Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well I thought I'd take a minute and show you what I'm workin' on now. This one went on the frame Sunday nite after the Heart 'N Hand one came off and got listed on ebay. Well,not immediately!! There was a couple hours or so getting it resized,which I messed up a couple of times and wasted LOTS of ink and paper,and getting it on red dot and THEN on the backing. It's a needle punch pattern by Brenda Gervais.
Tuesday I had to put it aside and tell myself not to touch it till I got other stuff done. So I was a good girl and got the binding on another rug and my name tags on it and a hooked hanging heart and all packed up to go out to the lady that won them. That worked out perfectly cause I had the box out there to be picked up and received the money order for them at the same time,YEAH!!! Then I sewed and stuffed the hooked bowl filler hearts and got them listed on ebay. Didn't even take my nap!!! THEN that nite I could finally get back to my hooking!!! But then I didn't want to stop hooking and was up till 12:30,when myself said,you better stop hooking and get to bed!!!!
I'm also showing you a pic of the hearts that are on ebay right now. Once again I'm not happy with the pictures!!!
That rug is calling my name,getting louder and louder...hook me hook me HOOK ME!!!!
So till next time....

Sunday, January 23, 2011


So ater I finished the Folk Hearts rug, I immediately drew this one and started hookin'!!!! I just pulled the last loop this morning,got it steamed photographed and listed on ebay. If only the colors would show up better. The hand and the half circles around the rug look white and they're SO NOT white. The half circles are kinda a tan and cream plaid and the hand is a different tan and cream plaid with flecks of gold. I'm definately NOT a photographer!!! But wools just don't take good pictures. Even on line they look so different when you're buying them and SO much better when you get them. I got my wool samples from Betsy yesterday and now that I've actually seen the samples and the way some that I had considered but decided against look in person,I really want them now.
I re-sized another needle punch pattern today that I have to put on red dot so I can start hookin'!! I also FINALLY steamed a set of hooked heart bowl fillers and started to sew the backing on. BUT I probably will stop with the hearts and get this other rug drawn up. I just HAVE to have something on the frame!! But I didn't take my nap today and I'm feelin' tired. Wish there were two of me ,the other one healty LOL, cause there's always so many things that I want to make and often when I'm working on one thing I'm thinking up another!!!
BTW I got the nicest email from Marge,the lady that asked me to design a rug for her and Folk Hearts is hers. She LOVE LOVE LOVES it,it's her and just the write colors,THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! And there were a few other things in the email too,made me get all teary,I'm such a moosh!!! What a GREAT feeling to literally put your heart into something and know how happy it made her to have it!!!
Well the more I type the more tired I get!!! SO.....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This is where I've been all this time that I haven't posted,working on this rug!!!
I got an email from a lady who had won one of my hooked penny candle mats and she asked if I take orders. Once in a great while I do,but if I do I become obcessed with getting it done and can't do anything else. She said she wanted a rug with hearts on it and to not stress myself out about it,if she didn't have it for this Valentine's,God willing she'd have it for next.
I had a few things on my frame,hearts and such,so I finished up the last heart,got my backing out,my fiberglass cutting board that I put on my lap when I draw a rug,and a bunch of my hearts that I cut out of mylar and just started drawing. Completely freehand and no measuring,just eyeballing it. Then I immediately started to hook!!! I wanted to use different reds in the bigger hearts,so there's prolly about 9 or 10,I don't know,I lost count LOL!!! So I hooked and hooked and this past saturday I finished!!! I can't stand very long,so I didn't steam it till Monday and that's when it made it's debut. There was never a size or price agreed upon,she just told me,whatever I thought. When I sent here the pictures and price Monday nite,I held my breath waiting to here back from her.Well it didn't take very long for her to write back and say that she totally loved it. YEAH!!!! I'm still binding it,but I have the 1st go around done,so I'll finish the last today. I also have to bind another rug that just sold on ebay and there's a rug on my frame that's been going well. And there's also the other hooked pieces that I put aside to do this rug,except for one heart that I finished sewing and sold on ebay last nite.
So that's why I haven't been here lately,it's been hook,hook,hook except for sleeping (that afternoon nap I'm supposed to take)and the occasional eating!!!
Hope to be back soon!!! Till then...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well at least on my hooking LOL!!!!! Shoot,why am I laughing??? Oh well,anyhoo I thought I'd post some pictures of things I've hooked lately and put on ebay.As always if you'd like a better look you can click on my ebay button over there on the right and I thank you.
I thought that this past Monday that finally the world was gonna get back to pre Holiday mode,wrong again!!!
All day Monday I kept thinkin' yeah,House will be on tonite!!!! I listed one of my hooked heart make-dos. The other one was ready to list too,but I was feeling kinda tired and it was almost time for House,so I decided to quit and list the other one Tuesday. OK 8:00 YEAH time for House!!! NO NO NO it's a rerun!!!! How could they do that to me???? Don't they know that I have no life,SHOOT!!!!! Also on New Year's day I thought,well at least Oprha's new OWN network was starting and I could see some new shows there!!! Well,WRONG again!!! I gotta stop thinking!!! So far she's just been re-running the same show over and over. It was OK to watch it ONCE,but NOT over and over and over.....

Also lately I've gotten many new followers!!!! I'm so HAPPY about that!!! I'm actually pretty boring,considering that I very seldom can get out of the house. Hells bells I haven't been out since my wonderful trip to the Simple Goods show and that was way back in the beginning of November!!! Now I can say last year!!!
Well anyhoo to ALL my followers New and Old THANK YOU THANK YOU you warm my heart and I sure do appreciate you all!!!!