Sunday, July 26, 2009


By this rug for the last several days,but I was released yesterday,FINALLY!!!!!

Ya see it all started this way. I finished a really cool needle punch doll ( NO she's not sewn together yet)and I thought,well now what. Ya see I ALWAYS have to have something on the hooking or punching frames,cause the majority of my time is best spent sitting in my chair with my legs on the ottoman,so my body says.

So anyhoo I looked over at a pile of wool worms (one of several) and thought, that's it, I'll do some sort of Hit or Miss rug,my favorite way to hook.

So I put the linen on the frame,surrounded myself with 4 boxes of worms and started hooking!!!!!! Well the worms wouldn't let me stop for several days!!!! I hooked and I hooked and every morning it would seem like there were MORE worms in the boxes instead of less.
They multiply while you're sleeping ya know!!!!!
So yesterday I FINALLY finished it and gave it a little bath of walnut dye to antiquey it up more. Sure I was about an hour behind my lunch & naptime schedule,but it was worth it beacuse it was done and the wild worms released me from hostage!!!!

I even got it listed on eBay last nite!!!!!

Well there's tons of stuff to do finish work on,but I'm hearing whispers of hooked pumpkins right now. Hope I can get some finishing work done before the whispers turn to yellings and hooked pumpkins take me hostage!!!!!


Saturday, July 18, 2009


What to do with this!!!!! AND there's 2 smaller ones too!!!!!

Keep in mind that I don't really cook anymore,but I do like zucchini!!!! NOPE,not gonna make bread!!!! I'd grate my fingers off for sure and I don't have any loaf pans either!!!!
I do remember a long time ago I did make stuffed zucchini. Also made zucchini soup before too. But I don't have a clue where those receipes walked off to!!!!

See there's this friend of our's also a retired fireman and he makes pickles for John every summer. John loves them,I hate them,which is great for John cause then they're his,all his and he can have 'em.
So yesterday was pickle day!!!! Apparently they're fermenting in the jar on the kitchen counter. Use much garlic Bob!!!!! Whew!!!! Bob also gave John a couple more smaller zucchini,that obviously were NOT on steroids like this one,BUT the head of cabbage he also gave us was!!!!!
I now have 2 large heads of cabbage too!!!! Now the Hungarian part of me is thinking pig in the blankets,eating them,NOT making them!!!!! I DO make REALLY good stuffed cabbage, but they're a pain in the dupa to make.
So I've gotta do SOMETHING with this stuff!!!! Uh Oh my alter ego Scarlett is comin' out!!!!! I'll worry about it tomorrow!!!!

Maybe I'll hook or draw up another needle punch since I finished punchin' Binx the cat last nite. Scarlett,maybe you should finish up all these other things that are all hooked and punched waiting to be finished. OK Sherry,maybe tomorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've Been PUNCHIN'!!!!!!!

These are all listed on ebay right now. AND there's more to come!!!!! NOPE don't know when!!!! I have what I call my "Scarlett Syndrome" maybe tomorrow!!!!! Fiddle D Dee!!!!!!
I also have the problem, that when I'm working on something I'm getting ideas for other things!!!!! In fact that may just be the problem today. I've got this REALLY good idea for another needle punch and I want to start workin' on it!!!!! BUT I should be good and work on the things that need to be finished and work on my patterns that I hope to be selling. I REALLY tend to put things off that I think I can't do perfectly right and usin' the puter to make my patterns is one of those things!!!! Even though my Buddy Marte has the cover for one finished,I'm STILL feeling hesitant about doing it. This is a REALLY BIG step for me ya know!!!! For 30 some years of selling my work, people have been telling me to do patterns. I just don't feel confident enough. I'm MUCH BETTER at telling my friends what to do, not myself LOL!!!!!!

AND here's another thing about finishing all this stuff that's almost finished,too much up & down & movin' around!!!!
Hey, I'm old, sick and lazy so I'd much rather sit here in my chair with my legs up on the footstool and hook,punch or stitch AND talk to my friends whilst I do those things!!!!!!
Enough for now,get to work Sherry!!!!!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well in the 30 some odd years that I've been selling my work,I guess that I must have some unwritten motto, that enough is never enough when I'm creating something!!

This make-do crow for instance. I designed him several years ago. Over the years he might have been holding a heart from his beak or the star or the star & JOL. But this time I had already had the flower hooked (i've been hooking these for years too) and I thought he should have that too,besides the star & JOL. THEN as I was assembling these ornies to wires for hanging,I decided they should be pins too I've also done them for years)!!!! So many hours ended up being spent sewing vintage buttons on for attaching the wire to & trying to get it right so that the wire could be removed from the buttons. And then of course sewing the pin backs on!!!!
So there ya go!!! If you'd like to see more pics,I put lots of them in the auction!!!
Just click on that ebay box over there on the right & you'll be there!!!!!
And I Thank You for Lookin'!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I actually punched this Boo Cat last year. But I seem to have a problem!!! When I finish doing the punching on a piece I have trouble figuring out just how I want to finish it. And that's exactlly WHY there's so many pieces that are already punched waiting for THEIR turn to be finished!!!!! Someday their turn will come!!!! Just like Boo cat's turn came!!!!!

Often when I start finishing a piece,I have a general idea in my head,but basically the piece just evolves as I'm working on it.
I really like how this piece turned out FINALLY!!!!! AND it's very versatile!!!! It has a piece of black wool pinned on the back,so it can be used as a cupboard hanger. Or put it in a bowl as a bowl filler or even use it as a pincushion.
Maybe some other pieces will get finished too. That's usually my daily plan,BUT then my hooking frame starts calling my name and I can't stay away from it very long so the next thing ya know,I'm hookin'!!!!!
I finished a fairly large rug last Saturday and listed it on ebay. I listed it with a Buy It Now and YAHOO it sold on Sunday!!!!! But now that means the frames are all empty and I'm starting to hear them whispering my name. BUT it will get louder and I'll have no other choice except to draw up another rug!!!!! Much to the chagrin of all the other items that thought maybe just maybe it would be their turn to be finished. But their used to this problem I have by now LOL!!!!!!

Do any of you share my problem?????



Geeze time flies when your old!!!!!

Well since it is the 1st,my Poppy Shoppe is updated. If you'd like to go see,you can click on the link over there on your right. Unless you're looking at this upside down then I guess it would be on your left!!!!!