Sunday, May 29, 2011

In Memoriam...

to the brave men and women and their families who served and gave their lives and those that are protecting us today,I Thank You with all my heart. I am proud to be an American!!!!!
With sadness I must tell you that John was taken to the hospital early yesterday morning and is in Intensive Care. Yes it is pneumonia AGAIN. I KNOW that this time it's a direct result of this moving. It has been WAY too hard on the both of us,as I'm able to do less and less. BUT we are STILL very thankful and happy to be in this house. It's just that we can't really relax and enjoy it with the other house still hanging over our heads. Yes it's been a month and we're still not completely moved out. WHY??? No help. In my last post I told you that John had found an ad in the newspaper for a guy to do it that he wanted me to call. I really didn't want to,but I had no other answers. Well it started out good,but I'm sorry to say that he ripped me off,no actually he stole from me several hundred $$'s worth of stuff that he was "honestly",so he said,going to pay me for. I called him Friday nite,asked him how he could go to sleep at nite knowing he ripped me off. He hung up on me. Guess we were an easy hit,2 desperate sick old people. Well,it's not me who will pay for this in the long run. I will stay the trusting honest person that I am.
After the ambulance left I called our son Mike and he went to the ER as I had no way there or back. I can't be on my feet much anymore without my wheelchair and right now there's no way to get it in the van. I had other phone calls to make and I guess I crashed,I just couldn't stop crying. I decided to call one of the Firemen who's been a Dear Friend for decades. Of course he had no clue of what we've been going through. I knew that there would be Firemen who would help,but I wouldn't say anything to John because I knew he would say no,darn pride. Well it's all in my hands now and I'm taking over. Ron told me that he has a trailer and that he would come over and get me to go to the other house. Because it's a Holiday the guys would have plans,but he knew that he'd be able to get at least 6 guys on Tuesday that would be happoy to help. But once we got there,he was very surprised,because he said there's not all that much here there's no reason it couldn't be done. I said I know,but it's a matter of hands & legs there to do it. He called me @ 7:30 this a.m. and he was already at the other house,but he couldn't get in. Mary Jo has the key and apparently she accidently locked the door from the garage into the house when we left there last nite. I had given Ron the garage door opener,so he was able to at least work in the garage and then he'll go back there after Church. My kids say that they don't know what they're doing today. Mike seems to be very mad at me cause he doesn't understand why I'm worried about the house.He doesn't understand how we feel with this other house hanging over our heads. Before the ambulance took John I asked him what he wanted me to do,and he said keep working.I'm keeping it a secret from him that I've called in reinforcements. I KNOW in my heart that the best thing I can do for him is to get this done and when he comes home,be able to tell him IT'S DONE and I've sent the keys back!!!!
I hope you all have a GREAT start to summer this Holiday week-end and I apologize for babbling on!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm not 30 and healthy!!!! DUH!!!!
My body rudely reminded me of that for this past week by letting me know that I was doing way more than I should have been. I ignored all the near falls and just kept going,not a good idea. So out came the wheelchair. Also in my happiness and excitement about the house,I forgot that Spring is my worst time of year. We've had rain and thunderstorms everyday that affect my brain tumor. The barometric pressure changes and causes pain and pressure in my head. But I'm making progress,I was able to take a shower yesterday!!! I can't just sit here and do nothing,so I've been hooking up a storm!!!! Not on my big rug though. It's gotten pretty heavy,a little too much to deal with right now,so it's been lots of small rugs for selling.
The other house STILL isn't empty yet!!! John found an ad in the paper for a guy to clear out houses for barter or negotiating,so I called him. He's been workin' on it and I've been giving him lots of things. Including my much loved vintage 70" round drop leaf table with 6 chairs and a matching bench. I think when he's done he's going to owe me money!!! I don't know how much is left since I haven't been able to go over there in a week. John goes,but he really can't do much with only 1 hand free because of carrying the oxygen bottle in the other hand. I'll be so glad when that place is empty and we can be done with it!!! The garage here is getting pretty full of stuff,so this "sicky" stuff has to stop so that I can start going through it all and put it away!!!
Hopefully my next post will be pictures of all the things I've been hooking,while I can't do anything else!!! But the pieces all need to be steamed and that involves standing which hasn't been happening.
Oh,one more thing!!! The other morning when I got up,John said,after you pour your coffee go look out the front door. When I looked there was 2 ramps that had been put there. One for me to get out the front door and one to get off the porch!!!! These areas are step downs,only a few inches tall,but too much for my electric wheelchair to get down. But NOW I can!!!!! They were made and placed there by one of the guys who works here and we didn't even see him do it!!!! I thank God everyday that we were able to move here!!!!
Hoping TODAY is a better day!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I'M HERE!!!!!!

Actually I think we died about 4 days ago but we just don't have the energy left to lay down and give up the ghost!!!!

What's wrinkled,black and blue all over and can be blown down by the gentle breeze of a ceiling fan?????? ME!!!!!!!

Oh SO many things to tell,but I don't have the energy to type it all LOL!!!!
Believe it or not I have been hooking too through all this moving. I can only be on my feet for so long un packing and then I have to get in my chair. I can't just sit here and do nothing so I've been hooking hit or miss mat rugs with mug rugs to match. One set is all hooked and I'm working on a 2nd set.

John hasn't been doing so well even with his oxygen cranked up all the way he just can't do anything. The workmen here have been unbelievably kind to us!!! They just can't seem to do enough for us!!!!
BUT we really really need help!!! Our kids worked their butts off last week-end and Monday too when we moved in,but they do have their jobs to go to. This week-end they'll be working their butts off again!!!! There's SO much stuff at the other house that the movers couldn't move. I wish that we could just be done with that other house this week-end,but if I can't find some more help,I don't know.
Today I'm gonna ask one of the jack of all trades, workmen out here if I can hire him to do some stuff,like putting up curtain rods,putting my porch set together,that was delivered Monday in a great big box,and help John finish putting his computer desk together,etc. I'm trying to keep John from doing ANYTHING since he's not doing well and there's a lot of pneumonia going around.
Here's also an update picture on my rug,that I took I don't know either a week or 2 ago.
I do have to tell you all though that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new house and after MANY very tough years,a hole in my heart has been filled!!!!!