Sunday, February 15, 2009


Isn't she neat???? AND she's reversible!!!! So if you set her on a table as a center piece she'll look the same from either side,just a different look of the antique quilt. I handstitched her. That meant stitching through 6 layers,cause I mostly keep my antique cutter quilts as is when I make something from them. That means the quilt top,the old cotton seed batting & the backing.

Oh I'm so lucky that I that I collected & searched out all these antique quilts,buttons,laces,linens,etc.,etc.,from antique flea markets,shows & stores!!!!!
I just don't get out anymore & definately not to all those places like I used to. So all this "stuff" is here,ready to create with!!!! The problem is,there's just really no room for it all in this little house,so it's all over the place. And I won't even talk about my wool!!!! Every precious piece,no matter how small,I just CANNOT get myself to throw it out. BUT I do use it for stuffing stuff!!!
Moral of the story: DON'T move to a smaller house if ya got lotsa "stuff" like I do!!

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Ohio weather report: SNOWING!!!!

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