Monday, September 5, 2011

How 'bout Some Blog Shopping L@@K!!!

This hooked original Herb hanger is approx. 6" X 9 1/2" with the stick about 13 1/2"
$49 + Shipping Just contact me!!!

Jack-O-Lantern Bag is approx. 9 1/2" long X 10" wide. It's 19" long with the hanger. The bag is lined with wool and completely hand sewn. Looks great with some flowers or drieds in it or just hanging empty. Sorry my flowers are not included.
$72 + Shipping Just contact me if interested in these new hooked items!!!
Last week I showed you the contraption I have to wear on my broken foot,well I've STILL got it. My appointment was Aug. 29th and I knew that I wasn't gonna lose the boot. Dr. said my MS is compramising the healing and affecting the nerves and tissue and that's why it hurts more now than when I broke it. My next appointment isn't until the beginning of Oct. So the big ol boot is still a part of me. Thanks for taking a look at my work!!!!

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