Wednesday, November 28, 2012


OLDE ST.NICK is on his way to Notforgotten Farm for Lori's Christmas Open House, Sat. Dec. 1,2012 via USPS. Too early for the reindeer,they're still workin' out & pumpin' up for the big nite!!!
This is a pattern from my good friend Jackie of T F C Folkart with some Sherry touches. He actually had 3 friends that were "supposed" to join him and even though I kept telling them to hurry up & get dressed,they just didn't make it. The problem is that, #1 even though I do primitive work,I'm way too much of a perfectionist with my work. No changin' that now,I've been doing things this way for at least 40 years,I'd say!!!!
#2 My mind is always working,getting too many ideas!!! AND you can't really tell in the picture,but I fashioned his clothes from one of my many antique cutter quilts. These quilts are REALLY olde & really in drastic condition. BUT they're SO Neat!!! Another BUT, when I use them it takes about 3 times as long to create the clothes. Lotsa cutting in the right places & hand sewing through many layers!!! I also like to carefully remove the olde cotton seed batting,that some of them have,to use for beards & moutaches. That's a little difficult too,to get just right. But for me it's worth it to offer buyers of my work things that are different & that they'll love. Oh and in these beards & moustaches you can even see some of the cotton seeds!!!!
There's another Olde St. Nick who's almost ready to appear,he just needs his moustache. For him I used the back of an antique quilt,so he's all dressed in an already naturally aged whitish color. He may make an appearance here later today.
Well here's an Olde St. Nick that didn't make it for the trip to Notforgotten Farm,but he'd still like to travel. Maybe to your house??
I used the back side of an antique cutter quilt that has naturally aged.
His body is made from osnaburg fabric that I aged with my dye mix.
His face is stitched and his "mitten" hands are wrapped with wool roving.
He's almost 6 1/2" tall and I weighted the bottom so he can stand alone.


He's $32 + Shipping
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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