Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I've Been PUNCHIN'!!!!!!!

These are all listed on ebay right now. AND there's more to come!!!!! NOPE don't know when!!!! I have what I call my "Scarlett Syndrome" maybe tomorrow!!!!! Fiddle D Dee!!!!!!
I also have the problem, that when I'm working on something I'm getting ideas for other things!!!!! In fact that may just be the problem today. I've got this REALLY good idea for another needle punch and I want to start workin' on it!!!!! BUT I should be good and work on the things that need to be finished and work on my patterns that I hope to be selling. I REALLY tend to put things off that I think I can't do perfectly right and usin' the puter to make my patterns is one of those things!!!! Even though my Buddy Marte has the cover for one finished,I'm STILL feeling hesitant about doing it. This is a REALLY BIG step for me ya know!!!! For 30 some years of selling my work, people have been telling me to do patterns. I just don't feel confident enough. I'm MUCH BETTER at telling my friends what to do, not myself LOL!!!!!!

AND here's another thing about finishing all this stuff that's almost finished,too much up & down & movin' around!!!!
Hey, I'm old, sick and lazy so I'd much rather sit here in my chair with my legs up on the footstool and hook,punch or stitch AND talk to my friends whilst I do those things!!!!!!
Enough for now,get to work Sherry!!!!!



  1. Sherry ~
    I absolutley LOVE the colors you chose for "OH, MY!". B~E~A~U~T~I~F~U~L!!!!!!!!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Your Punches are just darling. The pattern you did by Lori is just awesome. Hope you get really high bids!


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