Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cool Weather YEAH!!!!

This sweet handstitched little aged sampler pillow with vintage buttons looks GREAT on a little chair or on a shelf. I've sewn a homespun plaid on the back and it's approx. 7" Wide X 9" Long. $26 + Shipping
Very often I just put my backing fabric on the frame,do a freehand drawing and start hookin'. That's what I did with this Lumina pumpkin rug. At 9" X 12" it's a great size for a table,a rickety ol' stool or to hang on the wall.
$72 + Shipping
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Yup pumpkins do come in many colors,including GREEN!!! I did this 11" round pumpkin rug the same way as the Lumina pumpkin rug,freehanded it,then started hookin'.
$62 + Shipping.

If any of these made from my heart pieces are absolutely needed in your home,just contact me and I'll get them to you as FAST as I can!!!!
Did ya notice the cool scrolling thingy for my Etsy Shoppe??!!?? Well the other day when Lori Brechlin and I were yakkin' on the phone,I said,how did you do that?? She proceeded to tell me and I was takin' notes. Then she said,"what's your ID??" So I told her and I swear within 90 seconds THERE IT WAS on MY blog!!! Thank You My Dear Friend!!! I've never had any luck selling on Etsy so maybe this will help and I'll try putting more stuff on Etsy. Well I have hope anyway!!!

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