Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well, The Eclectic Halloween Artists' ebay group that I'm a very proud member of Is having a themed auction,which actually started yesterday,August 15th. But some of us haven't listed anything for it yet. Including your's truly!!!!! Sooooo you have to keep checking back to the auctions all week!!!! I know some won't be listing till tomorrow nite. Me??? I dunno!!!! I don't have a plan yet,as usual LOL!!!!!!
BUT ya need to go look now cause there's some fantastically wonderful & spoooooky art already listed!!!!! The talent of this group will simply amaze and astound you!!!

To see you can type EHAG in your ebay search bar Or click on the auction link at the left.
I've also added our EHAG blog to my list today that you can check out too!!!!!!
I sure hope I get something listed!!!!!!!! But don't forget to keep checking EHAG all week!!!!!!!

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