Saturday, July 18, 2009


What to do with this!!!!! AND there's 2 smaller ones too!!!!!

Keep in mind that I don't really cook anymore,but I do like zucchini!!!! NOPE,not gonna make bread!!!! I'd grate my fingers off for sure and I don't have any loaf pans either!!!!
I do remember a long time ago I did make stuffed zucchini. Also made zucchini soup before too. But I don't have a clue where those receipes walked off to!!!!

See there's this friend of our's also a retired fireman and he makes pickles for John every summer. John loves them,I hate them,which is great for John cause then they're his,all his and he can have 'em.
So yesterday was pickle day!!!! Apparently they're fermenting in the jar on the kitchen counter. Use much garlic Bob!!!!! Whew!!!! Bob also gave John a couple more smaller zucchini,that obviously were NOT on steroids like this one,BUT the head of cabbage he also gave us was!!!!!
I now have 2 large heads of cabbage too!!!! Now the Hungarian part of me is thinking pig in the blankets,eating them,NOT making them!!!!! I DO make REALLY good stuffed cabbage, but they're a pain in the dupa to make.
So I've gotta do SOMETHING with this stuff!!!! Uh Oh my alter ego Scarlett is comin' out!!!!! I'll worry about it tomorrow!!!!

Maybe I'll hook or draw up another needle punch since I finished punchin' Binx the cat last nite. Scarlett,maybe you should finish up all these other things that are all hooked and punched waiting to be finished. OK Sherry,maybe tomorrow!!!!!

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