Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This is where I've been all this time that I haven't posted,working on this rug!!!
I got an email from a lady who had won one of my hooked penny candle mats and she asked if I take orders. Once in a great while I do,but if I do I become obcessed with getting it done and can't do anything else. She said she wanted a rug with hearts on it and to not stress myself out about it,if she didn't have it for this Valentine's,God willing she'd have it for next.
I had a few things on my frame,hearts and such,so I finished up the last heart,got my backing out,my fiberglass cutting board that I put on my lap when I draw a rug,and a bunch of my hearts that I cut out of mylar and just started drawing. Completely freehand and no measuring,just eyeballing it. Then I immediately started to hook!!! I wanted to use different reds in the bigger hearts,so there's prolly about 9 or 10,I don't know,I lost count LOL!!! So I hooked and hooked and this past saturday I finished!!! I can't stand very long,so I didn't steam it till Monday and that's when it made it's debut. There was never a size or price agreed upon,she just told me,whatever I thought. When I sent here the pictures and price Monday nite,I held my breath waiting to here back from her.Well it didn't take very long for her to write back and say that she totally loved it. YEAH!!!! I'm still binding it,but I have the 1st go around done,so I'll finish the last today. I also have to bind another rug that just sold on ebay and there's a rug on my frame that's been going well. And there's also the other hooked pieces that I put aside to do this rug,except for one heart that I finished sewing and sold on ebay last nite.
So that's why I haven't been here lately,it's been hook,hook,hook except for sleeping (that afternoon nap I'm supposed to take)and the occasional eating!!!
Hope to be back soon!!! Till then...


  1. What a great rug Sherry! The colors are just wonderful and I like the arrangements of the hearts too!

  2. oh my gosh it's fabulous!...such beautiful work and I adore hearts...the shapes of those are fantastic!


  3. You have been busy - the rug is wonderful and I'm sure you made your buyer very happy!

  4. I can see why she's thrilled to get this rug....... it speaks Valentines and is so very lovely! Love the reds you used!
    Sherry you are really getting so much done you should be so proud of yourself! And selling and listing things on Ebay is a lot of work in itself!
    It has to be very satisfying to be selling your work too!
    Great job and hope to see more of your projects when you can squeeze some time! :)
    Hugs and Happy Hookin'!
    Cathy G

  5. I was sure she would love it Sherry! It's a wonderful rug. I love how you used all the different reds in the hearts. Congrats on a job well done!

  6. Sherry ~
    Wonderful rug!
    Hugs :)

  7. This is beautiful, I can give this to my beloved on valentines day. Nice job.

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  8. Such a beautiful did an amazing job on it. Wonderful colors!


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