Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just Stuff

The witch X stitch is a Jenny Hoffman,Country Rustic Primitives pattern. I'm stitching it on osnaburg,one thread over two.
The penny rug is from the magazine Primitive Quilts and Projects. It's a Maggie Bonanomi pattern.
The hooked JOLS are my design. They've been sittin' around for a long time waiting to be finished. Maybe this time is their turn!!!

I'm thinkin' about having some kinda on line garage sale. I don't know if it should be here on my blog or pay the money on my picture trail so I can have more pictures up and have it there.
What do you all think???
No the garage here is STILL not unpacked and the van is still sitting in the driveway. That would really be upsetting to John. I really haven't done anything out there since I broke my foot. The kids don't seem to want to help me unpack because I guess they think I'm not going to be able to afford to stay here. They're nuts though cuz on the income I'm getting right now the only place that Sissy and I could really afford to live is in the van!!!! But I love this house,I'm very comfortable here and I'm going to keep fighting to stay here!!!!
Thought I'd show you just a few of the things I'm working on. Someday maybe I'll get the order of this blogging right!!!!
This pumpkin rug was ordered by a customer. Thank You Josie!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cool Weather YEAH!!!!

This sweet handstitched little aged sampler pillow with vintage buttons looks GREAT on a little chair or on a shelf. I've sewn a homespun plaid on the back and it's approx. 7" Wide X 9" Long. $26 + Shipping
Very often I just put my backing fabric on the frame,do a freehand drawing and start hookin'. That's what I did with this Lumina pumpkin rug. At 9" X 12" it's a great size for a table,a rickety ol' stool or to hang on the wall.
$72 + Shipping
Thanks for visiting my blog,hope you'll come back soon!!! And become a follower??

Yup pumpkins do come in many colors,including GREEN!!! I did this 11" round pumpkin rug the same way as the Lumina pumpkin rug,freehanded it,then started hookin'.
$62 + Shipping.

If any of these made from my heart pieces are absolutely needed in your home,just contact me and I'll get them to you as FAST as I can!!!!
Did ya notice the cool scrolling thingy for my Etsy Shoppe??!!?? Well the other day when Lori Brechlin and I were yakkin' on the phone,I said,how did you do that?? She proceeded to tell me and I was takin' notes. Then she said,"what's your ID??" So I told her and I swear within 90 seconds THERE IT WAS on MY blog!!! Thank You My Dear Friend!!! I've never had any luck selling on Etsy so maybe this will help and I'll try putting more stuff on Etsy. Well I have hope anyway!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jack-O-Lantern Bag is SOLD Thank You Diane!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

How 'bout Some Blog Shopping L@@K!!!

This hooked original Herb hanger is approx. 6" X 9 1/2" with the stick about 13 1/2"
$49 + Shipping Just contact me!!!

Jack-O-Lantern Bag is approx. 9 1/2" long X 10" wide. It's 19" long with the hanger. The bag is lined with wool and completely hand sewn. Looks great with some flowers or drieds in it or just hanging empty. Sorry my flowers are not included.
$72 + Shipping Just contact me if interested in these new hooked items!!!
Last week I showed you the contraption I have to wear on my broken foot,well I've STILL got it. My appointment was Aug. 29th and I knew that I wasn't gonna lose the boot. Dr. said my MS is compramising the healing and affecting the nerves and tissue and that's why it hurts more now than when I broke it. My next appointment isn't until the beginning of Oct. So the big ol boot is still a part of me. Thanks for taking a look at my work!!!!