Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This morning when I was talking to Lori Brechlin on the phone,she said will you update your blog already,I'm sick of looking at your finger. So I said hey I'm working my ass off!!! She said,well then post that!!! OK
Sorry I haven't updated by blog. I'm working my ass off!!
Also thinkin' & worryin'.
I saw an ad in the newspaper today for a Tatoo Artist.
Think I'd have a chance at that job??? Wouldn't it just be kinda like when I draw something up to hook???
Well,Good Nite Irene!!!
Happy now Lori B.????


  1. Hi Sherry,
    Well much better than looking at your finger! LOL!! I know what you mean by WYAO!! Same here...... I wonder if tattoo artists are as well paid as rug hookers? :-0 Something more to think about.....
    Cathy G

  2. Wow....I sure wish working your A** off really meant " working your A** OFF"! Mine would be a little smaller anyways. ...lol
    How ya doing ??

  3. hey, I'm a Hooker, work my ASS off and have tattoos!!! (and I also have more than one ASS...I'm even in the process of hookin' one!)

    now, QUITCHERBELLYACHIN' and I'm sure happy I don't have to look at that danged finger anymore (but now I have the feeling you're showing me ANOTHER finger, My Queen)

  4. Oh Miss Lori, I would never do that,I'm a very refined Lady. Well I'm so refined and proper,you would think that I'm just a Sweet Little Southern lady.Now if you'll excuse me while I retire to the veranda with my Mimosa.

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