Tuesday, December 23, 2008


OK I'm sure the food is bought & the menu is planned,but I just had to give you this receipe. Maybe you'll find it irresitible & run out to get the stuff to make it!!!!!

I double this receipe & use a 9 X 13 glass pan.

3 3/4 cups (6 oz) (I use the 12 oz bag) LIGHT 'n FLUFFY medium Egg Noodles,uncooked
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter or margarine, softened
1 1/2 cups Ricotta cheese
1/2 dairy sour cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt
3 eggs
1/2 cup raisins

Heat oven to 350 Grease 8 X 8 glass baking dish.
Cook noodles according to pkg directions, drain.
In large bowl, stir together butter, ricotta cheese, sour cream, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon & salt.
Add eggs, beating after each addition. Stir in cooked noodles & raisins.
Pour noodle mixture into prepared dish; sprinkle with additional cinnamon, if desired (I desire)
Bake 40 to 45 minutes or until golden brown.
Let stand 10 minutes.
Makes 4 to 6 servings. THAT'S why I double it!!!!!

It's like a comfort food to me. I'll put some in a bowl & warm it in the micro to eat at nite.

Don't know why I've only made it at Christmas time,guess I don't think of it. But I won't be doing all the cooking I used to do this Christmas.

Sure hope that you get a chance to make this & let me know how you like it!!!!


Thursday, December 18, 2008


My latest creation. It's on eBay right now. If you'd like to go see,just click on the eBay symbol on your right. Thank You!!!!

You need to go see my friend Julie's picture of her Christmas tree in her old farmhouse!!!!! Definately magazine worthy!!!!! Julie is Plum Run Creek it's over there on the right in my blog list.

Sherry Out

For Now!!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

These are my original ornie/cupboard hangers. Made from an antique quilt & freehand stitched JOY in red pearl cotton & PEACE in green pearl cotton with a gold star.

JOY is $7.00 each + $2.75 shipping
PEACE is $7.25 each + $2.75 shipping AND YUP I would be happy to combine shipping for more than one!!!!

To purchase just email me at jstoff@windstream.net

Hope you'll take a look in my Poppy Shoppe!!!!!

Sherry OUT (finally LOL!!)


She goes from nothing since Thanksgiving to all this yada yada all in one day!!!!!!
That's Me!!!!!


I have been there and seen it. The oil from the ship still floats on top of the water. All you can do is stand there & stare at it in reverent silence as most everyone visiting does. There may be only whispers or no words at all because of being too choked by tears,so you just say your silent prayers.

God Bless our brave military men & women.

I WON!!!!!!

YUP as it's already been posted here & there that I was the lucky one to win Ginger's Pay It Forward !!!! Ginger is Primitives By The Light of The Moon.

Well,my package came the other day. WOW I could hardly lift it to bring it in,there was so much stuff in it!!!!!! Don't get many Christmas presents anymore at my age,so it was REALLY fun to open all these neat little packages. And of course I HAD to use all the smelly stuff right away!!!!

Now for the part I was most interested in winning this for,was $20 Walmart card that Ginger so generously included to pay it forward.

At 1st I thought Id buy as many things with it as I could for maybe an older child.
But then I remembered that Walmart also sells food. So after much consideration, I gave it to a mother,who could really use it. So that's what I did with the pay it forward gift card.

Again another BIG THANK YOU TO GINGER!!!!! This lady is SOOOOO generous,but I know her kindness comes back to her in many ways!!!! What you do for others comes back to you,always!!!! You may not know when,but it does. I KNOW this to be true,especially with the proof I've had more often than I could EVER have imagined in the past & especially the last year.

So Pay It Forward,no matter how small or incidental the act may be. You'll be glad & blessed that you did!!!!!!
Well Thanksgiving is long over & if you're gonna be kind enough to make a trip to my blog,I should at the very least having something new to say!!!!!

I'm just always busy with making things for sale. Even though eBay sales are REALLY down,I'm NOT giving up the ship!!!!! I'm gonna keep trying & hoping for the best!!!

Afterall,that's all a body can do. RIGHT?????

