Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Early Works Mercantile Update Day

I just joined the talented artists on Early Works Mercantile and today is my 1st update!!! If you like to take a look just click on the banner over there on the right. My 1st rug listed,I call "Blackeyed Susans". It's from a pattern by Cathy,Orange Sink & Red House Wool Studio,named Flowers and Tongues. Cathy, I hope you don't mind that I changed the name for my rug. When you're pattern arrived I new I wanted to hook it for the EWM update,but I saw blackeyed susans while I was transferring your pattern to red dot. And so here they are!!! The spiral hit or miss rug is from the tutorial that Karen Kahle,Primitive Spirit so kindly gave us on her blog. You can go to her blog from my blog list over there on the right. Thank You Karen!!! Hit or miss style,as I've said often, is my favorite style to hook. I've hooked and sold uncountable hit or miss rugs over the years,but this one was a real challenge and took me quite some time to do. You really have to concentrate on keeping that curve,so I'd often be jumping back and forth on it. I FINALLY finished it last nite,steamed it,took pictures of it and then started working on my update. Well things DID NOT go well with that!!! At 1st I thought they did. I got everything done,clicked to save and then went to preview. There was NOTHING there of all the work I had just done!!!!! WHY????? I did this not once but FOUR TIMES!!!! It was almost midnight and I decided that's it,I can't do it. So I made a sandwich,took my Percocet and was DONE!!! Well aparently I'm not one to give up,so with a sandwich in my left hand,I put my right hand to work again,which was fine cuz I type with one finger anyway. FINALLY everything was on my blog!!!! At 12:30 I quit & went to bed. BUT can I say how much I hate this new blog set up!!!!!!!! 1st of all this box that you work in is covering everything above it. The area that all your functions that you want to use is. Like if I didn't already know where the block is to click to add pics,I wouldn't be able to do it. I can only see a smidgen of it,enough to put my browser on to get pictures,but I can't see anything else. AND I have this ad at the top that says my browser is no longer supported by Blogger. They want you to use Google Chrome. So last nite in total frustration I clicked on it and uploaded Google Chrome. Well guess what??? Google Chrome is now on my puter BUT not one thing has changed. I dunno I guess the older ya get the less you like change especially if your feeling is, if it ain';t broke DON'T fix it. Well the important thing is that my page is uploaded on EWM and I hope you'll take a look at it AND the wonderful offerings of the other 1st of the month artists!!! Sherry.....OUT


  1. Sherry,
    Wow! I LOVE how you hooked the pattern! Black eyed susans are so happy! Your colors are wonderful and the background is fabulous!
    I love seeing all the different ways a person can hook this rug! Great job Sherry!!!
    Love the spiral rug too! I know so well the challenge you mentioned to keep the curve going at the right angle! But wasn't it fun to hook?! It's on my list to make another one!!!
    The computer challenges and changes are enough to make me scream also! Will it ever end? Probably not!
    Best wishes for successful selling and big hugs from WI!
    Cathy G

  2. Hi Sherry...great little rugs!!! You certainly have a great eye for color!! Good luck on your new selling site, I am sure your items will be snatched right up...I'll have to go and check it out!!

    Sorry about all of the problems you were having and losing all of your hard work. It happens to me all of the time and it makes me want to scream...it is so frustrating, but it's amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it...good for you to not give up!! :) Enjoy your day, Tina

  3. Welcome to the EWM gang! Your hit or miss rug is amazing! Don't know how you accomplished that but it turned out great. ~Roberta


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