually draws me in. BUT then there's also yellow!!!!! I can say though that I'm really NOT a blue person. Oh I just love color!!!! Being a Leo (August B-Day) I'm probably most drawn to warm colors AND drab colors. Oh geeze I just love color!!!!!

Well,time to finish my puter rounds and get to work!!!! No rest for the weary ya know!!!!

Sherry OUT

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Isn't she neat???? AND she's reversible!!!! So if you set her on a table as a center piece she'll look the same from either side,just a different look of the antique quilt. I handstitched her. That meant stitching through 6 layers,cause I mostly keep my antique cutter quilts as is when I make something from them. That means the quilt top,the old cotton seed batting & the backing.

Oh I'm so lucky that I that I collected & searched out all these antique quilts,buttons,laces,linens,etc.,etc.,from antique flea markets,shows & stores!!!!!
I just don't get out anymore & definately not to all those places like I used to. So all this "stuff" is here,ready to create with!!!! The problem is,there's just really no room for it all in this little house,so it's all over the place. And I won't even talk about my wool!!!! Every precious piece,no matter how small,I just CANNOT get myself to throw it out. BUT I do use it for stuffing stuff!!!
Moral of the story: DON'T move to a smaller house if ya got lotsa "stuff" like I do!!

If you'd like to take another look at my rabbit you can just click on the link over there on your right.
Ohio weather report: SNOWING!!!!

Sherry OUT

Sunday, February 1, 2009

TIS FEBUARY 1,2009!!!!!

And I have my Poppy Shoppe loaded up!!!!!!
Actually I did it a few days ago & added 2 more items after my nap yesterday.

I am shocked & amazed!!!!! I was EARLY with the upload this time. GOOD FEELING to have gotten it taken care of early!!!! Seldom happens cause I'm always so busy makin' more stuff.

I've been so busy stitchin' a model for my dear friend Lori's (notforgotten farm)newest batch of patterns. I MUST finish it TODAY!!!!! Get it sent tomorrow & THEN you will soon see it!!!!!
A little hint of what the sampler is:A species of animal that is known to hop & no it's not a kangaroo!!!!!!
Speaking of hopping,I better get hopping to get it finished TODAY!!!!!

Oh, iffin' ya got a minute or 2 I'd sure appreciate it if ya clicked on my Lemon Poppy Shoppe banner over there on your right & took a look.

I also have 3 great blue hooked farmhouse eggs in an antique wire basket listed on ebay right now.
Thank You!!!!!

Sherry OUT