Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Little Cat Pincushion

Just finished this sweet little cat pincushion inspired by a pattern from my friend Jackie,T.F.C.Folk Art!! ALL handstitched using antique & vintage material & threads. The cat's stuffed with sawdust and stitched to the antique cutter quilt that's stuffed with crushed walnut shells and wool snippets. His red plaid homespun scarf around his neck is the only thing that isn't vintage or antique,but he thought he'd look good with it and I agreed lol!!! I also finished a rug,but I can't show you that yet because it's for Early Works Mercantile that I'll be joining May 1st. Gotta get back to work on more things for the May 1st update!!! If you'd like to buy the little cat pincushion,he's $23.00 + Shipping SOLD THANK YOU QUILTS by CHERI!!!!! Be Back Soon!!! Sherry....OUT


  1. What a cutie! Didn't last long.

  2. Thank You so much Ladies!!! I guess the cats have it over the doll pincushions!!!!

  3. love kitties and love pin cushions! will be watchen for you to make more!
    enjoy your day sherry!


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