Monday, May 28, 2012

Just Finished!!!

Another Lavender Ladye Hang It, but this one's a little black girl!!! Isn't she cute??? She has little antique button eyes and a little stitched mouth. Her pretty little wool skirt is a soft hand dyed sage. She's also filled with crushed walnut shells and sweet smelling lavender. I used antique lace for the hanger pinned on with rusty safety pins so you can adjust the length if you need to. And of course like the other one (that's white) she was inspired by my friend Lori,Notforgotten Farm's pattern. Forgot to say that she also had a bath in walnut dye & spices.

Black Lavender Ladye Hang It is FOR SALE if you're interested!!! SOLD!!!! Thank You!!!

Been a kinda tough week-end, there's some tougher days ahead, but I'll make it through. Saturday I planted this little paper heart that had been put in the box I received from the funeral home that had the guest book & holy cards,etc in it. I didn't see it at 1st last summer when they gave it to me. The heart was on a little card that says, Plant this heart in your garden and wildflowers will blossom year after year in memory of your loved one. I tied 2 popsicle sticks together with hemp twine in the shape of a cross and I wrote on it with permanent marker, IN then I put a heart, MEMORY on the horizontal stick and then JOHN on the vertical stick. I sure hope the seeds in that little heart grow, since I didn't get it planted last summer. Because he went  to ICU the Saturday before Memorial Day,I felt it was the perfect day to plant it.
Hope you're all having a great long week-end!!!! It's stifling HOT here!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

LOTS To Say Today

I have a few things to talk about in order of importance.
1st I'd like to ask a favor. Please in your prayers would you add my friend Lori Rippey, (homespunquilts) and her husband Brian. It's a long story that started a month ago when Brian went to the hospital to get his back pain checked out. I'm making this story shorter,but the diagnosis didn't make sense to them or me,I do remember a little from my nursing days, and Brian still hadn't been feeling good. He drove himself to the hospital,I think it was Tuesday evening,because he wanted to get his heart checked out while it was doing what he had been experiencing. Well what has ended up is that this family has experienced a HUGE MIRACLE!!! Everything fell perfectly into place and he was life flighted to another hospital where there where Mayo Clinic Dr.'s awaiting his arrival to do emergency surgery that saved his life!!! Turns out that all this time he had a large anuerisym from his heart almost reaching to his lung. I prayed SO hard when Lori called to tell me he was in surgery,she had been keeping me informed. But from the beginning in my heart I KNEW he was going to be OK!!! He has a long road of recovery ahead, but he'll end up better than ever now because everything will be working right again. I'm encouraging Lori to do the best she can taking care of herself, because it's VERY hard on the people who aren't the patient too. I'm thankful for the great support she has there with her and that I can at the very least be here for her when she calls me.
Thank You Dear God!!!

2nd  I want to say Thank You to all who kindly commented about my visits from the finch!!! Comments mean SO much to me!!! Ater I wrote that post I didn't see him anymore,till yesterday when he came back 1 time and pecked harder than he ever had on the window!!!  THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!!

So 3rd. I guess you may have noticed the pictures I've been adding to this post LOL!!!!
This is, "Lavender Ladye Pinkeep". She's another wonderful pattern by my friend Lori Brechlin,Notforgotten Farm. I have coined a new word for these hangy things I make, "Hang Its" because you can hang them anywhere you want to.
Now about "Lavender Ladye" She's wearing a beautiful marbelized hand dyed skirt. I've handstitched her face and used teeny tiny black buttons that I sanded down. After I hand sewed a vintage wool backing I stuffed it with crushed walnut shells and of course sweet smelling dried lavender. To make it a "Hang It" I used antique lace pinned on the back with rusty safety pins,so that you can adjust the length if you'd like to. "
"Lavender Ladye" is 4 1/2" X 4 1/2" and 10" long with the antique lace hanger.
I'm asking $54.00 for "Lavender Ladye" with FREE shipping.

I'm working on a black "Lavender Ladye" now.

Again Thank You with all my heart,you WONDERFUL people out there,you are a bigger part of my life than you know!!!!!


Monday, May 21, 2012


Gone Again
Please don't think I've gone over the edge,although friends who know all that I've been going through may not be surprised if I finally have fallen off the edge. But I haven't,at least I "THINK" I haven't. So here's the story. I'm not sure when it was that this started happening,but I know I was talking on the phone to my friend,Lori Rippey when it happened the 1st time that this finch appeared. When he came back a little while later,I was able to walk right up to the window,kinda face to face and say Hi to him and some other stuff before he flew off. He's been coming back every day several times a day. He perches on the little ledge of the window,looks right at me and keeps tapping on the window. I'm in that room during the day,everyday working. As you can see this room is in the front of the house with a big window that I can look out and it's brighter than the living room which is in the center of the house with no view from the 1 window in there,so it's darker and I need my Ott light on to work in there. So I move back to the living room to work in the evening. But during the day I'm in that front room which was a bedroom that I made into my sitting/workroom. We moved here May 2,2011 and John went to the hospital Memorial Day week-end on Saturday,so for the short time he was here that was his room. I've never seen a finch behave this way,to sit there so long,tapping on the window,when I can go right up to it and talk to him and ask him to help me before he flies away,only to come back again several times while I'm in that room. So here comes the maybe crazy part or maybe the wishfull thinking part,could it be John. What do you think,am I finally losing it????? Sherry.....OUT