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well John is cooking our turkey dinner today,while I work on things for eBay & my Poppy Shoppe. Up till the last 2 years,I've done all the cooking for everybody. There won't be my homemade stuffing,but at least he knows from me how to doctor up the turkey Stove Top stuffing,so it'll be ok.
Boy there's something about the smell of that turkey cooking,that just makes you feel like you're STARVING!!!!!!

I'd like to ask you to please go to my friend Ginger's blog & sign up for her Pay It Forward give away. You can get there by scrolling down on the right side here & click on Primitives By The Light of The Moon.
Ginger is over the top generous with this giveaway. I sure hope to win,cause my favorite part of all the items she's giving is a $20 gift card to spend on someone else in need. THAT'S why I want to win it so much!!!! I'm not able to do that now & it sue will make me happy if I can. Maybe I'd use it to buy some things for an older child,who really doesn't want toys,but would love some special personal items. Then those things could be given to The Salvation Army Collection.
Anyhoo,I hope you'll take a minute to go & sign up for this special giveaway!!!!!
Thank You & Many Blessing To You & Yours on this Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!

Sherry aka:The Queen

Saturday, November 1, 2008

So it's November 1st. Tonite we turn the clocks back. Well what that means to me is that I'll prolly get up at 3 a.m. instead of 4 a.m.!!!!! I've got so many things on my mind that it's like turning on a lawnmower,somebody pulls the cord and rrrrrrrrrr my brain starts runnin'!!!!!! I don't really accomplish anything that early,just get my cup of coffee & turn on the puter & start cruisin'.
Also the husband,remember that would be John,is in charge of changeing the clocks. BUT he doesn't change them all!!!! SO I REALLY get confused cause I don't know which ones he changed & which he didn't. Then I'm sayin' to myself,"Fall Back" ok so is it 3 o'clock???? Did he change that one or is it really 2 o'clock????? I know most people think of it as getting an extra hour of sleep,but nope not me!!!!

The 1st of the month also means my Poppy Shoppe is updated!!!! I actually was on time this month,well kinda. By the time I took all the pictures & argued with the puter off & on & FINALLY got everything in the Shoppe,it was after 10 p.m. I had worked on it for 5 HOURS!!!! No wonder I was hungry!!!! I didn't eat supper. Once I start,I don't quit till it's done.

Well anyhoo here's a peak at something in my Shoppe. I sure hope you'll click on the Lemon Poppy Shoppe banner & go take a look. I sure would appreciate it & Thank You!!!

Sherry Out!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

There's a GREAT GIVEAWAY going on at the Pickled Pepper Patch too!!!!!!

A GREAT Primitive wood Toaster Cover!!!!! It's soo NEAT!!!!!!! The winner will be picked Nov. 1st. Sure hope it's ME!!!!!!!

So get on over to the Pickled Pepper Patch (love that name!!) and sign up!!!!!!



Please click on the EHAGART BLOG & register Now!!!!! Ya don't wanna miss out on this!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


THE Bestest time of the year!!!!! We had our 1st frost & now I'm back in shorts with all the windows open & it's NOT hot!!!!
I STILL have so many Halloween & Fall things that I want to finishing making!!!! It's ALWAYS been this way for me!!! I have a hard time transitioning into making Christmas items. Not that I don't have some ideas,hells bells I ALWAYS have ideas. The problem IS the energy to make these ideas!!!
I just listed a really cool hooked Jack wreath on eBay before my nap. Now that I'm up I've got THE cutest little handstitched jols that I think I'll make into a swag. Been trying to get them finished. Hope today is the day!!!! I'm really enjoying completely handstitching these different items & using vintage tatting thread & vintage buttons & pieces of antique quilts to bring them to life. Just original little goodies that I hope others will enjoy too!!!!
Hope you enjoy the pictures & maybe click on the eBay button on the right to see my auctions. Thank You!!!!
Later!! Gotta try to get that little swag done now!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

MY Friend Lori Rippey:Featured Artist!!!!!

My friend Lori is the featured artist on this website!!!!! Big Congrats Lori!!!!!

