Sunday, December 7, 2008

I WON!!!!!!

YUP as it's already been posted here & there that I was the lucky one to win Ginger's Pay It Forward !!!! Ginger is Primitives By The Light of The Moon.

Well,my package came the other day. WOW I could hardly lift it to bring it in,there was so much stuff in it!!!!!! Don't get many Christmas presents anymore at my age,so it was REALLY fun to open all these neat little packages. And of course I HAD to use all the smelly stuff right away!!!!

Now for the part I was most interested in winning this for,was $20 Walmart card that Ginger so generously included to pay it forward.

At 1st I thought Id buy as many things with it as I could for maybe an older child.
But then I remembered that Walmart also sells food. So after much consideration, I gave it to a mother,who could really use it. So that's what I did with the pay it forward gift card.

Again another BIG THANK YOU TO GINGER!!!!! This lady is SOOOOO generous,but I know her kindness comes back to her in many ways!!!! What you do for others comes back to you,always!!!! You may not know when,but it does. I KNOW this to be true,especially with the proof I've had more often than I could EVER have imagined in the past & especially the last year.

So Pay It Forward,no matter how small or incidental the act may be. You'll be glad & blessed that you did!!!!!!

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