Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yup that's my foot in the picture and yup it's broken.I was a few days short of making it to age 64 without ever having a broken bone. It got broken July 29th and my birthday was August 4th. I think that's pretty good except old bones don't seem to heal as well. It's hurting more now than when I 1st broke it. Ron's gonna be taking me to my orthopedic Dr. tomorrow morning,so guess I'll see what he has to say about it. I'm gonna get buns of steel from luggin' that heavy boot around!!! The problem is it will only be the left bun,the right bun's gonna stay it's 'ol saggy self.
How'd I break it,you ask. Well I wanted to play my CD's,especially my IL DIVO ones. So I had been looking and looking in the still unpacked garage for the box that Mary Jo had packed them all in,continually praying that the box was in there,even though I knew deep down that it was gone. So Mary Jo and I were looking again. She said it's not here he took it. Still not wanting to believe that ALL my CD's were gone,I went back in there to look again after she left. THAT'S when the little travel size suitcase fell down on my foot. Ironically when I told Mary Jo what happened,she said,OH NO,It's my fault!!! She said she saw that case and for a fleeting 2nd she thought to herself,I should move that or it's gonna fall on her!!! So it did!!! I told her not to worry,I've told no medical personel that it was her fault. I actually didn't get confirmation till August 8th that it was broken. Just kept telling myself that it was a bad bruise.
About the missing CD's. Some of you might remember about the guy John found in the newspaper that was supposed to help us empty the other house and stole all that stuff from us??? He apparently stole the box with all my CD's and home movies too. The CD's would be easy to sell at the flea market and he probably through out my home movies. Mike had also been looking for our generator,it's gone too. So I'm well over a $1000 of stuff that the creep has stolen and there's still a few other things that I haven't found yet. But with all of it,it's the CD's and home movies that hurt me the most,they can't be replaced. Of course when Mike called Mr. Creep,he still denies everything and we have no way to prove it. He's gonna get his,for SURE!!!
Now for the rug. After the funeral I got this idea to make John's room my sitting room. It's at the front of the house with a big window to look out of and more natural light to work in. Mike took the hospital bed out and actually sold it for me on Craig's List the next day,and put a chair from my bedroom in there and I had a vintage footstool to put my feet up on. My plan was to use John's antique dresser for hooking stuff. I brought some of the hooking stuff to the room and put it on the floor, since I haven't been able to totally empty John's things. Well that rug kept staring at me, and being discouraged from no sales on all the things I had been working on, I did what I shouldn't have, and picked it up and started hooking. So here it is!!!
How am I doing??? I guess as well as I can. I've got a lot on my shoulders. It was 7 weeks ago yesterday. Thank God for Lori Rippey and Lori Brechlin!!! The poor things seem to be stuck with listening to all my crying jags,but no complaints from them cause they're TRUE friends,I know they're there for me. I just love them!!!!
Well,I know I don't post often,but boy when I do I sure go on and on LOL!!!

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  1. Wow Sherry - You've been through a LOT lately! I know what you mean about broken bones healing slowly as we get older. I broke my collarbone a few years ago and it took forEVER to get back to normal! Hang in there - glad you have good friends to help you out. And I LOVE your new rug!


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