Besides being a Good Friend Lori is a Super Dooper primitive artist!!!! You can also go to Lori's PictureTrail by clicking on the link below on the right side of this blog. WAY TO GO LORI!!!!!!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Here's some items that I have listed on eBay right now.
My "Little Rugs" seem to be very popular so it's about time I did another one. This one may be my favorite so far. But that's prolly cause I LOVE FALL!!!! This one really looks old & at 6 1/2" X 9" you can do so much with it in regards to where you put it.

Now the JOL pins,I designed these so long ago I can't even remember when. But they continue to be popular,thank goodness. When you're not wearing one they're really neat to decorate with. Pin one to a swag,pin one on a doll, or how 'bout your purse.

Anyhoo if ya have a minute you can click on the eBay symbol & it will take you right to my auctions. THANK YOU!!!!!

OK,it's almost the 1st of the month AGAIN,just don't know how that happens so fast!!!! So,I've got to go figure out exactly what of the 236 items I have ALMOST finished,to finish & put in my Poppy Shoppe!!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

These are items my good buddy Marte of Boggycreek has up for auction right now. Aren't they neat!!!!???!!! I love 'em!!!! PARTICULARLY that game board!!!!! It's so unique in itself & the way she mounted it makes it even more so. Can you imagine the hours she put into this. I'd be blind for sure or at the very least have to double up on my blood pressure pills!!!!
Now did you notice that her oh so cool needle punch box is the same Lori Brechlin design that I used to hook my rug (see pic below)

I know these pictures are small,so run over to ebay,type BLESTB in the search bar & you can get a better look. DEFINATELY worth your time!!!!
I'll post the link but they never seem to work. Haven't figured that one out yet LOL!!!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

These are the items that I have listed on ebay right now. If you'd like to go see just click on the little ebay thingy on the right & it will take you right to my auctions.

I finished the rug yesterday,finally. I started it last saturday night. It's a pattern from my friend Lori Brechlin in her Wytches Stytches booklet. The pattern is one of Lori's drawings & the size is more suited to needle punch,BUT I wanted to hook it. So I set the pattern in front of me to look at while I drew it freehand to a larger size. I sure hope I've done her pattern justice,cause she's such a great artist, & I'm NOT.

Ya know there's a great deal of prep work before you hook a rug. Usually the 1st thing you do is inlarge the pattern if it's in a booklet. That more often that not takes about 50 sheets of paper on your printer to maybe get the size you want. Of course for me MOST of that paper goes in the scrap pile designated for all the notes & picture #'s I use,which usually get lost. Anyhoo,THEN you have to piece these papers together right & tape em together. If that part turns out OK you then proceed to the next step,which is tracing it onto what we hookers call red dot. Red dot is very thin with tiny red dots marked every inch vertically & horizontally.
OK that being done,you need a nice new juicy permanent marking pen. It HAS to be juicy cause you're gonna lay the red dot on your backing fabric & trace the design so it bleeds through to the backing so you can see the pattern to hook.

Then ya gotta pick out your wool,then ya gotta cut it. THEN 2 days later you can start hooking LOL!!!!!!!!!

Well I hope you enjoy looking at my work.
That's all for now!!!!! LATER!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well this is my "SPOOKY GANG" that I've been working on!!! They're cute spooky!!!!
The witches are tiny. Only 8"T Really neat to hang or tuck in that little place!!!
Hope ya like 'em as much as I do!!!! If you would like to see them closer you can just click on that little eBay sign & it will take you to my auctions. If ya do go & look,many thanks from me!!!!
Just put that little eBay thingy on today. Sometimes I amaze myself at what this old broad can do LOL!!!!!! But PLEASE NEVER ask me how cause I probably won't be able to tell you LOL!!!!

Really raining here in Ohio. Sad for the Country Living Show going on in Columbus. BUT much sadder for people in Texas. God Bless Them.

