Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Few of My Hallowe'en Handmades

In almost 40 years of selling,over 30 of them out doing shows,out of the 1000's of things that I've made and sold,I kept very few things. Here's 3 of them. The Witch & cat doll is my own design. When I finished her I didn't want to part with her,so I kept her. The Witch,Cats & Jols swag is also my design. I did sell these,but managed to keep one for myself. The Cat was "supposed" to be for sale,but once I finshed him,I knew he was staying with me!!! This was a Hickety Pickety pattern. It has to be well over 20 years ago that I made these things and they come out every year still lookin' pretty good. The Cat's hat that I made of burlap & painted black has faded but it's ok. His clothes are black felt that I painted with orange stripes & his outfit still looks good and check out the black nail polish on the witch,still a perfect manicure!!!
Well back to work for me. Thanks for stopping by!!! Sherry....OUT


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