Sunday, February 1, 2009

TIS FEBUARY 1,2009!!!!!

And I have my Poppy Shoppe loaded up!!!!!!
Actually I did it a few days ago & added 2 more items after my nap yesterday.

I am shocked & amazed!!!!! I was EARLY with the upload this time. GOOD FEELING to have gotten it taken care of early!!!! Seldom happens cause I'm always so busy makin' more stuff.

I've been so busy stitchin' a model for my dear friend Lori's (notforgotten farm)newest batch of patterns. I MUST finish it TODAY!!!!! Get it sent tomorrow & THEN you will soon see it!!!!!
A little hint of what the sampler is:A species of animal that is known to hop & no it's not a kangaroo!!!!!!
Speaking of hopping,I better get hopping to get it finished TODAY!!!!!

Oh, iffin' ya got a minute or 2 I'd sure appreciate it if ya clicked on my Lemon Poppy Shoppe banner over there on your right & took a look.

I also have 3 great blue hooked farmhouse eggs in an antique wire basket listed on ebay right now.
Thank You!!!!!

Sherry OUT

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