Saturday, February 21, 2009

HIT or Miss Hooked Rug

I love hooking hit or miss style!!!! I think it's my favorite way to hook. BUT I am very fussy about the way I do it (as with everything I do LOL) I don't want a worm of the same color to be close to another worm of that color. If it is,well then it's reverse hooking time!!!! These rugs that I do are so cool because no matter what your favorite color is,it's probably there!!!! Great to hang or use as a little table rug. It's listed on ebay right now. I also listed my hooked crow make-do with a mustard star hanging from his beak. I hope you'll take a look at these items and others,by clicking on that little ebay thingy on your right!!!! Iffin' ya do I Thank You ♥

Speaking of favorite colors,I think mine is red. BUT that's always subject to change,cause I love all colors. It kinda depends on what the item is,but red usually draws me in. BUT then there's also yellow!!!!! I can say though that I'm really NOT a blue person. Oh I just love color!!!! Being a Leo (August B-Day) I'm probably most drawn to warm colors AND drab colors. Oh geeze I just love color!!!!!

Well,time to finish my puter rounds and get to work!!!! No rest for the weary ya know!!!!

Sherry OUT

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  1. I don't do rug hooking, but I gotta try it. You do great work. I am an August gal also.


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