Saturday, September 20, 2008

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I finished the rug yesterday,finally. I started it last saturday night. It's a pattern from my friend Lori Brechlin in her Wytches Stytches booklet. The pattern is one of Lori's drawings & the size is more suited to needle punch,BUT I wanted to hook it. So I set the pattern in front of me to look at while I drew it freehand to a larger size. I sure hope I've done her pattern justice,cause she's such a great artist, & I'm NOT.

Ya know there's a great deal of prep work before you hook a rug. Usually the 1st thing you do is inlarge the pattern if it's in a booklet. That more often that not takes about 50 sheets of paper on your printer to maybe get the size you want. Of course for me MOST of that paper goes in the scrap pile designated for all the notes & picture #'s I use,which usually get lost. Anyhoo,THEN you have to piece these papers together right & tape em together. If that part turns out OK you then proceed to the next step,which is tracing it onto what we hookers call red dot. Red dot is very thin with tiny red dots marked every inch vertically & horizontally.
OK that being done,you need a nice new juicy permanent marking pen. It HAS to be juicy cause you're gonna lay the red dot on your backing fabric & trace the design so it bleeds through to the backing so you can see the pattern to hook.

Then ya gotta pick out your wool,then ya gotta cut it. THEN 2 days later you can start hooking LOL!!!!!!!!!

Well I hope you enjoy looking at my work.
That's all for now!!!!! LATER!!!!

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  1. Hi Sherry! ~ I finally found your blog and what a delight it is!

    I added you to my favorites SO now I know where you live!!! LOL '-)

    Have a great week.

    Chris :-D)


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