Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yesterday I FINALLY got this guy finished & listed. Took me forever to list him last nite. But I'm ALWAYS determined,even skipped supper!!!! It was about 10:30 p.m. when I finished,almost bedtime. Oh how I wish that I could find a wonderful little Fairy,
(I always loved Fairies!! Even made gardens for them.) anyhoo,back to the subject,who would take all the pictures of my finished work,then list the auction,then when it's sold pack it up nice for the husband to take to the P.O.!!!!!
Did ya notice that here on my blog I have a Fairy picture of the day??? That's cause I'm waiting for one of them to turn up here to do the above mentioned work so I can just create!!!!!!

But I digress,as usual. Back to "Black Jack". He's a card shark ya know.looks innocent enough,but don't trust him!!!!!!
He's only a 3 day auction. I'm posting the link to my auctions here,but it never seems to work. So if it doesn't try the links down on the right if you like to go see AND if you do,I thank you!!!!!


It makes me so happy to hear from you!