Friday, December 21, 2012


Today is our update on Primitive Handmades Mercantile and our theme this month is SNOWMEN.

This Snowman is one of my original hooked designs.

There's really no reason anymore to decorate everything that doesn't move,so I thought it was time to start passing along some of my antique & vintage collectibles. You'll find a couple neat ones that I listed on PHM!!!
I'm sorry that I was so late doing my update,but it's done now,so I hope you'll go take a look at all the once again great offerings of all the PHM Artists!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


This is my newest hooked rug design,a Feather Tree with hit or miss tongues. In fact it's so new off the hooking frame that I took a break from sewing the binding on to post it here.

It's approx. 16" X 20" and because of the neutral colors I chose to hook it,I think it would be neat to display it all year round.  SOLD

I have 2 of these SNOWMEN wood hangers for sale. 15 1/2"  wide X 3 1/2". There's 2 sawtooth hangers on the back & 3 square head nails to hang your snowmen on. My hooked Snow Guy is not included,he's sold.
$9.50 + shippingSOLD
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012



This Happy Snowman is my original hooked freehand drawn design. He's 6" W X 9 1/2" L not including the hanger which is braided with rusty bells sewn on. He has antique buttons sewn on and vintage wool sewn on the back. He will put a smile on your face all Winter long!!!
$59.95 with shipping included SOLD 

BOY does this guy REALLY look olde!!! I completely rag stuffed him. Very time consuming especially with tiny feet and arms,but oh so worth it for the look. Then I did many many coats of aging goop & sanding and hand rubbed cinnamon. He has clove eyes & mouth and a beigey colored scarf. He's 12" T and can hang or sit.
$36.00 + Shipping SOLD

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Friday, November 30, 2012

It's That Time Again!!!

December 1st, Early Work Mercantile Update.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


OLDE ST.NICK is on his way to Notforgotten Farm for Lori's Christmas Open House, Sat. Dec. 1,2012 via USPS. Too early for the reindeer,they're still workin' out & pumpin' up for the big nite!!!
This is a pattern from my good friend Jackie of T F C Folkart with some Sherry touches. He actually had 3 friends that were "supposed" to join him and even though I kept telling them to hurry up & get dressed,they just didn't make it. The problem is that, #1 even though I do primitive work,I'm way too much of a perfectionist with my work. No changin' that now,I've been doing things this way for at least 40 years,I'd say!!!!
#2 My mind is always working,getting too many ideas!!! AND you can't really tell in the picture,but I fashioned his clothes from one of my many antique cutter quilts. These quilts are REALLY olde & really in drastic condition. BUT they're SO Neat!!! Another BUT, when I use them it takes about 3 times as long to create the clothes. Lotsa cutting in the right places & hand sewing through many layers!!! I also like to carefully remove the olde cotton seed batting,that some of them have,to use for beards & moutaches. That's a little difficult too,to get just right. But for me it's worth it to offer buyers of my work things that are different & that they'll love. Oh and in these beards & moustaches you can even see some of the cotton seeds!!!!
There's another Olde St. Nick who's almost ready to appear,he just needs his moustache. For him I used the back of an antique quilt,so he's all dressed in an already naturally aged whitish color. He may make an appearance here later today.
Well here's an Olde St. Nick that didn't make it for the trip to Notforgotten Farm,but he'd still like to travel. Maybe to your house??
I used the back side of an antique cutter quilt that has naturally aged.
His body is made from osnaburg fabric that I aged with my dye mix.
His face is stitched and his "mitten" hands are wrapped with wool roving.
He's almost 6 1/2" tall and I weighted the bottom so he can stand alone.


He's $32 + Shipping
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This Guy is why I was late getting my Belsnickle rug on PHM!!!
I spent about a week and a half punching this sweet snow guy,WHEW lotsa punching to create him!!!
I used all hand dyed Valdani pearl cotton.
I also used teeny tiny black buttons for his eyes and teeny tiny rusty bells down the front of him.

He's a BIG Guy!!!
9 1/2" L X 6 3/4" W.
15 1/2" L including the rusty ol bells strung on rusty ol wire.

The design drawing is by my friend, Lori Rippey. She kindly offered on her blog:Homespun Prims. Thank you Lori!!! 

I added a light weight cardboard to the back & then hand stitched this powder blue herring bone tweed wool on the back.

He's ready to decorate your home all winter long!!!!
Adoption Fee: $102.00 with shipping included.
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Saturday, November 17, 2012


So I've been feverishly working on this rug trying to get it finished for the PHM update that was yesterday.

