Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just A Small Glimpse of What My Life

is really like. This post should come with a WARNING:Don't read if you don't like downer posts.
It's 2:36 p.m. Normally I'd have Rachel Ray on and be back doing my work,which at this time is a large needle punch of a snowman,actually my friend Lori Rippey's wonderful free pattern that's on her blog right now. I work 7 days a week till I make myself go to bed at nite.
My usual routine everyday is to take care of phone calls that have to be made for business stuff and then get to my work. When 12:00 comes I turn on the TV for the news and then one of my very few pleasures that I have, (besides talking to Dear friends on the phone) watching my soapies and at some point having my lunch. Well that didn't happen today,because I have no TV. I turned it on at noon & couldn't change the channel. I fiddled with it for awhile,cause I often have problems with DISH. So I try to fix it from what I've learned,before I call them. Well I had to call them. She told me what to do and the same exercise machine show was on,because I cannot change the channel. Then she told me that it was probably off in preparation for a disconnect for non payment. She connected me to Windstream and yup they turned me off. I never got a disconnect notice. I sent a check on Monday. The bill said it was due Nov. 7th. Yes,it's a 2 month bill because I really can't afford it. My TV, Internet & phone are bundled in the cheapest way I can find. I don't get it. It's not even the 7th yet and they'll probably have my check today or tomorrow for the past due amount. So anyhoo she tells me that it should be back on by 8 tonight. Funny,it takes them a split second to turn it off. YEAH it just came back on!!!
Also in todays mail I got a bill for $1631.50. It was addressed to John and dated for service 07/08/2011. That was the day that he came home with Hospice a few hours before he died. It says that Medicare denied the claim for the reason:PR204. Also that the secondary,United Healthcare also denied it for reason: 96. Aother battle for me to handle,cause I can't pay it. John has been gone 1 year & 4 months this week and I have been in constant battles almost on a daily basis.
Well I better get back to work!!!


  1. hi sherry, i just wanted to tell you i also lost my husband of 30 yrs and 50 yrs old 1 yr and a little over 4 months. and i too am still dealing with "stuff" i do have a better word for it tho. hang in there.. i find it really hard somedays more than others... you do wonderful craft work and i hope that it helps you stay somewhat sane.. hope you can enjoy your evening!

  2. I'm so sorry Sherry...I know what a struggle you are going through with this and so many other issues...I'm praying for you and if I lived closer, I'd be there to pal around with and help with other little things and whatever....Gosh, I hate when miles seperate !!...sorry I still didn't get the walnut stain out to you, I start looking for a good leak proof container, then get sidetracked...I'll try to make a point to do it today...whatever it takes !!
    Love ya,...chin up !!!

  3. No words, just know people really do care for you, even when everything feels like no one does. God Bless you, I will pray for you!


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