Friday, May 18, 2012


So it's the 3rd Friday in MAY and that means PRIMITIVE HANDMADES MERCANTILE has been updated with REALLY Cool stuff from VERY talented Artists!!!! I hope you'll run over there and take a look AND play the current game that's going on!!!! You have to check every Artist's page to get ALL the clues!!! Plus you gotta look cause you never know what you'll find there that your heart NEEDS!!! I worked hard all day yesterday finishing my items for the update. I had high hopes that I'd be able to get my page set up and not be up till 1 a.m. again. Well I had it done by 10 YEAH!!! BUT at 1st there were problems of course. I started hittin' some buttons and loading up Google Crome AGAIN. Then all of the sudden my page came up right and I was able to do it!!! HAPPY HAPPY!!! Till this A.M. I couldn't get on my own blog!!! I'm obviously on it now,but the page isn't right. That line at the top of where you post that has all the choices of things to do,like type size,pictures,color,etc doesn't show enough to use it. I KNOW it has something to do with that Google Chrome thingy,I just don't know what!!! I've taught myself a lot about this puter stuff,but it's a drop in the bucket compared to what I DON'T know. AND soon as I think that I'm doing something right "THEY" throw in something new that I can't quite figure out. Like this Google Chrome. I don't have a clue how to work it. I'm just glad that whatever I did with it last nite,I was able to get my page done. Well I'm gonna stop worrying about it (not) for today and get to work on more stuff!!! That's what my life has become. Everyday just work on making things and then every 3 or 4 weeks or so somebody takes me to the grocery store. BUT there's always phone calls from my Dear Friends that brighten my days!!! So till next time.... Sherry...OUT

Monday, May 14, 2012

Almost a New Post

OK It's been awhile since I posted, so I thought ok TODAY is the day for a new post!!!! WRONG!!! Blogger doesn't think so AGAIN I've loaded up the same picture 4 x's WHERE did they go??? I load it up, hit done,save it,preview it and nothing is there. So Blogger wins again!!! I'll try later. Sherry....OUT

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Early Works Mercantile Update Day

I just joined the talented artists on Early Works Mercantile and today is my 1st update!!! If you like to take a look just click on the banner over there on the right. My 1st rug listed,I call "Blackeyed Susans". It's from a pattern by Cathy,Orange Sink & Red House Wool Studio,named Flowers and Tongues. Cathy, I hope you don't mind that I changed the name for my rug. When you're pattern arrived I new I wanted to hook it for the EWM update,but I saw blackeyed susans while I was transferring your pattern to red dot. And so here they are!!! The spiral hit or miss rug is from the tutorial that Karen Kahle,Primitive Spirit so kindly gave us on her blog. You can go to her blog from my blog list over there on the right. Thank You Karen!!! Hit or miss style,as I've said often, is my favorite style to hook. I've hooked and sold uncountable hit or miss rugs over the years,but this one was a real challenge and took me quite some time to do. You really have to concentrate on keeping that curve,so I'd often be jumping back and forth on it. I FINALLY finished it last nite,steamed it,took pictures of it and then started working on my update. Well things DID NOT go well with that!!! At 1st I thought they did. I got everything done,clicked to save and then went to preview. There was NOTHING there of all the work I had just done!!!!! WHY????? I did this not once but FOUR TIMES!!!! It was almost midnight and I decided that's it,I can't do it. So I made a sandwich,took my Percocet and was DONE!!! Well aparently I'm not one to give up,so with a sandwich in my left hand,I put my right hand to work again,which was fine cuz I type with one finger anyway. FINALLY everything was on my blog!!!! At 12:30 I quit & went to bed. BUT can I say how much I hate this new blog set up!!!!!!!! 1st of all this box that you work in is covering everything above it. The area that all your functions that you want to use is. Like if I didn't already know where the block is to click to add pics,I wouldn't be able to do it. I can only see a smidgen of it,enough to put my browser on to get pictures,but I can't see anything else. AND I have this ad at the top that says my browser is no longer supported by Blogger. They want you to use Google Chrome. So last nite in total frustration I clicked on it and uploaded Google Chrome. Well guess what??? Google Chrome is now on my puter BUT not one thing has changed. I dunno I guess the older ya get the less you like change especially if your feeling is, if it ain';t broke DON'T fix it. Well the important thing is that my page is uploaded on EWM and I hope you'll take a look at it AND the wonderful offerings of the other 1st of the month artists!!! Sherry.....OUT