Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Newest eBay Auctions

I don't remember a time that I haven't always had something listed on eBay. But for months now sales have been, can I say crappy. For me selling is not just a choice or a hobby, it's a very real necsessitie, especially now. Yes I do keep things on Etsy, but I've only had one sale there a couple of years ago. Yes I also have a picture trail that I don't do a very good job on keeping it updated. My Dear friend Lori Rippey does very well on her's and we often talk about me doing more with mine. I have a lot to learn about it though, because I didn't set mine up, someone else did.
Where do you all prefer to look at things for sale??? And if you're buying, where do you prefer to buy???
I never stop working and I thank God that I'm at least able to do this.
The pictures are some of my newest things listed on eBay right now. The October rug is my interpatation of a doodle pattern design from Kelley Belfast's newest booklet.The other 2 are my originals.
If you'd like to take a closer look you can click on my eBay button over there on the right.
Thank You!!!!


  1. Love the hooking Sheri!!! Hope you are doing o.k. Wish we lived closer to each other.

  2. Sherry ~
    Good to hear from you :)
    Love your little rugs. I hope eBay picks up for you.
    Pug hugs ;)

  3. I know first hand that your work is outstanding as I am blessed to own some of your rugs. I hope your sales pick up soon my friend. I know how hard you work even with all you have to contend with. I'm praying the Lord will bless you with good sales. Big hugs, Lori


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