Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well at least on my hooking LOL!!!!! Shoot,why am I laughing??? Oh well,anyhoo I thought I'd post some pictures of things I've hooked lately and put on ebay.As always if you'd like a better look you can click on my ebay button over there on the right and I thank you.
I thought that this past Monday that finally the world was gonna get back to pre Holiday mode,wrong again!!!
All day Monday I kept thinkin' yeah,House will be on tonite!!!! I listed one of my hooked heart make-dos. The other one was ready to list too,but I was feeling kinda tired and it was almost time for House,so I decided to quit and list the other one Tuesday. OK 8:00 YEAH time for House!!! NO NO NO it's a rerun!!!! How could they do that to me???? Don't they know that I have no life,SHOOT!!!!! Also on New Year's day I thought,well at least Oprha's new OWN network was starting and I could see some new shows there!!! Well,WRONG again!!! I gotta stop thinking!!! So far she's just been re-running the same show over and over. It was OK to watch it ONCE,but NOT over and over and over.....

Also lately I've gotten many new followers!!!! I'm so HAPPY about that!!! I'm actually pretty boring,considering that I very seldom can get out of the house. Hells bells I haven't been out since my wonderful trip to the Simple Goods show and that was way back in the beginning of November!!! Now I can say last year!!!
Well anyhoo to ALL my followers New and Old THANK YOU THANK YOU you warm my heart and I sure do appreciate you all!!!!


  1. Hi Sherry!...your hearts are very cute!...I never go anywhere except the bank and the Post Office so you're not alone in the boring department LOL!


  2. Hi! I have enjoyed looking around your blog at your lovely things!!


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