Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well I thought I'd take a minute and show you what I'm workin' on now. This one went on the frame Sunday nite after the Heart 'N Hand one came off and got listed on ebay. Well,not immediately!! There was a couple hours or so getting it resized,which I messed up a couple of times and wasted LOTS of ink and paper,and getting it on red dot and THEN on the backing. It's a needle punch pattern by Brenda Gervais.
Tuesday I had to put it aside and tell myself not to touch it till I got other stuff done. So I was a good girl and got the binding on another rug and my name tags on it and a hooked hanging heart and all packed up to go out to the lady that won them. That worked out perfectly cause I had the box out there to be picked up and received the money order for them at the same time,YEAH!!! Then I sewed and stuffed the hooked bowl filler hearts and got them listed on ebay. Didn't even take my nap!!! THEN that nite I could finally get back to my hooking!!! But then I didn't want to stop hooking and was up till 12:30,when myself said,you better stop hooking and get to bed!!!!
I'm also showing you a pic of the hearts that are on ebay right now. Once again I'm not happy with the pictures!!!
That rug is calling my name,getting louder and louder...hook me hook me HOOK ME!!!!
So till next time....

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