I'll be anxious to hear all about the Country Living show from my buddy Lori Brechlin. She's here from Virginia to go to it. Hoped we could have gotten together. John, (The Husband) said he'd drive me, but just too far for him to make 4 trips to take me & pick me up. But he was very willing!!!! Hmmmm now that I think about it,maybe he was gonna forget the pickin' up part!!!!!!
Well almost lunch & naptime for me so LATER My Friends!!!!! I'm up outta here!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


I got my Autumn 2008 issue of Mercantile Gathereings and my friend Jackie Schmidt is,
TA DA THE FEATURED DESIGNER!!!!!! Some of you may have bought her dolls or her patterns. They're so neat!!! The pictures in the magazine of lots of her creations are SOOOO NEAT!!!!!
I have many of her patterns.One of them has been laying here ALMOST finished for months!!!!! That's pretty normal for me. I usually have at least 153 items laying around here ALMOST finished!!!!! Anyhoo this angel doll is based on one of Jackie's patterns. As usual I had to kinda do my thing with her. I know who she is. She's
Le Fleur Angel!!!! I decided to needle punch her wings,so I drew a design. I also thought she needs a flower garland to hold. So I needle punched a flower. She does have a purplish/blue hand dyed wool dress on. Her face is stitched too. I just can't decide what to put on her head. I REALLY should finish her huh?????

Well SHOOT this was supposed to be about Jackie!!!!! I write like I talk,too much I guess!!!!

So anyhoo I really want to Congratulate Jackie & say,I'm proud of ya my friend!!!!!

Well it dawned on me that I should have given her info,DUH!!!! So here it is:
T.C.F. FOLK ART ~ Jackie's Ebay ID: dmvstfc

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yesterday I FINALLY got this guy finished & listed. Took me forever to list him last nite. But I'm ALWAYS determined,even skipped supper!!!! It was about 10:30 p.m. when I finished,almost bedtime. Oh how I wish that I could find a wonderful little Fairy,
(I always loved Fairies!! Even made gardens for them.) anyhoo,back to the subject,who would take all the pictures of my finished work,then list the auction,then when it's sold pack it up nice for the husband to take to the P.O.!!!!!
Did ya notice that here on my blog I have a Fairy picture of the day??? That's cause I'm waiting for one of them to turn up here to do the above mentioned work so I can just create!!!!!!

But I digress,as usual. Back to "Black Jack". He's a card shark ya know.looks innocent enough,but don't trust him!!!!!!
He's only a 3 day auction. I'm posting the link to my auctions here,but it never seems to work. So if it doesn't try the links down on the right if you like to go see AND if you do,I thank you!!!!!


Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm the leader of our rug hooking group,PRHG & co-leader of BLESTB. So every Sunday a.m. I like to start a post on each group of WHATCHA DOIN' 8/17 ~ 8/23?????
So when I put that on the groups this a.m. I thought,"Where's August goin' already"

I thought is it just me that thinks time seems to speed by faster than I can keep up with it. Is it my age????? The older ya get the faster it goes?????

Remember when you were a kid,it felt like it took FOREVER for the different hollidays to get here??????? Why can't it always stay like that????? Besides everything goin' South on your body & all the extra aches & pains,is it just another of those cruel quirks of ageing that comes upon us over night????? HMMMMM

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well, The Eclectic Halloween Artists' ebay group that I'm a very proud member of Is having a themed auction,which actually started yesterday,August 15th. But some of us haven't listed anything for it yet. Including your's truly!!!!! Sooooo you have to keep checking back to the auctions all week!!!! I know some won't be listing till tomorrow nite. Me??? I dunno!!!! I don't have a plan yet,as usual LOL!!!!!!
BUT ya need to go look now cause there's some fantastically wonderful & spoooooky art already listed!!!!! The talent of this group will simply amaze and astound you!!!

