Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tiny Dolls and Cat Pincushions


I've been very busy working on these tiny pincushions that are inspired by just the sweetest pattern by my friend Jackie of T.F.C. Folk Art,all with a Sherry touch.

First came the cat. I used vintage suiting fabric and stuffed him with sawdust.Vintage cotton thread for his face and rusty wire & bell adorn his neck.He sits upon an antique cutter quilt where you'll find an antique button & sewing pins.It's been stuffed with ground walnut shells & wool.
Everything stitched by hand with vintage threads!!!

Next came the black doll,rag stuffed and wearing navy & white homespun vintage check bonnet & dress.Her cushion has antique sewing pins & a rusty pin holding a bit of antique tatting & a antique button. Completely stitched by hand with vintage threads.

Last but not least for this little one I used some aged muslin,rag stuffed her and stitched a sweet little face with floss. She's wearing a vintage wool dress & bonnet with a touch of vintage tatting held on with antique straight sewing pins. There's also 3 antique staight pins and an antique button attached with a rust pin. There's another antique button sewn on the back of her bonnet.
The dolls are 4" tall and the cat is 4 1/2" tall cuz he has ears!!
They've all been completely handsewn using antique and vintage fabrics,threads & accesories. All 3 pinchusions were handsewn from antique cutter quilts and stuffed with crushed walnut shells & wool. There's gonna be more of these,cuz I have more ideas!!
These are $23.00+ Shipping The cat is SOLD and went to live with Olde Lady Morgan,Thank You!!! But I have more of the vintage fabric that I made him from if you'd like to order one.
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I'll be back!!!!


  1. Oh my, I just love these. How very cute ,, :)

  2. I love them all, I want one...but I don't know if I can pick..... sigh....Think, I love the cat best... if it's still available, I would give him a home! ...OLM

  3. So cute! I love cats anyway and anything that combines cats and sewing really gets my attention.

  4. Realy cute. I remember my Mother had a doll pincushion when I was little. They bring back good old memories. Thank you.

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