Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Miss Jackie Lynn Pumkinney

Remember awhile back when I posted the picture of this needle punch dolly on my frame?? Well I FINALLY got her finished yesterday & listed last nite!!!! I'm really proud of her!!!! I'd keep her out all year round,cause she's such a "Sweetie"!!!!
Hope ya like her!!!!!! I couldn't get the link for her to work, but if you scroll down on your left,you can click on by ebay autions & there she'll be!!!!


  1. Isn't she just too cute! I love all the special touches you added and her little kitty bag is just Purr~fect!

  2. She is sooo Kewl Sherry!! Love the colors!!

  3. Such a cute little pumpkin girl, Sherry. Love the colors.


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