Sunday, January 23, 2011


So ater I finished the Folk Hearts rug, I immediately drew this one and started hookin'!!!! I just pulled the last loop this morning,got it steamed photographed and listed on ebay. If only the colors would show up better. The hand and the half circles around the rug look white and they're SO NOT white. The half circles are kinda a tan and cream plaid and the hand is a different tan and cream plaid with flecks of gold. I'm definately NOT a photographer!!! But wools just don't take good pictures. Even on line they look so different when you're buying them and SO much better when you get them. I got my wool samples from Betsy yesterday and now that I've actually seen the samples and the way some that I had considered but decided against look in person,I really want them now.
I re-sized another needle punch pattern today that I have to put on red dot so I can start hookin'!! I also FINALLY steamed a set of hooked heart bowl fillers and started to sew the backing on. BUT I probably will stop with the hearts and get this other rug drawn up. I just HAVE to have something on the frame!! But I didn't take my nap today and I'm feelin' tired. Wish there were two of me ,the other one healty LOL, cause there's always so many things that I want to make and often when I'm working on one thing I'm thinking up another!!!
BTW I got the nicest email from Marge,the lady that asked me to design a rug for her and Folk Hearts is hers. She LOVE LOVE LOVES it,it's her and just the write colors,THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! And there were a few other things in the email too,made me get all teary,I'm such a moosh!!! What a GREAT feeling to literally put your heart into something and know how happy it made her to have it!!!
Well the more I type the more tired I get!!! SO.....


  1. You're right. All the colors seem too bright with the camera and beautifully warm in person. Your rug is great. I love the different motifs. You sound very, very busy! I am thinking of creating an Etsy shop for my homespun yarn. I have a couple of loyal customers in person and I think it's time to take it to the next step. Plus, the yarn sales fund the rug hooking! I'll keep checking in on your shop!

  2. Sherry ~
    I find it impossible to capture the true color of a rug no matter how many times I try...with flash, without, inside, outside. I just get so frustrated. With that being said, Sweet rug!
    Hugs :)

  3. What an amazing rug!!! LOVE IT!!!! Hope you get lots of bids!!! Cathy


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