Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ya Know What???

Time flies even when you're not havin' fun!!!!! I STILL don't have all my Christmas stuff down and put away!!! I did put my bigger Christmas tree away. I put it in my bedroom closet. One of my friends here just cracked up when I told her cause it's still decorated!!! It wasn't an easy feat to accomplish!! I put a big garbage bag over the top.Then proceeded to try to pick it up.It's one of the kind that's in 2 pieces,so of course I picked it up in the wrong place.I was determined so once I got it back together,we were off to the closet.Some things on the tree,like garland & lights got caught on other things along the way. No problem,I would just swear like a drunken sailor,throw them back on the tree and keep movin' fast as I could,that thing is heavy & way taller than me.So we made it to our destination,the corner of my walk in closet.Now just think how far ahead I am for Christmas 2012,my tree is already decorated!!!! Although I may need a new lighted star tree topper. I didn't want to lift the bag and look,but it did kinda hit the top of one of the door jams on the way to the closet and it wasn't a very good sound.But the 4 ft. one should be easier if I can find a place to put it!!!
I want to offer you all this beautiful purse. I bought it online from a place called MYHABIT.I didn't know why I was getting emails from there until I figured out that it's a part of Amazon.So one day they had name brand purses for sale and boy were they selling out fast. So anyhoo I saw this purse,I loved it and it was $95 but the sale price was $42. I have needed a new purse and since I never get out to look for one and like I said I just loved this one,I bought it.Couldn't wait till it got here!!! Seeing it in person,I loved it even more!! BUT and it's a big but I can't use it.It's too big for me (sad face) won't work with my wheelchair or to carry if I'm using a cane.I have to use a smaller purse to wear across my chest,which you can do with this one,but with "stuff" in it makes it too heavy for me. I still love this purse and the color of it is beautiful,so rich of a red that it's almost neutral to go with everything.They do take returns,but it's for credit and not to get your money back. Besides it's too late now since they have a 30 day policy and I've been keeping it up on eBay. BUT NOBODY looks at it there.Sometimes only 4 or 5 people.All I'm trying to do is get back what I paid for it.Whoever bought this wouldn't be disappointed!!!! Did I read the measurements of it when I bought it??? Yes I did,but I had stars in my eyes and it didn't seem to big for me.So if you'd be interested you can click on my eBay button to see more pictures & do the BIN or contact me and I can sell it to you directly.
I also did a NP that I have listed on eBay.It's a doodle design from Robin of Bird In The Hand Primitives.Since I always have to do something different I made of some little penny tongues and stitched it to a very primitive half circle grapevine wreath.I like it,I hope others will too.I haven't punched for at least a year & a half,so it took me a long time,trying to keep control of my hand which has a mind of it's own.Gotta do more punching!!! I'm also working on hooking a couple windowsill rugs.One is finished,in neutrals and started the other last nite which will be darker.
Are ya tired of reading this book I've written yet LOL????? Well The End.

Friday, February 17, 2012


It's the 3rd Friday of the month!!!! That means that PRIMITIVE HANDMADES MERCANTILE selling blog has been updated!!!! This sweet rabbit is over there waiting to be adopted!!! AND this new hooked rug and a couple other things that I have on my page!!! Not to mention all the other REALLY cool stuff that all the other talented artist have available there!!! AND Robin of Bird in the Hand Primitives is giving away one of her free doodles when you sign up for our mailing list!!! Just click on The Primitive Handmades Mercantile banner over there on the right and I'll see you there!!! Gotta go sign up too I love Robin's doodle drawings,in fact this newest Blue Bird hooked rug,I designed from one of Robin's doodles!!!!!