Obviously, I'm late!!! I pulled the last loop last nite.

This was a PHM blog challenge that was given to all of us Artists on the Primitive Handmades Mercantile blog to come up with whatever we chose to do. I chose to adapt it to be this hooked Belsnickle.

Thank You Robin of Bird In The Hand Primitives for another of your great little doodle drawings that always inspire me!!!!
Belsnickle is approx. 13.5" X 17"
To give him a little extra Sherry touch I used real sheep's wool for his beard & moustache. He also needed jingle bells to call the reindeer, so I gave him 3 olde rusty bells that I attached to aged hemp cord and he need one on the very tip of his hood to.
Now I need a nap!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


We could NEVER say enough THANK YOU'S to you for serving our Country and all the sacrifices that you made for all of us.
I can only hope & pray that we Americans will still have all you fought for in the future.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just A Small Glimpse of What My Life

is really like. This post should come with a WARNING:Don't read if you don't like downer posts.
It's 2:36 p.m. Normally I'd have Rachel Ray on and be back doing my work,which at this time is a large needle punch of a snowman,actually my friend Lori Rippey's wonderful free pattern that's on her blog right now. I work 7 days a week till I make myself go to bed at nite.
My usual routine everyday is to take care of phone calls that have to be made for business stuff and then get to my work. When 12:00 comes I turn on the TV for the news and then one of my very few pleasures that I have, (besides talking to Dear friends on the phone) watching my soapies and at some point having my lunch. Well that didn't happen today,because I have no TV. I turned it on at noon & couldn't change the channel. I fiddled with it for awhile,cause I often have problems with DISH. So I try to fix it from what I've learned,before I call them. Well I had to call them. She told me what to do and the same exercise machine show was on,because I cannot change the channel. Then she told me that it was probably off in preparation for a disconnect for non payment. She connected me to Windstream and yup they turned me off. I never got a disconnect notice. I sent a check on Monday. The bill said it was due Nov. 7th. Yes,it's a 2 month bill because I really can't afford it. My TV, Internet & phone are bundled in the cheapest way I can find. I don't get it. It's not even the 7th yet and they'll probably have my check today or tomorrow for the past due amount. So anyhoo she tells me that it should be back on by 8 tonight. Funny,it takes them a split second to turn it off. YEAH it just came back on!!!
Also in todays mail I got a bill for $1631.50. It was addressed to John and dated for service 07/08/2011. That was the day that he came home with Hospice a few hours before he died. It says that Medicare denied the claim for the reason:PR204. Also that the secondary,United Healthcare also denied it for reason: 96. Aother battle for me to handle,cause I can't pay it. John has been gone 1 year & 4 months this week and I have been in constant battles almost on a daily basis.
Well I better get back to work!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012



Is our theme this month at Early Work Mercantile
I hope you'll take some time to peruse all the wonderful hand work of the EWM Artisans
                                      CLICK HERE

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Pattern By:Wendy of Pineberry Lane
1st I did the NP "Hang It" I stuffed it with wool snippets. The wool that I handsewed on the back is the same as I braided the hanger from. At the ends of the braid I attached rusy ol bells with rusty ol pins. Counting the hanger it's approx. 10 1/2" long ( which you can adjust) and the NP is 4 1/2" long X 5 3/4" wide.
Asking $48.00 + Shipping
After I did the NP I just HAD to adapt it and hook this rug!!!
It measures approx. 10" X 13"
Looks neat on my little antique chair!!!
Asking $126.00 + Shipping
is my own needle punch design. I used hand dyed Valdani pearl cottons on the witch and DMC on the background.  I handstitched a black & cream vintage tweed wool on the back and then made the braid and handstitched it on. I also stitched a small plastic ring on the back for hanging.
She's approx. 8 1/2" long X 5 1/2" wide.
Asking $49.00 + Shipping
This Make- Do is also my own design.
I used hand dyed Valdani pearl cotton to punch jack,sewed black wool on the back and stuffed him with wool snippets. I securely mounted him on an antique bobbin that I wrapped & tied hemp cord on that I threaded ol rusty bells to. The witch hat is stitched on and there's a teeny tiny black cat charm stitched to the jute that's tied around the witch hat.
Asking $39.00 + Shipping
You can also contact me by clicking on the doll over there on the right top where it says: Contact Me
If you have any ??'s or would like to see more pictures,just holler at me!!!
I hope you've enjoyed looking at my work!!!
Believe it or not I have many more things sitting here waiting to be finished!!!
Thanks For Stopping By!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012


