Saturday, July 26, 2008

NOT ME!!!!!!!!

NO NO NO!!!!!! I didn't want a blog!!!!!! So WHAT am I doing here?????? Even after saying repeatedly NOPE,not gonna do it, somehow I've done it. NOW WHAT!!!!!?????!!!!!!

Up until a little over 2 years ago the ONLY thing I knew about a computer was, which room of the house it was in!!!!!!!

OH YES!!!! I've come a LOOOONG way Baby!!!!! But I always say,that for as much as I know now, there's way more that I DON'T know!!!!!!

Being leader, co-leader & moderator of 3 different groups & member of a 4th, having a picturetrail & my LemonPoppySeedShoppe isn't enough I guess!!!!!! And now I'm going to blog????????? OH MY!!!!!!!

So tell me,WHEN do I make things with all these other things to do that keep me on the puter???? AND we won't even mention my daily nap time,that's at 3:00 everyday after I eat my lunch & watch As The World Turns !!!!!!! I do get a little thrown off on Saturday & Sunday though when my soapie isn't on. Again I say, OH MY!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!


  1. Dear Queen,

    Your royal subjects await some amazing and tantalizing photos and stories regard life in the palace and the plans for a royal bash honoring the birth of the Queen Mum...

    Luv ya,

  2. Yup! Im waitin' too! We're all gathering in anticipation of some good clean words of wisdom from our royal mentor!!!! Nice job on the blog! Now I know where to find all your handmade goodies!!!! ~Moosey

  3. Hey Queenie! You have a GREAT blog started! I'm sure you have the time to put up your words of wisdom for all to read!

    :) Betty

  4. All hail to the Queen!

    I can see you up there on your Queenly balcony "blogging" away on your computer while your humble subjects await your latest "pearl"

  5. Hey Sherry! Yipppeeee I found your blog! (Shall wonders never cease) Nice start on it, can't wait to see more.
    Marte AKA TOB

  6. All Hail the Queen!
    She has made her very first appearance! Looking forward to seeing your grand palace and all your royal subjects.
    I'll be waiting in anticipation of what's to come.

  7. Wow Sherry, you have a BLOG!! I'm so impressed. Love what you've added so far. Best wishes on this newest venture. I'm sure it will be a fun blog to check out.

    Your Prim Pal,

    Lori R

  8. Well, well I see you have come to the blog side of life. LOL Looking good Queen.

    I have given you the Kreativ Blogger award. You will need to drop by my blog to pick it up. If your Royal Highness wishes that is.

  9. THANK YOU Paula for the honor,considering that I don't even know what I'm doing yet in this blogger world !!!!!!
    I'll come by & get it. THEN I'll have to figure out exactly HOW to put it here & what to do next LOL!!!!!!!


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