Monday, May 28, 2012

Just Finished!!!

Another Lavender Ladye Hang It, but this one's a little black girl!!! Isn't she cute??? She has little antique button eyes and a little stitched mouth. Her pretty little wool skirt is a soft hand dyed sage. She's also filled with crushed walnut shells and sweet smelling lavender. I used antique lace for the hanger pinned on with rusty safety pins so you can adjust the length if you need to. And of course like the other one (that's white) she was inspired by my friend Lori,Notforgotten Farm's pattern. Forgot to say that she also had a bath in walnut dye & spices.

Black Lavender Ladye Hang It is FOR SALE if you're interested!!! SOLD!!!! Thank You!!!

Been a kinda tough week-end, there's some tougher days ahead, but I'll make it through. Saturday I planted this little paper heart that had been put in the box I received from the funeral home that had the guest book & holy cards,etc in it. I didn't see it at 1st last summer when they gave it to me. The heart was on a little card that says, Plant this heart in your garden and wildflowers will blossom year after year in memory of your loved one. I tied 2 popsicle sticks together with hemp twine in the shape of a cross and I wrote on it with permanent marker, IN then I put a heart, MEMORY on the horizontal stick and then JOHN on the vertical stick. I sure hope the seeds in that little heart grow, since I didn't get it planted last summer. Because he went  to ICU the Saturday before Memorial Day,I felt it was the perfect day to plant it.
Hope you're all having a great long week-end!!!! It's stifling HOT here!!!


  1. been rainy and cold up here in mn, i even had soup in the crock pot yesterday! thinking of you and the ones we have lost today and always!

  2. Sherry,
    I'm lovin' your precious little black Lavender Ladye.... So Sweet!
    I have been thinking of you this weekend and hard to believe it has been a year since John passed. I hope the days ahead aren't too hard and that your little seeds grow and give you comfort. You are such a sweet lady and deserve every ounce of happiness!
    Big hugs!!
    Cathy G

  3. I love your little lavender lady.
    I am thinking of you at this very hard time.
    I hope your flowers grow

  4. What a great idea - hoping your flowers will bloom year and year and you will have sweet memories!

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