YUP It's the 3rd Friday of the month, although I don't know where the other 2 went,and that means update day,New Stuff at Prmitive Handmade Mercantile!!! Just click on the banner over there on your right and it will take you there. That's where I'm goin' right now so I'll see you there!!!! Sherry....OUT

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Happy Hump Day!!! Or as I call it Social Security Pay Day!!! Yesterday I freaked my own freak,because when it's pay day the 1st thing I do after getting my coffee in the a.m. is go on line to make sure my money is there. Well yesterday there was NO money!!! WHY??? Where is it??? What happened??? Oh No!!!! So after a few minutes of that,I realized it was Tuesday!!! OK one day is the same as the next to me,except the week-end. I know it's the week-end because my soapie's not on and on Sunday someone from the church brings Communion to me. Everything's ok now it IS the 3rd Wed. of the month and my $602 courtesy of our goverment is in my acount and soon to be gone LOL!!! So I've been workin' on tons of stuff with most of them sitting here needing their finishing work. But I did manage to get this make-do finished yesterday. I call him, Mr. Jack and Cat. He's from a Mad Hen little booklet of black & white doodle drawings called Seasons. When I saw him I decided to punch him and I knew from the start that I was going to mount him on an antique beehive bobbin with a garland of rusty bells or cute tiny little pumpkins called putka pods. Found some on eBay,so that's what I decided to use. I used beautiful hand dyed Valdani pearl cotton to do all the punching. I think He should be kept out all year round,afterall he's just a well dressed pumpkin man holding his cat!!! He's on eBay right now. You can click on my eBay banner over there on the right if you'd like to see more pictures and this link doesn't work. Thanks For Stopping By!!!! Sherry.....OUT

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Few of My Hallowe'en Handmades

In almost 40 years of selling,over 30 of them out doing shows,out of the 1000's of things that I've made and sold,I kept very few things. Here's 3 of them. The Witch & cat doll is my own design. When I finished her I didn't want to part with her,so I kept her. The Witch,Cats & Jols swag is also my design. I did sell these,but managed to keep one for myself. The Cat was "supposed" to be for sale,but once I finshed him,I knew he was staying with me!!! This was a Hickety Pickety pattern. It has to be well over 20 years ago that I made these things and they come out every year still lookin' pretty good. The Cat's hat that I made of burlap & painted black has faded but it's ok. His clothes are black felt that I painted with orange stripes & his outfit still looks good and check out the black nail polish on the witch,still a perfect manicure!!!
Well back to work for me. Thanks for stopping by!!! Sherry....OUT

Monday, October 1, 2012


HAPPY OCTOBER!!!! I hope you'll take a little break today and go to EARLY WORK MERCANTILE to check out our October 1st update of all new things. You can click on the banner over there on your right and it will take you there!!!! Thanks For Looking!!! Sherry....OUT

Friday, September 21, 2012


I was late getting my page updated on PRIMITIVE HANDMADE MERCANTILE today,but it's updated now,so I hope you'll go take a look. There's a contest going on there too with a VERY special prize. Check out theHome page to see the prize and get all the info. Also if you haven't signed up for the email list,I urge you to do so cause you'll get a REALLY COOL pattern FREE from Bird In The Hand Primitives (Robin)!!!! You can click on the banner over there on the right to see all the great items offered by all the talented artists. You might just find something that you just can't live without!!!! Thanks For Being Here My Friends!!!! Sherry.....OUT

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This is my newest hooked "Hang It". I stitched wool for this JOL eyes, nose & mouth with black DMC before I did the hooking. He also has antique buttons stitched onto the gold wool.
This little pumpkin rug/runner is also one of my new pieces. Great on a stool, table or even hanging on a cupboard or wall. I listed both on my eBay last nite. I can never seem to get a link on the right way so that it works!!! If this doesn't work you can click on the link over there at your right. So I sent my things to Lori,Notforgotten Farm last Wed. for her show last Saturday. Wed. before her shows is when I send my things so that she gets them on Friday. From my tracking the box was on schedule to arrive Friday. Lori always has problems with the PO in Virginia. Well this time they got me. My things didn't arrive until 2:30 the day of the show that ended at 4:00. Lori put my things out in the store,but of course by then no one was going in the store. But that was Peter's fault!!! And why was that you ask??? Well I'll tell ya!!! Peter was out there entertaining people with his juggling act!!!! So anyhoo,I think the Virginia PO owes me money. HA good luck with that,right. Gotta get back to some punchin' I've got the PHM update this Friday. See you there!! Thanks for stopping by,it means a lot to me!!! Sherry....OUT