To see you can type EHAG in your ebay search bar Or click on the auction link at the left.
I've also added our EHAG blog to my list today that you can check out too!!!!!!
I sure hope I get something listed!!!!!!!! But don't forget to keep checking EHAG all week!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Miss Jackie Lynn Pumkinney

Remember awhile back when I posted the picture of this needle punch dolly on my frame?? Well I FINALLY got her finished yesterday & listed last nite!!!! I'm really proud of her!!!! I'd keep her out all year round,cause she's such a "Sweetie"!!!!
Hope ya like her!!!!!! I couldn't get the link for her to work, but if you scroll down on your left,you can click on by ebay autions & there she'll be!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My Dear friend Megan Wommack (I call her Nutmeg)and her 7 yr daughter,Chloe collaberated to create this wonderful pattern book. Chloe would draw,bring them to mom & mom would tweek them a bit to adapt them to a pattern. Nutmeg hooked the rug shown from Chole's drawing above. And you can too!!!!!!
It's such a neat little pattern book,but with Nutmeg's talent for writing I told her that I think it should also be made into a story book!!!!!!

This pattern booklet is listed on ebay right now just click on the link & go grab it up,cause this is their 1st and I'm tellin' ya,they're gonna be famous one day!!!!!!
I KNOW this cause of my Hungarian ESP!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Not quite sure when I actually started to feel sad on my BD. Was it last year,when I turned 60???? I dunno,can't remember. Now my body is 89 + 3 months!!!! I know this because I took an online test one day that told me this. Actually it said I should be dead!!!!!! And of course it MUST be accurate cause I took it on the internet & NOTHING is EVER screwed up on the world wide web!!!!!!!

Why be sad on my BD you ask???? Well,I'll tell you why. Cuz 364 days a year in my mind I'm 20!!!!! Then, WOOP there it is on the calendar August 4th to remind me how old I REALLY am. HOW does that happen?????? Yesterday I was 20,I swear I was!!!!!

But I've sure had some wonderful,sweet & loving BD wishes from my online friends and that's truly THE BESTEST present!!!!!!

Oh and John,that's the husband,is at the store right now,told him to get me some toothpaste. He asked,is that your BD present???? I said yup,so I want the top shelf stuff!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!! he should be back soon!!!!!!

BTW way,today being my BD & all is a good day to tell you that my friends call me The Queen. Clear back to 1991. Ya see the Queen Mum's (ya know the old lady)BD was the same day as mine,so when she died somebody had to take over!!!!! It also has to do with some Bingo games I've played!!!!!

Well,I think I'm done,I'm sure I've bored you to tears by now,that is IF you decided to read my yada yada!!!!!
The Queen

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Fairy Name

Your fairy is called Feather Hailglow
She is a protector of the lonely.
She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth.
She is only seen in the light of a full moon.
She wears pale blue like the sky. She has cheery turquoise wings like a butterfly.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I finished punching this dolly Saturday nite. It's a pattern by PrimitiveBetty. But as always I have to do my own thing with her. Now will she go in my Lemon Poppyseed Shoppe or on ebay??? Or will she get finished soon???? Ya see I'm kinda a waste not want not person & I've got a lot of unfinished weavers cloth around the dolly,so I MUST punch more items before I finish her!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


This is a rug that I designed for a challenge that my friend Kelley came up with.
It sold on eBay last week. Felt a little sad when I packed it up. Sometimes there's things ya make that ya just want to keep!!!

NOT ME!!!!!!!!

NO NO NO!!!!!! I didn't want a blog!!!!!! So WHAT am I doing here?????? Even after saying repeatedly NOPE,not gonna do it, somehow I've done it. NOW WHAT!!!!!?????!!!!!!

Up until a little over 2 years ago the ONLY thing I knew about a computer was, which room of the house it was in!!!!!!!

OH YES!!!! I've come a LOOOONG way Baby!!!!! But I always say,that for as much as I know now, there's way more that I DON'T know!!!!!!

Being leader, co-leader & moderator of 3 different groups & member of a 4th, having a picturetrail & my LemonPoppySeedShoppe isn't enough I guess!!!!!! And now I'm going to blog????????? OH MY!!!!!!!

So tell me,WHEN do I make things with all these other things to do that keep me on the puter???? AND we won't even mention my daily nap time,that's at 3:00 everyday after I eat my lunch & watch As The World Turns !!!!!!! I do get a little thrown off on Saturday & Sunday though when my soapie isn't on. Again I say, OH MY!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!