Friday, May 18, 2012


So it's the 3rd Friday in MAY and that means PRIMITIVE HANDMADES MERCANTILE has been updated with REALLY Cool stuff from VERY talented Artists!!!! I hope you'll run over there and take a look AND play the current game that's going on!!!! You have to check every Artist's page to get ALL the clues!!! Plus you gotta look cause you never know what you'll find there that your heart NEEDS!!! I worked hard all day yesterday finishing my items for the update. I had high hopes that I'd be able to get my page set up and not be up till 1 a.m. again. Well I had it done by 10 YEAH!!! BUT at 1st there were problems of course. I started hittin' some buttons and loading up Google Crome AGAIN. Then all of the sudden my page came up right and I was able to do it!!! HAPPY HAPPY!!! Till this A.M. I couldn't get on my own blog!!! I'm obviously on it now,but the page isn't right. That line at the top of where you post that has all the choices of things to do,like type size,pictures,color,etc doesn't show enough to use it. I KNOW it has something to do with that Google Chrome thingy,I just don't know what!!! I've taught myself a lot about this puter stuff,but it's a drop in the bucket compared to what I DON'T know. AND soon as I think that I'm doing something right "THEY" throw in something new that I can't quite figure out. Like this Google Chrome. I don't have a clue how to work it. I'm just glad that whatever I did with it last nite,I was able to get my page done. Well I'm gonna stop worrying about it (not) for today and get to work on more stuff!!! That's what my life has become. Everyday just work on making things and then every 3 or 4 weeks or so somebody takes me to the grocery store. BUT there's always phone calls from my Dear Friends that brighten my days!!! So till next time.... Sherry...OUT


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