Friday, May 25, 2012

LOTS To Say Today

I have a few things to talk about in order of importance.
1st I'd like to ask a favor. Please in your prayers would you add my friend Lori Rippey, (homespunquilts) and her husband Brian. It's a long story that started a month ago when Brian went to the hospital to get his back pain checked out. I'm making this story shorter,but the diagnosis didn't make sense to them or me,I do remember a little from my nursing days, and Brian still hadn't been feeling good. He drove himself to the hospital,I think it was Tuesday evening,because he wanted to get his heart checked out while it was doing what he had been experiencing. Well what has ended up is that this family has experienced a HUGE MIRACLE!!! Everything fell perfectly into place and he was life flighted to another hospital where there where Mayo Clinic Dr.'s awaiting his arrival to do emergency surgery that saved his life!!! Turns out that all this time he had a large anuerisym from his heart almost reaching to his lung. I prayed SO hard when Lori called to tell me he was in surgery,she had been keeping me informed. But from the beginning in my heart I KNEW he was going to be OK!!! He has a long road of recovery ahead, but he'll end up better than ever now because everything will be working right again. I'm encouraging Lori to do the best she can taking care of herself, because it's VERY hard on the people who aren't the patient too. I'm thankful for the great support she has there with her and that I can at the very least be here for her when she calls me.
Thank You Dear God!!!

2nd  I want to say Thank You to all who kindly commented about my visits from the finch!!! Comments mean SO much to me!!! Ater I wrote that post I didn't see him anymore,till yesterday when he came back 1 time and pecked harder than he ever had on the window!!!  THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!!

So 3rd. I guess you may have noticed the pictures I've been adding to this post LOL!!!!
This is, "Lavender Ladye Pinkeep". She's another wonderful pattern by my friend Lori Brechlin,Notforgotten Farm. I have coined a new word for these hangy things I make, "Hang Its" because you can hang them anywhere you want to.
Now about "Lavender Ladye" She's wearing a beautiful marbelized hand dyed skirt. I've handstitched her face and used teeny tiny black buttons that I sanded down. After I hand sewed a vintage wool backing I stuffed it with crushed walnut shells and of course sweet smelling dried lavender. To make it a "Hang It" I used antique lace pinned on the back with rusty safety pins,so that you can adjust the length if you'd like to. "
"Lavender Ladye" is 4 1/2" X 4 1/2" and 10" long with the antique lace hanger.
I'm asking $54.00 for "Lavender Ladye" with FREE shipping.

I'm working on a black "Lavender Ladye" now.

Again Thank You with all my heart,you WONDERFUL people out there,you are a bigger part of my life than you know!!!!!



  1. Oh I'
    m SO happy that your little bird-friend visited again!!!! yay!!! and your little Ladye is prim perfect Sherry! love the little wool skirt ~ many thoughts & prayers going up for Brian!

  2. Hi Sherry,,,I will write my comments in order of importance... I'm really sorry I didn't comment on your birdy friend,,,I did read the post and wasn't sure what to write, I wanted to pick my words carefully, cause if I just write something too fast, it may end up sounding weird or korny ( I'm the Korn Queen ...oops Princess my see what I mean ?? but anyeays, your bird friend obviously likes you and wants to get your attention,, he was a persisitant's just like a man to not call for a day and then just show up !!
    Ok, So I am glad he came back for you !!

    Now, your little "Hang It" is lovely !! those eyes,are did you do them ? And yes, the little wool skirt is just the right touch !! Hope you get tons of bids on her !!
    Hope you are doing well !!

  3. Thank You Robin!! Yeah be very careful with that Queen thing!!!! She's not up for bids right now she's only available right here from my blog.
    Oh I guess I can give up my "secret" of what I do to the eyes,LOL likes it's a big deal!!! They're very shining black,so I just use some sand paper & sand them down till I like them.
    So there ya go a big secret from The Queen LOL!!!!!

  4. I will keep them in my prayers I know how it feels. I love your girl hang it.
    I am so happy that little bird has come back to visit

  5. love your blog sherri and you do wonderful work, i truly believe that your finch is a wonderful sign. i realized i have been looking way to hard for signs of my mark... itll be a year soon. enjoy your day sherri!

  6. Thank You Jody and please accept my deepest heartfelt sympathy,I well know your pain. It was a year ago today,not the date,but the Saturday before Memorial Day,that John was taken to the hospital by ambulance and put in ICU for a many weeks stay. I spent this week-end with Ron doing most of the work still moving out of the other house. I wanted to be able to tell John that it was done and when I did,he said,really?? as tears streamed down his face.

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  8. That is SOO beautiful what you do! :)
    Good Luck with that!


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